The Works of the English Poets: With Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, Томове 11–12

Предна корица
Samuel Johnson
C. Bathurst, 1779

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Страница 193 - Then, if we write not by each post, Think not we are unkind ; Nor yet conclude our ships are lost By Dutchmen or by wind : Our tears we'll send a speedier way, The tide shall bring them twice a day. With a fa, &c.
Страница 27 - Twas far from any path, but where the Earth Was bare, and naked all as at her birth, When by the Word it first was made, Ere God had said, Let grass, and herds, and every green thing grow, With fruitful trees after their kind, and it was so.
Страница 28 - My father was .(a thing now rare) Loyal and brave ; my mother chaste and fair. The pledge of marriage-vows was only I ; Alone I liv'd their much-lov'd fondled boy:' They gave me gen'rous education ; high They strove to raise my mind ; and with it grew their joy.
Страница 206 - Dorinda's sparkling wit and eyes United cast too fierce a light, Which blazes high, but quickly dies, Pains not the heart, but hurts the sight. Love is a calmer, gentler joy, Smooth are his looks, and soft his pace, Her Cupid is a blackguard boy, That runs his link full in your face.
Страница 329 - Would soon finish his woes. When in rage he came there, Beholding how steep The sides did appear, And the bottom how deep; His torments projecting, And sadly reflecting, That a lover forsaken A new love may get, But a neck, when once broken, Can never be set: And, that he could die Whenever he would...
Страница 160 - Tis true, her father promis'd her to thee, But Heaven and she first gave herself to me : And you in justice therefore should decline Your claim to that which is already mine. This is the man, Cydippe, that excites Diana's rage, to vindicate her rites. Command -him then not to approach thy door; This done, the danger of your death is o'er. For fear not, beauteous maid, but keep thy vow, Which great Diana heard, and did allow. And she who took it, will thy health restore, And be propitious as she was...
Страница 306 - LET the dull merchant curse his angry fate, And from the winds and waves his fortune wait: Let the loud lawyer break his brains, and be A slave to wrangling coxcombs for a fee: Let the rough soldier fight his prince's foes, And for a livelihood his life expose: I wage no war, I plead no cause but love's, I fear no storms, but what Celinda moves.
Страница 53 - Tis dang'rous to resist the power of love, The Gods obey him, and he's king above : He clear'd the doubts that did my mind confound, And promis'd me to bring thee hither bound : Oh may he come, and in that...
Страница 205 - For danger's his diversion ; The wise will think you in the right, Not to expose your person : Nor vex your thoughts how to repair The ruins of your glory ; You ought to leave so mean a care To those who pen your story.
Страница 305 - And warn'd by my example, shun my fate. While with calm joy, safe landed on the coast, I view the waves on which I once was toss'd.