The Life of Judge Jeffreys

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Longmans, Green, & Company, 1898 - 380 страници

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Страница 253 - Richard, Richard ! dost thou think we will hear thee poison the court ? Richard, thou art an old fellow, an old knave ; thou hast written books enough to load a cart ; every one is as full of sedition (I might say treason), as an egg is full of meat ; hadst thou been whipt out of thy writing trade forty years ago it had been happy.
Страница 63 - We have here a mighty work upon our hands, no less than the conversion of three kingdoms, and by that perhaps the utter subduing of a pestilent heresy, which has a long time domineered over a great part 'of this northern world. There were never such hopes of success, since the days of queen Mary, as now in our days. God has given us a prince...
Страница 200 - I said, the sainting of two horrid conspirators ; here is the Lord Russell sainted, that blessed martyr, my Lord Russell, that good man, that excellent protestant, he is lamented ! and what an extraordinary man he was, who was fairly tried and justly convicted and attainted for having a hand in this horrid conspiracy against the life of the king, and his dearest brother his Royal Highness, and for the subversion of the government. And here is Mr.Sidney sainted ! What an extraordinary man he was!
Страница 56 - He was a low man, of an ill cut, very short neck, and his visage and features were most particular. His mouth was the centre of his face ; and a compass there would sweep his nose, forehead, and chin, within the perimeter.
Страница 253 - Hadst thou been whipped out of thy writing trade forty years ago, it had been happy. Thou p-retendest to be a preacher of the Gospel of peace, and thou hast one foot in the grave : it is time for thee to begin to think what account thou intendest to give. But leave thee to thyself, and I see thou'lt go on as thou hast begun ; but, by the grace of God, I'll look after thee.
Страница 338 - Bar bitterly felt. Those above or that could hurt or benefit him, and none else, might depend on fair quarter at his hands. When he was in temper and matters indifferent came before him, he became his seat of justice better than any other I ever saw in his place.
Страница 180 - That you be carried hence to the place from whence you came, and from thence you shall be drawn upon a hurdle to the place of execution, where you shall be hanged by the neck, and being alive, cut down ; your...
Страница 338 - ... of the bottle. He had a set of banterers for the most part near him, as in old time great men kept fools to make them merry. And these fellows, abusing one another and their betters, were a regale to him.
Страница 253 - I'll look after thee. I know thou hast a mighty party, and I see a great many of the brotherhood in corners, waiting to see what will become of their mighty Don, and a Doctor of the party (looking to Dr. Bates) at your elbow; but, by the grace of Almighty God, I'll crush you all.
Страница 42 - ... influences constitute to men like you a temptation practically all but irresistible. The class to which you belong is a large one, and is accessible only to the coarsest possible motives. For these reasons I must put into the opposite scale as heavy a weight as I can, and the sentence of the court upon you is that you be taken to the place from whence you came and from thence to a place of execution, and that there you be hanged by the neck till you are dead. As to you, B, you are undoubtedly...