Founder's Day, May 1, 1897: Addresses by Perley Orman Ray, 1893 ; George Maynard Hogan, 1897 and Professor Davis Rich Dewey, 1879 ; with the Song and Odes Written for the Occasion

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Free Press Association, 1897 - 34 страници

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Страница 8 - So nigh is grandeur to our dust, So near is God to man, When Duty whispers low, Thou must, The youth replies, I can...
Страница 24 - The single dress of a woman of quality is often the product of an hundred climates. The muff and the fan come together from the different ends of the earth. The scarf is sent from the torrid zone, and the tippet from beneath the pole. The brocade petticoat rises out of the mines of Peru, and the diamond necklace out of the bowels of Indostan.
Страница 24 - ... dependence upon one another, and be united together by their common interest. Almost every degree produces something peculiar to it. The food often grows in one country, and the sauce in another. The fruits of Portugal are corrected by the products of Barbadoes, and the infusion of a China plant is sweetened by the pith of an Indian cane.
Страница 15 - For it is a great thing to be able to loaf well : it softens the manners and does not allow them to be fierce ; and there is no place for it like the streams and gardens of an ancient University.
Страница 18 - ... tempered joy; and joy adorned affliction. Life and all its troubles have become distilled into an holy incense, rising ever from your fireside, — an offering to your household gods. Your dreams of reputation, your swift determination, your impulsive pride, your deep uttered vows to win a name, have all sobered into affection — have all blended into that glow of feeling, which finds its centre, and hope, and joy in HOME.
Страница 25 - ... foreign supply; the result of which is that we now receive our bread in equal proportions from our own fields and those of the stranger. In regard to meat and other animal products, ten years ago the proportion of foreign was one-tenth of the whole ; it has now risen to nearly onefourth.
Страница 7 - ... God to whom it blasphemously appealed for justification, and arrogantly prayed for success. The fall of Sumter was the resurrection of patriotism. The North needed just this. Such a universal burst of patriotic indignation as ran over the North under the influence of this insult to the national flag has never been witnessed. It swept away all party lines as if it had been flame and they had been flax. No combination of moral influences could thus have united in one feeling and purpose the elements...
Страница 23 - Velleraque ut foliis depectant tenuia Seres ? " Shall I sing of the groves of Ethiopia, hoary with soft wool ; and how the Seres comb out the delicate fleece from among the leaves?
Страница 33 - Vermont may not know the prejudiced feeling or strenuous efforts of organized labor advocates ; he may not hear the heated and bitter oratory of the agitator who has committed himself to an economic scheme rather than to a faith in the political institutions of our country.
Страница 17 - A pleasant personality is much more to be desired and cultivated than the most profound intellect that lacks such a personality.