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Besides the scientific relations which are to be observed in plants, flowers may also be regarded as emblematical of the affections of the heart and qualities of the intellect. In all ages of the world, history and fable have attached to flowers particular associations; consecrating them to melancholy remembrances, to glory, friendship or love. In oriental countries, a selam, or boquet of flowers, is often made the interesting medium of communicating sentiments, to which words are inadequate.

The authorities for the emblems here adopted, are “Flora's Dictionary,”. “Garland of Flora,” “ Les Vegeteux Curieux,” and “ Emblems Des Fleurs.In a few cases, alterations have been made, in order to introduce sentiments of a more refined and elevated character, than such as relate to mere personal attractions.

Acacia. Friendship.
Acanthus. Indissoluble ties.
Aconitum. (Monk's hood.) Deceit. Poisonous words.
Adonis autumnalis. Sorrowful remembrances.
Agrostemma. (Cockle.) Charms please the eye, but merit wins the soul.
Althea. I would not act contrary to reason.

Aloe. Religious superstition. Think not the Almighty wills one idle pang, one needless tear.

Amuranthus. Immortality. Unchangeable.
A. Melancholicus. Love lies bleeding.
Amaryllis. Splendid beauty. Coquetry.
Anemone. Anticipation. Frailty.
Arum. Deceit. Ferocity. Treachery.
Apocynum. Falsehood.
Arbor Vitæ. (Thuja occidentalis.) Friendship unchanging.
Aster. Beauty in retirement.
Auricula. Elegance. Pride.

Asclepias. (Milk weed.) Cure for the heart ache. The miserable have no
medicine but hope.
Bachelor's button. Hope, even in misery.
Balm. Sweets of social intercourse.
Broom. Humility.
Broom corn. Industry.
Balsam. (Impatiens.) Impatience. Do not approach me.
Bay. (Laurus.) I change but with death.
Box. Constancy.
Calla ethiopica. (Egyptian lily.) Feminine delicacy.
Camellia japonica. (Japan rose.) Pity is easily changed to love.
Campanula. (Bell flower.) Gratitude.
Cape jasmine. (Gardenia florida.) My heart is joyful.

Cardinal flower. (Lobelia cardinalis.) High station does not secure happiness.

Catch fly., (Lychnis.) I am a willing prisoner.
Cedar. (Juniperus.) You are entitled to my love.
China-aster, double. (Aster chinensis.) Your sentiments meet with a return.
China-aster, single. You have no cause for discouragement.
Chrysanthemum red. Love.
Chrysanthemum white. Truth needs no protestations.
Chrysanthemum yellow. A heart left to desolation.
Clematis. (Virgin's bower.) Mental excellence.
Cock's comb. Amaranthus.) Foppery. Affectation.
Columbine, purple. (Aquilegia canadensis.) I cannot give thee up.

Columbine, red. Hope and fear alternately prevail.
Convolvulus. Uncertainty.
Cornus. Indifference. A changed heart.
Cowslip. (Primula.) Native grace.
Crocus. Cheerfulness.
Crown Imperial. (Fritillaria imperialis.) Majesty. Power.
Cypress. Disappointed hopes. Despair.
Chamomile. Blooms in sorrow. Energy to act in adversity.
Carnation. (Dianthus.) Disdain. Pride.
Citron. Beautiful, but ill humoured.
Dahlia. Forever thine.
Daisy. (Bellis perennis.) Unconscious beauty.
Dandelion. Smiling on all. Coquetry.
Eglantine. (Rosa rubiginosa.) I wound to heal.
Elder. (Sambucus.) Compassion yielding to love.
Everlasting. (Gnaphalium.) Never ceasing remembrance.
Fox glove. (Digitalis.) I am not ambitious for myself, but for you.
Fuchsia. (Ladies' ear drop.) It were all one,

That I should love a bright particular star,

And think to wed it. Geranium, fish. Thou art changed. Geranium, oak. Give me one look to cheer my absence. Geranium, rose. Many are lovely, but you exceed all. Hawthorn. (Cratægus.) Hope! I thee invoke ! Heart's ease. (Viola tricolour.) Forget me not. Hibiscus. Beauty is vain. Holly. (Ilex.) Think upon your vows. Hollyhock. (Althea rosea.) Ambition. Honeysuckle. (Lonicera.) I strive with grief. Fidelity. Hyacinth. Love is full of jealousy. Hydrangea. A boaster. Superior merit, when assumed, is lost. Houstonia cerulia. Meek and quiet happiness. Hypericum. (St. John's Wort.) Animosity. Jasmine. You bear a gentle mind. Amiability. Jonquil. (Narcissus.) Affection returned. Ipomæa. Busy body. Busy bodies are a dangerous sort of people. Íris. I have a message for you. Ivy. Vitis hedera.) Female affection. I have found one true heart. Laburnum. (Cytisus laburnum.) Pensive beauty. Lady's slipper. Cypripedium.) Capricious beauty. Larkspur. (Delphinium.) Inconstancy. Inconstant as the changing wind. Laurel. (Kalmia.) Oh what a goodly outside falsehood hath! Lavender. Words though sweet may be deceptive. Lemon. (Citrus lemonium.) Discretion. Prudence. Lilac. (Syringa.) First love. Lily, white. (Lilium candidum.) Purity. With looks too pure for earth. Lily, yellow. False. Light as air.

Lily of the valley. (Convallarin.) Delicacy. The heart withering in secret. Locust, the green leaves. Affection beyond the grave. Sorrow

ends not, when it seemeth done!

Lupine. Indignation.
Magnolia. Perseverance.
Marigold. Cruelty. Contempt.
Mirabilis. (Four o'clock.) Timidity.
Mignonette. (Reseda odorala.) Moral and intellectual beauty.
Mimosa. (Sensitive Plant.) My heart is a broken lute!

Mock Orange, or Syringa. (Philadelphus.) Counterfeit. I cannot believe one who has once deceived me.

Myrtle. (Myrtus.) Love.
Myrtle, withered. Love betrayed.
Narcissus. Egotism. The selfish heart deserves the pain it feels.
Netile. (Urtica.) Scandal.
Nightshade. Suspicion. Artifice. Scepticism.
Nasturtion. (Tropaeolum.) Honor to the brave. Wit.

Oleander. Beware. Shun the coming evil. In vain is the net spread in the sight of any bird.

Olive. Peace. After a storm comes a calm.
Orange flowers. Bridal festivity.
Parsley. (Apium.) Useful knowledge.
Passion flower. (Passiflora.) Devotion.
Peach Blossom. Here I fix my choice.
Periwinkle. (Vinca.) Recollection of the past.
Phlox. Our souls are united.
Pine. (Pinus resinosa.) Time and philosophy.
Pine. Spruce. Farewell! for I must leave thee.
Pink, single white. (Dianthus.) Ingenuousness. Stranger to art.
Pink, single red. A token of all the heart can keep,

Of holy love in its fountain deep. Pink, China. (Dianthus Chinensis.) Aversion. Though repulsed, not in despair.

Pink, variegated. Refusal. You have my friendship; ask not for more.
Pæony. (Pæonia.) Anger. Ostentation.
Polyanthus. Thou knowest my confidence in thee.
Pomegranate flower. (Punica.) Mature and beautiful.

Poppy, red. Consolation. Let the darkness of the past be forgotten, in the light of hope. Poppy, white. Doom'd to heal—or doom'd to kill,

Fraught with good or fraught with ill. Poppy, variegated. Beauty without loveliness.

Primrose. (Primula.) Be mine the delight of bringing modest worth from obscurity.

Primrose, evening. (Enothera.) Inconstancy. Be not beguiled with smooth words. Man's love is like the changing moon.

Ranunculus. Flowers are beautiful, but do not, like mental beauty, delight the heart.

Rosemary. Keep this for my sake. I'll remember thee.
Rue. (Řuta.) Disdain. This trifling may be mirth to you, but 'tis death
Rose bud. Confession. Thou hast stolen my affections.
Rose, Burgundy. Modesty and innocence united to beauty.
Rose, damask. "Sweeter than the op’ning rose.
Rose, red. The blush of modesty is lovely.
Rose, moss. Superior merit.
Rose, white. “I would be,

In maiden meditation, fancy free.”
Rose white, withered. Emblem of my heart. Withered like your love.

Rose, wild. Simplicity. Let not your unsophisticated heart be corrupted by intercourse with the world.

Rose, cinnamon. Without pretension. Such as I am, receive me. Would I were of more worth, for your sake.

Sage. (Salvia.) Domestic virtues. Woman's province is home.

Scarlet Lychnis. (Lychnis chalcedonica.) I see my danger without power to shun.

Snapdragon. (Antirrhinum.) I have been flattered with false hopes.
Snow ball. (Viburnum.) Virtues cluster around thee. A union.

Snow drop. (Galanthus.) Though chilled with adversity, I will be true to thee I am not a summer friend.

Sorrel. (Rumex.) Wit ill timed. He makes a foe who makes a jest.
Speedwell. (Veronica.) True love's a holy flame,

And when 'tis kindled, ne'er can die. Spider wort. (Tradescantia.) The pledge of friendship, tis all my heart can give. Would'st thou then counsel me to fall in love?

Star of Bethlehem. (Ornithogalum.) Reconciliation. Light is brightest when it shineth in darkness.

Solidago. (Golden rod.) Encouragement.
Strawberry: (Fragaria.) A pledge of future happiness.

Sumach. (Rhus.) Splendor.' Wealth cannot purchase love. Have you never seen splendid misery?

to me.

Sun flower. (Helianthus.) You are too aspiring.

Sweet William. (Dianthus barbatus.) Finesse. One may smile and be a villain. I cannot smile when discontent sits heavy at my heart.

Sweet pea. Departure. Must you go?

Stock gilly-flower. You are too lavish of your smiles. Thistle. (Carduus.) Misanthropy. O that the desert were my dwelling place!

Thorn apple. (Stramonium.) Alas, that falsehood should appear in such a lovely form!

Thyme. Less lovely than some, but more estimable. Tuberose. (Polyanthes Tuberosa.) Blessings brighten as they take their flight!

Tulip. Vanity. Thou hast metamorphosed me! This love has been like a blight upon my opening prospects.

Tulip tree. (Liriodendrum.) Rural life favourable to health and virtue.
Verbena. Sensibility. The heart that is soonest awake to the flowers,

Is always the first to be touch'd by the thorns.
Violet, blue. Faithfulness. I shall never forget.
Violet, white. Modest virtue.

Wall flower. (Cheiranthus.) Misfortune is a blessing, when it proves the truth of friendship.

Weeping Willow. (Salix.) Forsaken. Ask not one to join in mirth whose heart is desolate.

Wood Sorrel. (Oxalis.) Tenderness and affection.
Woodbine. (Lonicera.) Fraternal love.
Water Lily. The American lotus. (Nymphæa.) An emblem of silence.
Yarrow. °(Achillea.) To heal a wounded heart.


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