Hughes' American Parliamentary Guide: The Process of Lawmaking

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F.J. Heer Printing Company, 1924 - 666 страници

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Страница 39 - May it please your majesty, I have neither eyes to see, nor tongue to speak in this place, but as the House is pleased to direct me...
Страница 131 - No member shall speak more than once to the same question without leave of the House, unless he be the mover, proposer, or introducer of the matter pending, in which case he shall be permitted to speak in reply, but not until every member choosing to speak shall have spoken.
Страница 644 - Every bill shall be read on three different days in each House, unless, in case of urgency, three-fourths of the House where such bill is so depending, shall deem it expedient to dispense with this rule : and every bill having passed both Houses, shall be signed by the Speakers of their respective Houses.
Страница 622 - Every bill shall be fully and distinctly read on three different days, unless in case of urgency three-fourths of the house in which it shall be pending, shall dispense with this rule.
Страница 357 - Hats., 269. 341. In which case the papers are not left with the other conferees, but are brought back to be the foundation of the vote to be given. And this is the most reasonable and respectful proceeding; for, as was urged by the lords on a particular occasion, " it is held vain, and below the wisdom of Parliament, to reason or argue against fixed resolutions, and upon terms of impossibility to persuade.
Страница 334 - A motion to amend an amendment from the other House takes precedence of a motion to agree or disagree. A bill originating in one House is passed by the other with an amendment. The originating House agrees to their amendment with an amendment.
Страница 450 - No bill shall contain more than one subject, which shall be clearly expressed in its* title; and no law shall be revived, or amended, unless the new act contain the entire act revived, or the section or sections amended; and the section, or sections, so amended, shall be repealed.
Страница 424 - The legislative power of this state shall be vested in a senate and assembly which shall be designated "The legislature of the State of California," but the people reserve to themselves the power to propose laws and amendments to the Constitution, and to adopt or reject the same, at the polls independent of the legislature...
Страница 130 - The member reporting the measure under consideration from a committee may open and close, where general debate has been had thereon ; and if it shall extend beyond one day, he shall be entitled to one hour to close, notwithstanding he may have used an hour in opening.
Страница 623 - No extra compensation shall be made to any officer, public agent, or contractor, after the service shall have been rendered, or the contract entered into ; nor shall any money be paid, on any claim, the subject matter of which shall not have been provided for by pre-existing law, unless such compensation, or claim, be allowed by two-thirds of the members elected to each branch of the general assembly.