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Waterloo Sword, 432

Windsor Castle, Tapestry, 387
Watts, Alaric A., his Autograph, 264

St. George's Chapel at, 305
Waves, Deceptive Appearance of, 294

Princess Elizabeth's Cottage
Weather Glasses, Absurdity of, 295

at, 97
Weather at Paris, 263

Wish, the Last, 68
Weber and Der Frieschütz, 137

Wit and Jokes, 16
Welsh Pedigree, 272

Lines on, 152-284
Wendover, Ancient Borough of, 292

in Season, 24
Wheatley, Mayor of Coventry, 379 Witenagemotes, 272
White-hart Silver, Origin of, 154 Wolsey, Cardinal, 336–420
Whitsuntide in Gloucester, 154

Woman, Compliment to, 51
Why and Because, the Plain, 23—105 Word, a puzzling one, 245
- 173–261-361

Wordsworth, W., his Autograph, 145
Wills of Shakspeare, Bonaparte, and Worse and Worse, 160
Milton, 402

Wrington, the Birthplace of Locke, 289
Wilson's Ornithology, 387–.

Writing Ink, 182—246
Professor, his Autograph; 145 Wye, Banks of the, 202
Window the cause of a War, 15
Windsor Castle, 273

Yes, we shall meet again, 68




Petrarch's House, at Arquà.

Grotto at Ascot Place. Infantry at Mess.

Kilcolman Castle. A Divided Duty.

Corfe Castle. Picking your Way.

Mocha. Palmam Qui Meruit Ferat.

Autographs. Chichester Cross.

Windsor Castle-George the Fourth's Castle of Vincennes.

Gateway Auberge on the Grimsel.

Locke's Birthplace.
Christ Church, Doncaster.

Peter the Great, Statue of.
Strand Cross, Covent Garden, &c. 1547. St. George's Chapel, Windsor.
Strand from Arundel House, 1700. St. George's Hospital.
Princess Elizabeth's Cottage, Windsor. Dramatic Annual,-
Byron's Palace at Venice.

Seven Cuts from.
Mount St. Michael, Normandy. Old House, Southwark.
Flint Castle.

Ampthill House. Autographs.

Boroughs—Dunwich, Sarum, Bramber. Holyrood, Ancient Palace of.

Boat House at Virginia Water. Cowley's House at Chertsey.

Dialling Swan River.

Exeter Hall, Strand. Ariosto, Relics of.

Hermitage at Frogmore, Bray Church,

Russian Burial-Ground.

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