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THE Works of George, Lord Lyttelton. Published by Geo. Edw. Ayr-
1 cough, Esq.

Page 1
A Description of 'Patagonia, and the adjoining Parts of South America. By

Tho. Falkner,

Speech of Edm. Burke, Esq. on American Taxation, Ap. 19, 1774, 12

Miscellanies of the late M. Abauzit, on historical, theological, and critical

subjects, trandated by E. Harwood, D. D.


Political Disquisitions, Vol. II. 28 – Vol. III.

A Journey to the Weftern Shands of Scotland,

A Discourse on the Torpedo. By Sir John Pringle, Bart.

A gross Imposition upon the Public detected ; or, Archbishop Cranmer vindi-

cated from the Charge of Pelagianism,

A Dictionary of above Five hundred Proverbs, or proverbial Expressions, 48

Remarks on the Observations made in the late Voyage towards the North Pole.

By S. Horsley, LL. D.

Observations upon the present State of our Gold and Silver Coins, 1730. By

the late John Conduitt, Esq.



64, 144, 237, 327, 418, 499

FOREIGN LITERARY INTELLIGENCE, 68, 150, 244, 331, 421, 500

Three Letters to a Member of Parliament, on the subject of the present Dir.

pute with our American Colonies,


A short Address to the Government, the Merchants, &c. on the present State

of Affairs,


Thoughts upon the present Contest between Adminiftration and the British Co-

lonies in America,

A friendly Address to all reasonable Americans,


The Supremacy of the British Legislature over the Colonies, candidly discussed,
A Letter to the Rt. Hon. Lord M-, on the Affairs of America, ibid.
An Argument in Defence of the exclusive Right claimed by the Colonies to tax


A Letter to the People of Great Britain, from the Delegates of the American

Congress in Philadelphia,

Extracts from the Noces and Proceedings of the American continental Con-



Authentic Papers from America,


Free Thoughts on the Proceedings of the continental Congress,


A Plan for conciliating the jarring political Interests of Great Britain and her

North American Colonies,

An Address to the People of England, Scotland, and Ireland. By Catharine


A Complaint against a Pamphlet intitled a Speech intended to have been spoken

on the Bill for altering the Charters of the Colony of Massachusets Bay, 76

Remarks on the Patriot,


A full and clear Proof that the Spaniards have no Claim to Balambangan. By

Alex. Dalrymple, Esq.
The Speech of the Rt. Hon, the Earl of Chatham in the House of Lords, Jan.

20, 1775,
Selecta Poemata Anglorum Latina, seu sparfim edita seu hactenus inedita, ac-
curante Edv. Popham,

Verles Addressed to the Queen with a New Year's Gift of Irish Manufacture.

By Lord Clare,

The Academic Dream, a Poem,'

The Choleric Man, a Comedy. By Richard Cumberland, Era.

The Two Misers : a Musical Farce. By the Author of Midas, &c.

The Mirror of Human Nature,


A Letter to the Author of an Observation on the Design of Etablishing Annual

Examinations at Cambridge,

Logực by Queftion and Answer for tẠe Use of the Portsca Academy, ibid.
Obfervations on Eaft India Shipping,


A Sere




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A Sermon upon the Turf, by a Saint from the Tabernacle,

A Sunday Ramble; or, Modern Sabbath Day Journey,'

The Hiftory of Manchester. By the Rev. Mr. Whitaker, Vol. II.

An Inquiry into the real and imaginary Obstruction's to the Acquistion of the

Arts in England. By James Barry,


Some Thoughts on the Nature of Fevers. By John Curry, M. D.


An Ellay on Bath Waters. Vol. II. By William Falconer, M. D. 100

Kifles, being an English Translation of the Bafia of Jo. Secundus,

An History of the Battle of Floddon, in Verse, with Norçsi By Robert


A Diáionary of the English Language. By J. Walker,

Galateo : a Treatise on Politeness and Delicacy of Manners,

Moral Tales. Translated from the French of Madame de Beaumont, 125

Letters from Yorick to Eliza,


The Life of Agricola, by Tacitus. Translated by J. Aikin, as

A Discussion of some important and uncertain Points in ChronologyBy John


Mátilda : a Tragedy,

. i


. . . ... .. 128

Administration of the British Colonies. Part II. By Tho. Pownal, late Govee-

nór of Massachusets Bay,

. .. 153

Tract: V. The Respective Pleas and Arguments of the Mother-country and of
the Colonies, diftinétlý fet forth, &c.

Plan offired by the Earl of Chatham for the settling the Troubles in America,


Journal of the Proceedings of the Congress held at Philadelphia,'. ibid.

The Congress canyaffed,

ar'. ibid,

Remarks on the New Eflay of the Pensylvania Farmer, :

"A Letter to the People of Great Britain, in Answer to that published by the

American Congress,


The other side of the Question, in Answer to a late friendly Address to all rea-
fonable Americans,

· Observations on the prevailing Abuses in the British Army, &c. : ibid.

A Leiter to Dr. Johnson, Occafioned by his laté political Publications,
A Letter to Dr. Shebbeaie. By Hugb Baillie, LL. D.
A Speech in the Lower House of Convocation. By James Ibbetson, D. D.

An Impartial Reyiew of the late House of Commons,
An Address to the Public. By Wm. Andrew, Attorney at Law, ibid.
Observations on Mr. Andrews's Address to the Public,
The Present Crisis with respect to America considered,

. ibid.

A Dialogue between a Southern Delegate and his Spouse,

The Association, &c. of the Delegates of the Colonies versified, ibid.

The Land of Liberty, an allegorical Poem,

Modern Midnight Conversations,

Duelling. ' A Poem,

Leonora.' An Elegy,

A Short Essay on Charles Churchill,

.. ibid.

The Genius of Britain. An Ode,

The Genius of Ireland. A New Year's Gift to Lord Clare,


Verses Addressed to the —, with a New Year's Gift of Irifa Potatoes, ibid,
Particular Providence; a Poetical Eflay. By Wm, Woty,


Kien Long. A Chinese Imperial Eclogue,

Sibylline Leaves,

Ode on the Institution of a Society at Liverpool, for the Encouragement of De.

figning, Drawing, Painting, &c.;


Poems by Robert Furgusson,


The Rivals, a Comedy,


The Rival Candidates. A comic Operasi

Memoires of the Count of Comminge,


5. 2

Edwin and Julia,

.18? .. ;


Medical and Philosophical Commentaries, i


Remarks on the final Cellation of the Menses


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A Gospel Defence of the Unitarian Doctrine, . ..

. : 164

Hüman Authority in Matters of Faith repugnant to Chriftianity,
A Sermon on the Nature of Subscription to Articles of Religion. By A. Bur-
naby, A. M


Miftakes in Religion exposed. By H. Venn, M. A. . . . 165

A Liturgy on the Principles of the Christian Religion,

Meditations and penitencial Prayers, written by the Duchess de la Valliere, 166

Methodism, a Farce,


The Will of Henry VII.,

Plan and Reports of the Society instituted at London, for the Recovery of Per-

fons apparently drowned.


An Award of King Charles I. settling Two Shillings in the Pound out of the
- Rents of the Houses in Norwich, for the Maintainance of the Parochial Cler-

. 167
A new Scheme of Short-Hand. By John Palmer,

Remarks on the English Language, wich Rules of Speech and Action, &c. By

J. Jones,

A new Dictionary of French Idioms. By A. de Treitorrens,


A Philosophical Essay on Space. By Richard Yate, Gent.


Duelling and Suicide repugnant to Revelation, Reason, and Common Sense,


Le Courier François,


The Hiftory of France from the Commencement of the Reign of Henry III, to-

the Establishment of the Edi&t of Nantes in the Reign of Henry IV.: 169

An Effay on the Demoniacs of the New Testament. By Hugh Farmer, 181

Taxation no Tyranny,

? 191

An Essay on the Pestilential Fever of Sydenham, By Wn. Grant, M. D.

A Treatise of a Cataract. By George Chandler,


The Morality of Shakespeare's Drama illustrated. By Mrs. Griffith, 203

Braganza. A Tragedy. By Robert Jephson, Esq.

Cleonice, Princess of Bithynia : a Tragedy. By John Hoole,

An Account of the laft Expedition to Port Egmont in Falklands INands, in 1972,

. By Bernard Penrose,

- 217

The Hiftory of Great Britain, from the Restoration to the Accession of the

- House of Hannover. By James Macpherson, Erg. : 220, 257, 361

Original Papers containing the Secret Hiftory of Great Britain from the Retto-

· ration to the Acceffion of the House of Hannover, - 220, 257, 361

· Travels through the Middle Settlements in North America. By the Rev. An-

drew Burnaby. A. M..
Lectures on the Art of Reading. Part I. By Tho, Sheridan, A. M. 231,

9.7 290
An Illustration of the Sexual System of Linneus, No. 1-10. By John Miller,


An Address to the King, concerning the Dearness of Provisions and Emigrations,


A Letter to those Ladies whose Husbands possess a Seat in either House of Par-

- liament,


An Essay on the Nature of Colonies,


The Falle Alarm; or the Americans mistaken,


The American Querist,


What think ye of the Congress now?


Conciliatory Addrefs to the People of Great Britain and of the Colonies, ibid.

Some Candid Suggestions towards Accommodation of Differences with Ame-




The Annals of Administration,

.. 248


The Rights of the English Colonies in America stated and defended, ibid.

View of the Controversy between Great Britain and her Colonies,. ibid.

An Address to the Rt. Hon. Lord M-sfond, in which the Measures of Govern.

ment respecting America are confidered in a new Light, is


The Speech of the Rt. Hon. John Wilkes, Elg, on the Motion for an Address

to his Majesty against the Americans,

, . ibid.

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stino Carmine reddita,


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The Speech of the Rt. Hon. John Wilkes, Esq. on the Subject of the Middle.
sex Election,


The Advertiser, a Poem,


Ode Pindarica, pro Cambrix Vatibus, Latino Carmine reddita;. ibid.

Miscellaneous Pieces in Verse. By P. Lewis,

The Progress of Painting. A Poem,

An Elegy written at a Carthufian Monastery,

The Drama, a Poen,

Charity; or, Momus's Reward. A Poem,
A Poetical Address to the Ladies of Bath,


Poetical Amusements at a Villa near Bath,

The Sentence of Momus on the Poetical Amufements at a Villa near Bath, ib.

The Philofophic Whim, or, Astronomy a Farce,


Infancy. A Poem. Book II. By Hugh Downman, M.D.


Prometheus, or the Rise of Moral Evil; a Satire,

Nymphomania ; or a Differtation concerning the Furor Uterinus,

A critical Enquiry into the ancient and modern Manners of creating the Dila

eases of the Urethra. By Jeffe Foot, i


Sermons. By Chriftopher Atkinson,


The Nature of Religious Zeal; in two Discourses by J. Briggs, A. M. 254

An Etay on the fundamental Doctrines of Natural and Revealed Religion, ib.

A Preservative against Criminal Offences,


A Letter to Dr. S. Johnson, on bis journey to the Western Files. By A. Hen-,


Experiments, Researches, and Observations on the vitrous Spar, or Sparry



The Complete Gazetteer of England and Wales,

Various Methods to prevent Fires in Houses and Shipping,


An Appeal to the Jockey Club. By G.orge Robert Fitz-Gerald, Esq. ibid.
An Effay on the Art of Newspaper Delamation,


A Peep into the principal Seats and Gardens in and about Twickenham, ibid.

The Speaker : in which is perfixed an Eray on Elocution. By Wm. Enfield,

LL. D.


Liberal Opinions upon Animals, Men, and Providence. By Courtney Mela



The Triumph of Truth; or Memoirs of M. de la Villette,


Schemes offered for the Perusal and Confideration of the Legislature, &c. 287

Nugæ Anliquæ : being a Miscellaneous Collection of Original Papers, in Prole

and Verse Vol. 11. By Henry Harington, jun. A. B.

Travels through Portugal and Spain, in 1772 and 1773. By Richard Twils,

Esq. F. R. S.

in 303, 351

Elements of Dramatic Criticism. By Wm. Cooke, Esq..."

Imitations of the Characters of Theophrastus,

- 316

The Polisician's Dictionary; or á Sumnery of Political knowledge,

A History of the Work of Redempcion, By the lace Rev. Mr. Jonathan Ede



A New Geographical Grammar. By Charles Vye,


The Use and Abuse of Sea-water impartially confidered, &c. By Robert White,

M. D.

Observations on the Use of Dr. James's Powder. Emetic Tartar, and other Anti-

monial Preparations in Fevers. By Wm. White, F. S. A.


The Pamphlet, entiiled, "Taxation no Tyranny,” candidly considered, ibid.

An Answer to a Pamphlet, entitled, Taxation no Tyranny,


Taxation, Tyranny.. Addresied to Samuel Johnson, LL.D.,
Tyranny unm.sked,

Réfstance no Rebellion, in Answer to Taxation no Tyranny, -


Appendix to a Letter to Dr. Shebbeare,

Gov. Johnstone's Speech on the Onestion of recommitting the Address declaring
the Colony of Massachu let's Bay in Rebellion,


A Letter to the Rt. Hon. Lord Camden, on the Bill for reftraining the Trade

and Fishery of the Four Provinces of New England,

A Letter to Edm. Burke, tfg. controverting the Principles of American Co-

perament, laid down in his Speech on American Taxation,










The Subftance of the Evidence on the Petition of the West India Planters and

Merchants to the House of Commons, summed by Mr. Glover, 337

A Speech intended to have been delivered in the House of Commons, in Supe

port of the Petition from the General Congress at Philadelphia, ibid.

Common Sense; in Nine Conferences between a British Merchant and a Mera

chant of America,

Religion and Civil Liberty, a Thanksgiving Discouríc preached as Bofton. "By

William Gordon,

An Effay on Sacrifice. By the Rev. Joseph Wise,
A few Stri&ures on the Confeffional,

Lectures to Lords Spiritual. By the Rev. Mr. Ja. Murray,


The Idea; a Panegyric on her Majefty,

The Exhibition of Painting, a Poem,


Suicide, an Elegy,...


Religion: a Poetical Efray. By Wm. Giblon, M. A.

Mxcixn laleala ; or, a Fiddle the best Doctor,


Poems on several Occasions. ' By Robert Hill,

The Heroine of the Cave. A Tragedy,

• 341

The School for Daughters : or, the History of Mrs. Charlotte Sidney, ibid,

The Correspondents, an original Novel,

A Tour in the Midland Counties of England, in 1772 and 1774, ibid.

An Account of the furiher Proceedings at the India House, with respect to the

- Bye-Laws proposed for the Regulation of the Company's Shipping, 342

Circumftances which preceded the Letters to the Earl of ----


An Answer to Mr. Fitzgerald's Appeal to the Jockey Club, I. ibid,

A Description of the Coronation of the Kings and Queens of France, &c. ibid.

The Accidence: or First Rudiments of English Grammar,

: 343

Valuable Secrets concerning Arts and Trades,


The Conftitution of England. By J. L. De Lolme,

A Gentleman's Tour through Monmouthshire and Wales, in 1974,

The Poems of Mr. Gray, "To which are perfixed Memoirs of his Life and
Writings. By W. Máson, A. M.

- 378, 4.60
Argriculture delineated. By Guftavus Harrison, Erg.


1' 389

Miscellaneous Differtations on Rural Subjects,


Tudah restored : a Poem. By Dr. Roberts of Eton College, .

Miscellanies in Prose and Verse, by Mrs. Chapone,

An Inquiry into the Policy of the Penal Laws, affecting the Popith Inha-

bitants of Ireland,


A Letter to James Macpherson, Erq, on his Hiftory of Great Britain, &c. 423

Proceedings of the Governor and Council at Fort William respecting the Ada

miniftration of Justice in Bengal,


Tuftice and Policy. Part II.


The School-boy, a Poem,


Flights of Fancy. By the Rev. Tho. Pensore,


The Muses and Graces on a Visit to Grovesnor-square,


Accommodation, a poetical Epiftle. By Rowley Thomas,


The Feachers, a Tale,

. . ibid.

Fashion, a Poem,


Philosophic Venus, an Ethic Epiftle,


The Silver Tail, a Tale,


Ode to the British Empire,


Cloacina, a Comi-Tragedy,

The Concfave of 1774, a mufical Drama,


The Daughter ; or the History of Miss Emilia Royston and Miss Harriet


A Blow at the Root of all priestly Claims,

A Scriptural Confutation of the Arguments against the One Godhead of the Fans

ther, Son, and Holy Ghost. By Wm. Burgh, Esq. in : ** ibid.

Differtation on leveral Paliges of the Scriptures. Vol. Il. By John Ward, LL. D.


Religious Correspondence,

Two Letters to the Rev. Ms. John Kennedy. By James Ferguson, F. R. S: 429

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