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To prey upon each other; stubborn, fierce,
High-minded, foaming out their own disgrace.
Thy prophets speak of such; and, noting down
The features of the last degen’rate times,
Exhibit ev'ry lineament of these.
Come then, and, added to thy many crowns,
Receive yet one, as radiant as the rest,
Due to thy last and most effectual work,
Thy word fulfill’d, the conquest of a world!




LET laurels, drench'd in pure Parnassian dews,
Reward his mem’ry, dear to ev'ry muse,
Who, with a courage of unshaken root,
In honour's field advancing his firm foot,
Plants it upon the line that justice draws,
And will prevail or perish in her cause.
'Tis to the virtues of such men, man owes
His portion in the good that heaven bestows.
And, when recording history displays
Feats of renown, though wrought in ancient days,
Tells of a few stout hearts that fought and died
Where duty plac'd them, at their country's side;
The man that is not mov'd with what he reads,
That takes not fire at their heroic deeds,
Unworthy of the blessings of the brave,
Is base in kind, and born to be a slave.




I PITY kings whom worship waits upon,
Obsequious, from the cradle to the throne;
Before whose infant eyes the flatt'rer bows,
And binds a wreath about their baby brows;
Whom education stiffens into state,
And death awakens from that dream too late.
Oh! if servility with supple knees,
Whose trade it is to smile, to crouch, to please;
If smooth dissimulation, skill'd to grace
A devil's purpose with an angel's face;
If smiling peeresses and simp'ring peers,
Encompassing his throne a few short years;
If the gilt carriage and the pamper'd steed,
That wants no driving, and disdains the lead ;
If guards, mechanically form'd in ranks,
Playing, at beat of drum, their martial pranks,


ring and standing as if stuck to stone,
While condescending majesty looks on;
If monarchy consist in such base things,
Sighing, I say again, I pity kings!

To be suspected, thwarted, and withstood,
Ev'n when he labours for his country's good;
To see a band, called patriot, for no cause,
But that they catch at popular applause,
Careless of all th' anxiety he feels,
Hook disappointment on the public wheels;
With all their Aippant fluency of tongue,
Most confident, when palpably most wrong;
If this be kingly, then farewell for me
All kingship; and may I be poor and free!

To be the Table Talk of clubs up stairs,
To which th' unwash'd artificer repairs,
T' indulge his genius after long fatigue,
By diving into cabinet intrigue;
(For what kings deem a toil, as well they may,
To him is relaxation and mere play)
To win no praise when well-wrought plans pre-

vail, But to be rudely censur'd when they fail;

To doubt the love his fav’rites may pretend,
And in reality to find no friend;
If he indulge a cultivated taste,
His gall’ries with the works of art well gracid,
To hear it call’d extravagance

and waste;
If these attendants, and if such as these,
Must follow royalty, then welcome ease;
However humble and confin’d the sphere,
Happy the state that has not these to fear.

Oh! bright occasions of dispensing good, How seldom us’d, how little understood! To pour in virtue's lap her just reward, Keep vice restrain'd behind a double guard; To quell the faction that affronts the throne By silent magnanimity alone; To nurse with tender care the thriving arts, Watch ev'ry beam philosophy imparts; To give religion her unbridled scope, Nor judge by statute a believer's hope; With close fidelity and love unfeign’d, To keep the matrimonial bond unstain'd; Covetous only of a virtuous praise; His life a lesson to the land he




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