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N. L. R. B. EXHIBIT No. 244

Recognition and discrimination strikes compared with all strikesOctober

1935 to November 1939

[blocks in formation]

N. L. R. B. Exhibit No. 245



January 23, 1940


Emerson, Thomas I. : 33 years of age; legal residence, New Work City; Assuciate General Counsel and Chief of Review Section ; Yale University, A. B., 1928, Phi Beta Kappa ; Yale Law School, LL. B., 1931 ; Editor-in-Chief of the Yale Law Journal, 1930–1931; order of Coif; member of New York bar; associated with Engehard, Pollak, Pitcher & Stern in general practice of law in New York City, 1931-1933; Assistant Counsel National Recovery Administration, 1933– 1934; Attorney with old National Labor Relations Board, 1934–1935; attorney with National Labor Relations Board, 1935–1936; including four months as Regional Attorney in Atlanta ; attorney with Social Security Board in charge of legislation, 1936–1937; attorney, Assistant General Counsel and Associate General Counsel with National Labor Relations Board, 1937 to date.

Hawes, Alexander B.: 33 years of age ; legal residence, Massachusetts ; Assistant General ('ounsel and Assistant Chief of Review Section; Princeton University; Harvard University, A. B., magna cum laude, 1928; Harvard Law School, LL. B., magna cum laude, 1931 ; Editor, Harvard Law Review, 1929–1931, Case Editor, 1930-1931; member of Massachusetts bar, 1931; Law Clerk to Judge Learned Hand, United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, 1931–1932; associated with Choats, Hall and Stuart in general practice of law, Boston, 1932–1933; Attorney, Federal Trade Commission, 1933–1934; Attorney, Securities and Exchange Commission, 1934-1935; Assistant General Counsel, Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration, 1935–1936; Assistant Director, Reg. istration Division, Securities and Exchange Commisson, 1936–1937; attorney and Assistant General Counsel with National Labor Relations Board 1937 to date.

Friedman, Joseph : 29 years of age ; legal residence, Hartford, Comecticut; Yale University, A. B., 1932; Yale Law School, LL. B., 1935; several Sterling scholarships in college and law school; member of Comnecticut bar, 1935; Assistant to the Reporter (Dean Clark of Yale Law School) to the United States Supreme Court's Advisory Committee on Rules for Civil Procedure, 1935-1937; coauthor of three-volume treatise on federal practice and procedure, Moore and Friedman, Federal Practice under the New Federal Rules (1938); has been employed in various factories and tobacco plantations and has assisted Dean Clark in several arbitrations involving employees and union.

Fuchs, Herbert: 34 years of age; legal residence, New York; College of City of New York, B. S. S., 1924; New York University Law School, J. D., 1929; Deniber of New York bar, 1929; private practice; 1929–1935 associated with Rosenberg, Goldmark & Colin, New York City, on special staff for litigation of Ivar Kreuger matters, 1935–1936; Attorney with U. S. Senate Committee on Interstate Commerce, Investigation of Railroad Finance, 1936–1937; participated with Joseph J. Klein in preparation of Federal Income Taxation and supplements thereto.

Garrett, Sylvester: 28 years of age ; legal residence, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania; Swarthmore College. A. B., 1933, with high honors; University of Pennsylvania Law School, LL B., 1936; faculty scholarship and Gowen Memorial Fellowship in law school; Editorial Board, University of Pennsylvania Law Review, 193.7; member of Pennsylvania bar, 1937; study of court procedure and preparation of articles and textbook under Dean Goodrich of Pennsylvania Law School; worked summers as salesman and laborer; drafting of proposed legislation, 1936-1937; associated with Saylor, Slocum, & Ferguson in practice of law, in Philadelphia, Pa., 1937-1938, mostly handling labor relations of large corporate clients.

Gill, Lewis M. : 28 years of age; legal resiilence, Washington, D. C. ; Swarthmore College, A. B., 1933, with honors; University of Pennsylvania Law School, LL B., 1936; note and legislation editor of Pennsylvania Law Review, 1935–1936; member of D. C. bar, 1936; member of D. C. Circuit Court bar, 1938 ; author of several notes in Pennsylvania Law Review, law clerk with Philadelphia firm, 1935; at. torney with S.E.C., 1936-1937.

Harris, Abraham J.: 31 years of age; legal residence, Illinois; University of Minnesota, A.B., 1930; Harvard Law School, LL.B., 1933, scholarship at Harvard Law School ; member of Mlinois bar, 1934; varied business experience, including bookkeeping, accounting, and managing of hotel, while going to school; associated with Clarence N. Goodwin in the practice of law in Chicago; associated with Benjamin Goldbein in the practice of law in Chicago; law practice included work in the field of labor, NRA codes, compulsory arbitration, etc.

Kollender, Mortimer: 31 years of age ; legal residence, New Alexandria, Virginia; Williams College, A.B., cum laude, 1928; New York University Law School, J.D., 1931; member of New York Bar, 1932; assistant to Vice President Chase National Bank of New York City, 1928–1:34; administrative assistant to Chairman of Petroleum Administrative Board, 1934-1935; attorney in Solicitor's ( flice, Department of Interior, 1935; attorney and Regional Attorney with National Labor Relations Board in Atlanta, Georgia, 1935-1938.

Lewittes, Aaron : 27 years of age; legal residence, New York City ; College of City of New York, B.S.S., cum laude, 1:32; Columbia University Law School, LL.B., 1935; Phi Beta Kappa ; five scholarships at law school; editor of Columbia Law Review; Ordroneaux prize for highest grades for law school; Morris Fellowship for graduate work, 1935--1936; member New York bar, 1936 ; Assistant Counsel, Senate Committee on interstate commerce, 1936–1938; specialized in administrative law in graduate work at Clumbia University.

Lichtenstein, Howard : 32 years of age; legal residence, New York; University College, New York University, B. A., cum laude, 1929; New York University Law School, J. D., 1932; Phi Beta Kappa, 1928; Cowin Political Science Prize, 1928; member of New York bar, 19:3; member of Supreme Court of United States, 1938; worked as statistical clerk, 1929; High School teacher in New York City, 1930–1932; associated with Wolf and Jacobi as law clerk for 6 months and thereafter as attorney in the general practice of law in New York City, 1932–1936; Special Investigator, Home Relief Bureau, Department of Public Welfare, 1936-1937; attorney in Solicitor's office, Department of Labor, 1937-1938, including review of records and determination of prevailing wage rates under Davis-Bacon Act.

Morris, Stanley J.: 32 years of age; legal residence, Chicago, Illinois; University of Chicago, Ph. B., cum laude, 1928; University of Chicago Law School, J. D., cum laude, 1930; Order of Coif; member of Illinois bar, 1930; member of Supreme Court, 1936 (?); associated with Moses, Kennedy, Stein & Bachrach, Chicago, Illinois, in the general practice of law, 1930–1938.

Polier, Isadore: 34 years of age; legal residence, New York City; University of South Carolina, B. S., magna cum laude, 1926; Harvard Law School, LL. B., cum laude, 1929; Harvard Law School, L. L. M., 1931; Phi Beta Kappa; Honor Cub; Economics Scholarship; Economics essay award; editor-in-chief college newspaper and literary journal; member debating team and winner of numerous public speaking awards; tenth in class of law school; scholarships 1927-. 1928, 1928–1930; Board of Student Advisors; Fellowship in Administrative Law, 1930–1931; member of New York bar, 1931; member of Federal District Court and U. S. Supreme Court bars; author of "Status of Injured Relief Workers", Columbia Law Review, 1936 (?); editor of International Juridical Association Bulletin, 1932–1936; associated with Edward H. Childs, with Carl J. Austrian, with Englehard, Pollak, Pitcher, Stern & Clark, with Kaufman & Weitzner, in general practice of law, including trial and appellate work, briefing, and in charge of staff of 12 attorneys, in New York City, 1929–1937.

Sharfman, Warren L.: 27 years of age; legal residence, Ann Arbor, Michigan ; University of Michigan, A. B. 1932, with distinction; Harvard Law School, LL. B., 1936; member of D. C. bar, 1937; field agent, Michigan Department of Labor and Industry, 1934; special agent, U. S. Treasury Department, 1934; field agent, Bureau of Labor Statistics, U. S. Department of Labor, 1936; attorney, Office of Solicitor, U. S. Department of Labor, 1936-1937, including administration of the Davis-Bacon Act determining prevailing wage rates and serving as referee.

Koplow, A. George: Administrative Assistant; 25 years of age; legal residence, Sioux Falls, South Dakota ; Sioux Falls College, 1931-1933; University of Minnesota, B. A., 1935 ; LL. B., 1937; Dept. of Agriculture Graduate School, 1938 ; College Honor Society; member of several Honorary Forensic Societies; Honor Student in law school, 1934–1935; scholarship, 1934–1935; member of South Dakota bar, 1937; passed Minnesota bar examinations, 1937; worked during summer as life guard, store clerk, truck driver, window trimmer and salesman, 1931–1937; associated with Doyle & Mahoney as law clerk in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 1937.



January 22, 1940


Allen, Robert D. : 30 years of age; legal residence, Seattle, Wash.; University of Washington, 3 years, no degree; University of Washington Law School, LL. B., 1934; member of Washington State Bar, 1934; member U. S. District Court Bar, Western District of Washington, 1936; member of Bar of U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, 1937; associated with Todd, Holman & Sprague in general practice of law, Seattle, Wash., 1934–1938 ; legal department of Washington Title Insurance Company, Seattle, Wash., 1939 ; handling some research on labor questions while in general practice.

Anschnetz, Charlotte: 25 yrs. of age: legal residence, St. Louis, Missouri ; Washington University, St. Louis, A. B , 1936, LL. B., 1939; four-year honor scholarship; Phi Beta Kappa ; Alpha Lambda Delta, Freshman Honorary Sorority, Mortar Board ; Delta Phi Alpha, German Language Honorary Fraternity ; Phi Sigma Alpha, Political Science Honorary Fraternity; Washington University Law Quarterly Staff ; Marquette Law Review Stal': shared Breckinridge Moot Court prize; author of several notes and comments in Washington University Law Quarterly and Marquette Law Review Staff, 1938–9; member of Missouri Bar, 1939; associated with Edwin W. Knappe, of St. Louis, Missouri, as law clerk, 1938 ; Special Assistant to Deputy Industrial Commissioner of New York State Department of Labor in administrative law problems, 1939.

Barrow, Roscoe L. : 26 yrs. of age; legal residence, Chicago, Ill. ; Lewis Institute, B. S., 1935, Northwestern University School of Law, J. D., 1938 ; Legal Publications Board Northwestern University, 1935–8; author of several comments and article “Business Entries before the Court," Illinois Law Review; member of Illinois Bar, 1938 ; worked as hotel clerk part time, 1938-38.

Beck, Roman; 35 yrs. of age; New York University, B. S., 1925; New York University Law School, LL. B., 1927; member of Sigma Society, honorary scholastic society ; recipient of cash prize awarded highest student in the Department of Government; member of University debating team; member of New York Bar, 1927 ; associated with the following New York City firms in the general practice of law : Cardoza & Nathan, 1926–7; Halm, Whitlock & Scarff, 1928-30; Samuel B. Pollak & B. Pollak, 1931-6; Zeiger & Berliner, 1936–7; practice involved some work relating to trade associations and trade unions and included litigation and appellate work.

Boyls, Fanny: 34 yrs. of age ; University of Texas, A. B., 1925; University of Texas Law School, LL. B., 1929 ; member of Texas Bar, private practice, 1929-34; attorney with H. O. L. C., 1934-7; large portion of private practice consisted of workmen's compensation, industrial insurance, and similar cases; also represented an oil company in matters involving labor relations.

Brownstein, Harry: 28 yrs. of age; legal residence, South Bend, Indiana ; Indiana University, B S., 1934; Indiana Law School, J. D., 1936, with distinction; labor law course, Columbus University, Washington, D. C., 19:39; member Phi Eta Sigma, freshman honorary scholastic society; member Beta Gamma Sigma, scholastic society; Indiana Law Journal: member Indiana Bar, 1936; worked as retail clerk and department manager with various stores while attending high school and college; associated with Arnold & Degrian in general practice of law at South Bend, Indiana, 1936-8, including representation of several labor organizations.

Butter, Emanuel ; 33 yrs. of age; St. Johns University Law School, L. L. B., 1930; member of New York Bar, 1931; general law practice since 1931 ; represented employers in trucking industry in New York in collective bargaining between Capital Moving and Capital Warehousemen's Association and Brotherhood; drew up constitution and bylaw for United-Whelan ocal Union (New York City); represented about 100 employees under workmen's compensation; associated with Ornstein & Silverman in four labor cases finally decided in Court of Appeals; while attending evening school worked for 7 years as clothing salesman, copywriter on newspaper, and installment collector.

Cokin, Louis: 25 yrs. of age ; legal residence, Pawtucket, R. I.; Boston University, 1933–5; Georgetown Law School, LL. B., 1938; Assistant Editor. Georgetown Law Journal; faculty award for highest scholastic average, 1938; member of Rhode Island and D. C. Bars, 1938; author of several notes in Georgetown Law Journal, 1937–8; assisted Prof. Reuschlein in article, Municipal Debt Readjustment-Cornell Law Quarterly, 1938; assisted in preparation of text on municipal corporation, 1938; worked as truckdriver during vacations, 1933–6; employed by City Solicitor of Pawtucket, R. I., 1938; associated with law firm, McCarthy & Flynn, 1937–8, Pawtucket, R. I.

Compton, Raymond J.: 34 yrs. of age; legal residence, Potlatch, Idaho; University of Idaho; Stanford University, LL. B., 1930; member of Stanford University Law Review; academic award, Phi Alpha Delta, honorary academic society; member of Idaho Bar, 1930; member of U. S. Supreme Court Bar, 1935; member of D. C. District Court, 1936; member of D. C. Circuit Court of Appeals, 1937; worked as clerk, secretary, and in credit department while attending school; assistant prosecuting attorney, Weiser, Idaho, 1931; private practice in Potlatch, Idaho, 1932–5; Justice, First Justice District, Latah County, Idaho, 1933–5; secretary to Congressman White, of Idaho, and Bierman, of Iowa, 1935; W. P. A. project control, 1935-6; P. W. A. Personnel Director's Office, 1936–7; private practice in District of Columbia, 1937-8; in private practice was legal advisor to officials of various labor organizations; as magistrate handled many matters involving status of employees in community.

Cooper, Evelyn N.: 27 yrs. of age; legal residence, Michigan, University of Michigan, A. B. 1933; University of Michigan Law School, LL. B., 1935; member of District of Columbia Bar, 1937; author of article on tax exemptions of public bonds, printed in Legal Notes on Local Government and article on Municipal Bankruptcy Act, Pennsylvania Law Review ; Law Clerk, P. W. A., 1936–7; attorney, U. S. H. A., 1938–9; handling legal and administrative matters relating to labor; course in labor relations at George Washington University Law School.

Cooper, George Wallace: 32 yrs. of age; legal residence, District of Columbia ; Central Missouri State Teachers College, A. B., 1928; University of Missouri, graduate work in Political Science, 1928–9; University of Virginia, LL. B., 1932; Phi Beta Kappa ; member of Missouri Bar, 1931 ; private practice at Warrensburg, Missouri, 1932–7; prosecuting attorney, Johnson County, Missouri, 1935–7; associated with Chadbourne, Wallace, Clarke & Whiteside in practice of law at New York City, 1937-8; last five months with latter firm was in charge of labor relations work handled by the office, which represented a number of large employers.

Cooper, Harry: 27 yrs. of age; legal residence, Hartford, Connecticut; Yale University, A. B., 1933, cum laude; Yale Law School, LL. B., 1936 Betts Prize in American Literature, 1932; scholarship student; member of Connecticut Bar, 1937; worked as switchboard operator, 1935–6; legal assistant to Prof. James William Moore, Yale Law School, in preparation of revision of Gilbert's Collier in Bankruptcy, 1936; Department of Justice, legal research on Attorney General's survey of release procedures, 1937.

Cutler, Arnold R.: 32 yrs. of age; Yale College, A. B., 1930; Yale Law School, LL. B., 1932; member of Connecticut Bar, 1932; associated with Woodruff & Klein in general practice of law at New Haven, Connecticut, 1932–3; legal division of P. W. A., 1933–37 ; Chief Counsel for State of Washington for P. W. A., 1936-7; P. W. A. work consisted in part of matters relating to labor problems, construction controls, etc.

Daffan, Bliss: 33 yrs. of age; legal residence, San Antonio, Texas; Cumberland University, LL. B., 1928; partner in law firm of Bliss & Daffan in general practice of law, San Antonio, Texas, 1929-36; secretary to Congressman Maverick, of Texas, 1936–7.

Diamond, Bertram : 23 yrs. of age; legal residence, New York City; City College of New York, A. B., 1936; Columbia University, LL. B., 1939; Phi Beta Kappa ; Pell Medal for second highest average scholarship, 1934; Ketchum Prize for philosophy; faculty scholarship for three years at Columbia University; James Kent honorary scholarship, Columbia University; editor, Columbia University Law Review; author of several notes in Columbia Law Review ; member of New York Bar, 1939; counsellor in summer camp for boys, 1933–8; legal assistant to Prof. Milton Handler, Columbia University Law School, 1939.

Farmer, Guy: 27 yrs. of age; West Virginia University, A. B., 1934; West Virginia University, Coilege of Law, LL B., 1936; Oxford University, Oxford, England, graduate work pursuant to Rhodes scholarship, 1936-7; Phi Betta Kappa ; Order of the Coif; editor, West Virginia Law Quarterly ; Rhodes scholarship; author of several notes and comments in West Virginia Law Quarterly; member of West Virginia Bar, 1936; worked as store clerk and sawmill helper during summers, 1930–34; legal research in connection with restatement of con

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