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Art. I. Theorie des Peines et des Recompenses. Par M. Jere

mie Bentham, Jurisconsulte Anglois. Redigée en François d'après les Manuscrits, par M. Et. Dumont de Génève. 2 vol.

8vo. pp. 800. à Londres, Dulau, 1811. We have already had occasion to mention this very interest

ing work, and to express our regret at the accidents which more than once interfered with the design of laying its contents before our readers. We are at length enabled to accomplish this purpose ; and the delay which has occurred, by affording additional time for meditating upon the subject, has only confirmed the conviction originally entertained, of the essential services rendered to the most important branch of legislation by this promulgation of Mr Bentham's doctrines.

It is to Mr Dumont, upon the present as on a former occasion, that we are indebted for a knowledge of these valuable speculations. The greater part of them had been completed, as far as their author did complete them, above 30 years before the date of the present publication. During that long period they had lain in his repositories neglected by him, or considered as materials for a branch of his great work on Legislation, into which they might enter at some future time—or perhaps only regarded as notes amassed for his own use, in the course of his private studies. Had not the same zealous and friendly hand interposed, to which we owe the · Traités de Legislation,' * this treatise, although almost complete in itself, and perfectly capable of being separated from the vast system of practical ethics to which it naturally belongs, would in all probability have been withheld till the period at which that work may be finished, with the still


VOL. XXII. NO, 43.

* See our account of this admirable work in Vol. IV. Ed. Rev.





p. 251

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ART. I. Elements of Agricultural Chemistry in a Course of

Lectures for the Board of Agriculture. By Sir
Humphry Davy, LL. D. F. R. S. Lond. & Edin.

&c. &c. &c.
11. Souvenirs & Portraits, 1780–1789. Par M. de Levis 281
III. An Appeal to the Allies, and the English Nation, in
behalf of Poland

294 IV. Publications respecting the Eastern Peninsula of India 381 V. Quelques Détails sur le Général Moreau et ses derniers

Moments, suivis d'une courte Notice Biographique.
Par Paul de Suinine, chargé de l'accompagner sur
le Continent

363 VI. Remarks on Antiquities, Arts, and Letters, during an

Excursion in Italy, in the years 1802 and 1803.
By Joseph Forsyth Esq.

376 VII. State of the Prisons in England, Scotland, and Wales,

extending to various places therein assigned ; not
for the Debtor only, but for Felons, and other less
criminal Offenders. By James Neild Esq.

385 VIII. Prabodh Chandrodaya, or the Rise of the Moon of In

tellect, an Allegorical Drama; and Atma Bodh, or
the Knowledge of Spirit; translated from the San-
scrit and Pracrit, by J. Taylor, M. D., Member of
the Asiatic Society, and of the Literary Society at

400 IX. A Geographical Memoir of the Persian Empire. By

John Macdonald Kinneir, Political Assistant to
Brigadier-General Sir John Malcolm, in his Mis-
sion to the Court of Persia.

409. X. Patronage. By Maria Edgeworth: Author of Tales

of Fashionable Life, Belinda, Leonora, &c. 164

V :

XI. Observations made on a Tour from Hamburg, through

Berlin, Gorlitz, and Breslaw to Silberberg, and
thence to Gottenburg. By Robert Semple, Au-
hor of Two Journeys in Spain, a Sketch of the
Caracas, &c.

434 XII. Carmen Triumphale for the Commencement of the Year

1814. By Robert Southey Esq. Poet-Laureat 447 XIII. Essay on the Theory of the Earth: Translated from

the French of M. Cuvier. By Robert Kerr, F. R.
S. E. and F. A. S. E. With Mineralogical Notes,
and an Account of Cuvier's Geological Discoveries :
By Professor Jameson, Edinburgh

454 XIV. Memoirs of a celebrated Literary and Political Cha

racter, from the Resignation of Sir Robert Walpole
in 1742, to the Establishment of Lord Chatham's
second Administration in 1757; containing Stric.
tures on some of the most distinguished. Men of
that time

475 Quarterly List of New Publications

485 Index


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