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did eat and drink with him after be rose from the Dead.

p. 359


Preached at St. James's Chapel, on Palm


2 COR. V. 20. Now then we are Embassadors for Christ, as

though God did beseech you by us : we pray you in Christ's Stead, Be ye reconciled to God.

p. 385


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The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wif

dom: and the Knowledge of the Holy is Understanding



E all naturally desire Happiness :

we all know, that obtaining it

greatly depends on a wise Choice of our Conduct in Life : and yet very few examine, with any Care, what Conduct is likeliest

procure us the Felicity that we seek. The livelier Part of the World, hurried along by a giddy Tumult of Passions and Fancies, venture, with a most intrepid Gaiety of Heart, on whatever looks pleasing to them : and are in much too great Haste for present Gratification, ever to stay and once think what may be the Consequences, either to others, or even to themselves. The good-natured and flexible are easily drawn to follow the Vol. III.





more active and enterprising of their Acquaintance; and the Thoughtless and Indolent find it unspeakably the least Trouble to let themselves be born along by the Tide of Custom and Fashion, just as it flows and ebbs by Turns. Yet surely Reason doth not make Part of our Nature for no Purpose ; nor Experience discover any Thing more plainly, than the numberless Miseries that proceed from going on thus at all Adventures.

Those, therefore, who are a little more considerate, take a different Course: yet often

a scarce a better, and sometimes a worse. They despise the Weakness of being caught with every Bait of present Pleasure, or abandoning their Lives to the Direction of mere Chance; and follow, with great Attention, Art and Industry, what the World calls their Interest. But this being their only View, the disappointed are totally miserable: and, more or less, all are disappointed; the far greatest Part, very grievously. And the small Remainder, who seem to attain their Wishes, betray, under the fairest Shew of outward Prosperity, evident Tokens, that they have very little inward Enjoyment to compensate for the many and long Anxieties that usually precede.


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