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Now every passion finks to rest,

The throbbing heart lies still,
And varying schemes of life no more
Distract the labouring will.

In silence hush'd, to reason's voice

Attends each mental power ;
Come dear Amanda, and enjoy
- Reflection's favourite hour.

Come, while this peaceful scene invites,

Let's search this ample round;
Where shall the lovely fleeting form
Of Happiness be found?

Does it amidst the frolic mirth ,
· Of gay assemblies dwell ?
Or hide beneath the folemn gloom
That shades the hermit's cell ?

. VI.
How oft the laughing brow of joy

A fick’ning heart conceals,
And through the cloister's deep recess

Invading sorrow steals.

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In vain through beauty, fortune, wit,

The fugitive we trace! .
It dwells not in the faithless smile
That brightens Clodio's face.

Howe'er our varying notions rove,

All yet agree, in one,
To place its being in fome state,
At distance from our own.

O blind to each indulgent gift

Of power, supremely wise,
Who fancy happiness in aught
That Providence denies.

Vain is alike the joy we feek,

And vain what we poffefs,
Unless harmonious reason tunes
The passions into peace..

To temp?rate bounds, to few desires,

Is happiness confind,
And deaf to folly's noise attends

The music of the mind.


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Lady Mary W***, to Sir W*** Y ***

N EAR Colin, prevent my warm blushes, '

Since how can I speak without pain ? My eyes have oft told you their wishes,

Ah! can't you their meaning explain ?
My passion would lose by expression,

And you too might cruelly blame:
Then don't you expect a confession
Of what is too tender to name.

Since yours is the province of speaking,

Why should you expect it of me?
Our wishes should be in our keeping,

'Till you tell us what they should be. Then quickly why don't you discover ?

Did your breast feel tortures like mine, Eyes need not tell over and over

What I in my bosom confine.

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Sir W ***** Y*****'s Answer,

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N OOD madam, when ladies are willing,

U A man must needs look like a fool;
For me I would not give a shilling

For one that is kind out of rule.
At least you might stay for my offer,

Not snatch like old maids in despair,
If you've liv'd to these years without proffer,
Your sighs are now lost in the air.

You might leave me to guess by your blushing,

And not speak the matter fo plain ;
'Tis ours to pursue and be pushing,

'Tis yours to affect a disdain. ; .
That you're in a pitiful taking,

By all your sweet ogles I see ;
But the fruit that will fall without shaking

Indeed is too mellow for me.

Miss soper's Answer to a Lady, who invited her to retire into a monastic Life at St. Cross, near WINCHESTER,


TN vain, mistaken maid, you'd Ay

To defart and to shadé ;
But since you call, for once I'll try
How well your vows are made.

To noise and cares let's bid adieu,

And solitude commend.
But how the world will envy you,
ma'. And pity me your friend!

You, like rich metal hid in earth,

Each swain will dig to find;
But I expect no second birth,

For dross is left behind.

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Vol. VI.


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