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As through a lonely lane he chanc'd to ride,
With rocks and bushes fenc'd on either fide,
He spied a waggon full of wings, that lay
Broke and o’erturn’d across the narrow way.
The helpless driver on the dirty road

Lay struggling, crush'd beneath th' incumbent load. • Never in human shape was seen before :

A wight fo pale, fo feeble, and so poor.
Comparisons of age would do him wrong,
For Nestor's self, if plac'd by him, were young.
His limbs were naked all, and worn so thin, .
The bones seem'd starting through the parchment skin,
His eyes half drown'd in rheum, his accents weak, '
Bald was his head, and furrow'd was his cheek.

The conscious steed stopp'd short in deadly fright,
And back recoiling stretch'd his wings for fight. .
When thus the wretch with supplicating tone, 2
And rueful face, began his piteous moan,
And, as he spake, the tears ran trickling down.
O gentle youth, if pity e’er inclin’d
Thy soul to gen'rous deeds, if e'er thy mind
Was touch'd with soft distress, extend thy care
To save an old man's life, and ease the load I bear.


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So may propitious heav'n your journey speed,
Prolong your days, and all your vows succeed.

Mov'd with the pray'r the kind Porsenna ftaid,
Too nobly-minded to refuse his aid,
And, prudence yielding to superior grief,
Leap'd from his steed, and ran to his relief;
Remov'd the weight, and gave the pris’ner breath,
Just choak’d, and gasping on the verge of death.
Then reach'd his hand, when lightly with a bound
The grizly spectre vaulting from the ground,
Seiz’d him with sudden gripe, th' astonish'd prince
Stood horror-ftruck, and thoughtless of defence. : :

O king of Russia, with a thund'ring sound
Bellow'd the ghaftly fiend, at length thou’rt found.
Receive the ruler of mankind, and know,
My name is Time, thy ever-dreaded foe.

These feet are founder'd, and the wings you see
Worn to the pinions in pursuit of thee;
Through all the world in vain for ages sought,
But Fate has doom'd thee now, and thou art caught.
Then round his neck his arms he nimbly cast,
And seiz'd him by the throat, and grasp'd him fast ; *
'Till forc'd at length the soul forsook its feat,
And the pale breathless corse fell bleeding at his feet.


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Scarce had the cursed spoiler left his prey,
When, so it chanc'd, young Zephyr pafs’d that way;
Too late his presence to affist his friend,
A sad, but helpless witness of his end.
He chafes, and fans, and strives in vain to cure
His streaming wounds; the work was done too sure.
Now lightly with a soft embrace uprears
The lifeless load, and bathes it in his tears ;
Then to the blissful seats with speed conveys,..
And graceful on the mossy carpet lays
With decent care, close by the fountain's side,
Where first the princess had her phenix spied.
There with sweet fow'rs his lovely limbs he strew'd,
And gave a parting kiss, and sighs and tears bestow'd.

To that fad solitude the weeping dame,
Wild with her lofs, and swoln with sorrow, came.
There was she wont to vent her griefs, and mourn
Those dear delights that must no more return.
Thither that morn with more than usual care
She sped, but oh what joy to find him there!
As just arriv'd, and weary with the way,
Retir’d to foft repose her hero lay.
Now near approaching she began to creep
With careful steps, loth to disturb his sleep;

'Till quite o'ercome with tenderness she flew,
And round his neck her arms in transport threw.
But, when she found him dead, no tongue can tell
The pangs she felt; she shriek’d, and swooning fell.
Waking, with loud laments she pierc'd the skies,
And fill'd th' affrighted forest with her cries. ".
That fatal hour the palace gates she barr'd,
And fix'd around the coast a stronger guard ;
Now rare appearing, and at distance seen,
With crowds of black misfortunes plac'd between ;
Mischiefs of every kind, corroding care,
And fears, and jealousies, and dark despair.
And since that day (the wretched world must own
These mournful truths by fad experience known)
No mortal e'er enjoy'd that happy clime,
And every thing on carth submits to Time.


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W H EN tepid breezes fann'd the air,

V And violets perfum'd the glade,
Pensive and grave my charming fair

Beneath yon shady lime was laid.

Flourish, said I, those favour'd boughs,

And ever footh the purest flames!
Witness to none but faithful vows !

Wounded by none but faithful names !

Yield every tree that crowns the grove

To this which pleas'd my wandering dear!
Range where you will, ye bands of love,

Ye still shall seem to revel here.

Lavinia smild and whilst her arm

Her fair reclining head sustain’d, Betray'd the felt some fresh alarm; a. And thus the meaning smile explain'd.


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