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While, the tripping damsels near,
Stands a lout with waggish leer ;
He, if Marian chance to shew
Her taper leg and stocking blue,
Winks and nods and laughs aloud,
Among the merry-making crowd,
Utering forth, in aukward jeer,
Words unmeet for virgin's ear.
Soon as ev'ning clouds have shed
Their wat’ry store on earth's soft bed,
And through their flowing mantles thin,
Clear azure spots of sky are seen,
I quit some oak’s close-cover'd bow'r
To taste the boon of new-fall’n show'r,
To pace the corn-field's grassy edge
Close by a fresh-blown sweet-bri'r hedge ;
While at every green leaf's end
Pearly drops of rain depend,
And an earthy fragrance 'round
Rises from the moitten'd ground,
Sudden a sun-beam darting out,
Brightens the landskip all about,
With yellow light the grove o'erspreads,
And tips with gold the haycocks' heads :

M 2


Then, as mine eye is eastward led, Some fair castle rears its head, Whose height the country round commands, Well known mark to distant lands, There the windows glowing bright Blaze from afar with ruddy light Borrow'd from clouds of scarlet dye, Just as the sun hath left the sky. But if chill Eurus cut the air With keener wing, I then repair To park or woodland, shelter meet, Near some noble's ancient seat, Where long winding walks are seen Stately oaks and elms between, Whose arms promiscuous form above High over-arch'd a green alcove ; While the hoarse-voic'd hungry rook Near her stick-built nest doth croak, Waving on the topmost bough; And the master stag below Bellows loud with savage roar, Stalking all his hinds before. Thus musing, night with even pace Steals on, o'ershad'wing nature's face ;

While the bat with dusky wings
Flutters round in giddy rings,
And the buzzing chaffers come
Close by mine ear with solemn hum.
Homeward now my steps I guide
Some rising graffy bank beside,
Studded thick with sparks of light
Issuing from many a glow-worm bright;
While village-cur with minute bark
Alarms the pilf’rer in the dark,
Save what light the stars convey,
Cluster'd in the milky way,
Or scatter'd numberless on high
Twinkling all o'er the boundless sky.
Then within doors let me meet
The viol touch'd by finger neat,
Or, soft fymphonies among
Wrap me in the facred song,
Attun'd by Handel's matchless skill,
While Attention mute and still
Fixes all my soul to hear
The voice harmonious, sweet and clear.
Nor let smooth-tongu'd Converse fail,
With many a well-devised tale,

M 3


And stories link'd, to twist a chain
That may awhile old Time detain, '
And make him reft upon his scythe
Pleas'd to see the hours so blithe :
While, with sweet attractive grace,
The beauteous house-wife of the place
Wins the heart of every guest
By courteous deeds, and all contest
Which shall readiest homage shew,
To such sov'reign sweetness due.
These delights, Vacation, give,
And I with thee will choose to live.

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To a LADY very handsome, but too fond

of DR ES S.

By the Same.

DRYTHEE why so fantastic and vain!

What charms can the toilet supply?
Why so studious, admirers to gain ?
Need beauty lay traps for the eye ?

Because Because that thy breast is fo fair,

Must thy tucker be still setting right? And canst thou not laughing forbear,

Because that thy teeth are fo white?

Shall sovereign beauty descend

To act so ignoble a part?
Whole hours at the looking-glass spend,

A Nave to the dictates of art ?
And cannot thy heart be at rest

Unless thou excellest each fair In trinkets and trumpery dress’d ?

Is not that a superfluous care ?

Vain, idle attempt! to pretend

The lilly with whiteness to deck! Does the rich, solitaire recommend

The delicate turn of thy neck ?
The gloffy bright hue of thy hair

Can powder or jewels adorn ?
Can perfumes or vermilions compare

With the breath or the blush of the morn ?

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