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that is thus provided to be made, is bounded on the Great Miami on the west, and by the Pennsylvania line on the east. The center of this State will fall between the Scioto and the Hockhocking. At the mouth of one of these rivers will probably be the feat of government for this State ; and, if we may indulge the sublime contemplation of beholding the whole territory of the United States settled by an eta lightened people, and continued under one extended government, on the river Ohio, and not far from this spot, will be the seat of empire for the whole dominion. This is central to the whole; it will best accommodate every part; it is the inost pleasant, and probably the most healthful.

The settlement of this country has been checked for several years past, by the unhappy Indian war, an amicable termination of which, it is ardently wished, might speedily take place.


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