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pretty flower; and it is observable that the best of flowers in a garden would in time degenerate into tawdry weeds if they were not cultivated, such is the importance of education to children. The Lord has been good to you; he has given you good understanding and natural abilities--and much that is engaging in your disposition. It would be a great pity that, with all these advantages, you should prove only a weed. To prevent it, I was obliged to transplant you from London to H; where I hope you will thrive and flourish, in: creasing in wisdom and favour as you increase in stature.

I have written you many letters in a religious strain, which I hope you have preserved, and will now and then read them over, the more wila lingly perhaps because your papa wrote them. I would not overdo you upon this subject; though the truth is, this is my chief desire for you, that you may know the Lord and love him; if not, though you were accomplished and admired beyond any of your age, and though you could live in all the splendour of a queen, I should weep over you; I should laz ment your birth, and the day when you first came under my care.

But I know that I can

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not make you truly religious, nor can you make yourself so. It is the Lord's work, and I am daily praying him to bless you

indeed. But he has a time; till then, I hope you will .wait upon him according to your light, in the use of his appointed means, that you will make conscience of praying to him, and reading his word, and hearing when you have opportunity.' I hope he will enable you to behave obediently and affectionately to your governess, and in an obliging manner to all around you, so as to gain their love and esteem. I hope you will likewise carefully abstain from whatever you know to be wrong. Thus far I may hope you can go at present; but I do not wish you to affect more of religion in your appearance, than you are really conscious of. There is some danger of this in a family where a religious profession is befriended. Young people are apt to imitate those about them, and sometimes (which is abominable) to put on a show of religion in order to please, though their hearts have no concern it. I have a good, hope that the Lord will teach you, and guide you, and that the many prayers and praises I have offered on your behalf will not be lost.

When I began my letter, I did not mean to

write half so gravely, I rather thought to find something to divert you ; but you are very near my heart, and this makes me serious. I long to come and see you ; but it cannot be yet, nor can I say when : but I shall bounce in upon you some day when perhaps you are not thinking of me. I am, my dear,

Your very affectionate.


talk of you.

Norember 10, 1781. My dear Child, WHEN your mamma and I come to see you,

it must be on a Monday, for more reasons than

which it is not necessary


you to know : and as there is but one Monday in a week, something or other may prevent oftener than I wish. However, I promise to think of you when I cannot see you, and sometimes we

" Christmas will soon be here ; then we shall bave her at home, and then who knows but she will be so improved, and behave $0 nicely, that we shall be sorry to part with her again." When we talk thus, I hope you will make good what we say.

Lately, for about a week, I was attacked by a company of pains. Some seized my face and teeth, some took possession of my back, and some got into my sides; but they are all gone now, ,

and they did me no harm. You know little about pains and cares yet. You are now at the time of life when you are especially called upon to remember your Creator and Redeemer, and have the greatest advantages for


doing it. But, if your life is spared, to you likewise the days will come when you will say, "s I have no pleasure in them.” But I hope long before they cotne, you will have some experience of pleasures which do not at all depend upon youth or health, or any thing that this world can either give or take away. Seek the Lord, and

you shall live ; and you have not far to seek for him: he is very near you; he is all aroand you ; about your bed by night, and your path by day. He sees, he notices all you say and do. But I do not wish you to conceive of him so as to make the thought of him uneasy to you. Think of him according to the account the evangelists give of him when he was upon earth ; how gracious, compassionate, and kind, he was. If he were upon earth now, would you not wish that I should lead you to him, that he might lay his hands upon you and bless you, as he did the children which were brought to him? If he were here, and I could go with you and say, “Lord bless my child likewise!” I am sure he would not frown at you, and say,

“ Take her away, I will have nothing to do with her!” No, my dear child, he has promised, them that come to him he will in no wise cast out. Go to him yourself; though

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