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The author was a most striking instance of this truth. He enjoyed the inestimable benefit of early instruction from a pious mother, but he resolved to follow his own inclination, and in consequence he soon became one of the most wretched and miserable creatures upon earth; thus he found, as every sinner sooner or later will most certainly find, that “the way of transgressors is hard.”

But by the grace of God he was recovered from this evil way. He was brought to repent of his sins, to seek forgiveness through the blood of Christ, and to live a life of obedience to his commands, and then observe the change-- From being one of the most miserable, he became one of the happiest of mankind. Seldom did

any thing disturb his peace, or render him for a moment uncomfortable ; on the contrary, he was a most cheerful and agreeable companion. He was loved and esteemed by young and old, and every one rejoiced at an opportunity of being in his company. Would you be like him my


young friends ? Pray, whilst you read his Letters, for that wisdom which Solomon preferred in early life, to riches and honour which God gave to him, and has promised to give to all them that ask it.

To these Letters a few small fragments of Poetry are added, which will doubtless afford botl, amusement and instruction.

Should you wish to know more of the author, (and if you read this little volume with attention, you surely will, I would recommend you to peruse the narrative of his life, and at a proper time I doubt not but your friends will permit you to read his

Letters, Sermons, and many other interesting publications.

That God may give you grace to resemble his departed servant here, and at length bring you to his heavenly kingdom and glory hereafter, is the fervent prayer of,

Your most affectionate friend.

London, January 1, 1809.

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Olney, September 8, 1779. My dear Child, I

WAS glad of your letter, for we were just

thinking of you, as it seems you were of us, that it was a long time since we heard from you. When you want a letter from me, you must write ; if I send you one for one, I think it will be

. R**** died about a fortnight ago, and I buried him and three others within a week. All four were rather young people, that is, about. thirty years of age. Last Sunday evening I preached a funeral sermon for Richard ; the text was Gen, xlix. 19. That short verse contained bis history; and I hope it contains your's

pretty well.


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likewise. The first part is sure to you


you live; you will meet with many troops, sins, fears, cares, and troubles, which will fight against you, and seeni at times almost to. overcome you : yea, overcome you they certainly would, if you were to fight them in

your own strength. If you should not seek and love the Lord Jesus, you would be destroyed by them. But I cannot bear to entertain such a thought; surely you must, you will love him. You hear a great deal of his beauty and goodness; believe it, for it is true; and that a great deal is but little of what ought to be said of him. But pray him to show himself and his own love to your heart; then you will love him indeed: all the world would love him, did they but rightly know him. Well, if

, you love the Lord Jesus, you will certainly overcome ar last; and then you shall have the crown of life, and all the happiness which is contained in the promises made to them who overcome in the second and third chapters of Revelations. My dear child, pray to bim, and never be content or satisfied till you

feel your desire and love fixed upon him. Nothing jess will content me for

should behave to me and your mamma with the great


If y you

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