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Nov. 16. At Spencer Lodge, Surrey, the lady July 2. At Madras, Lient-Col. Marshal, pay.
of Charles Adams, Esq. (and oldest daughter of master at the Presidency, to Maria Letitia, daugh-
Sir Lachlan Maclean, M. D.) of a daughter. ter of Evelyn J. Gascoigne, Esq. Deputy Master

22. At Leghorn, the lady of Major-General Sir Attendant. Patrick Ross, K.C. M.G, of a son.

· 16. At Cannanore, Captain W. Hardy, of the 27. At Darsham House, Suffolk, the lady of 7th regiment M. N. I. to Jane, only daughter of Major Purvis, of a daughter.

the late J. Hunter, Esq. surgeon, R. N. 29. In Gower Street, London, the lady of Co Nov. 26. At Peterhead, Andrew Sims, Esq. lonel O'Connell, of the 730 Regiment, of a son. Lieut. R. N. to Mary Anne, second daughter of · Dec. 1, At Kelso Manse, Mrs Lundie, of a the Right Rev. Bishop Tory, Peterhead. daughter.

:- At Largs, Robert Baine, Esq. Greenock, to - At Kilbride Castle, Lady Campbell, of a son. Mrs Morris, widow of the late Hugh Morris, Esq. 3. At Ayr, the lady of William Fullarton of Glasgow. Skeldon, Esq. advocate, of a son.

27. Al Sudbury, Suffolk, John Eaton, Esq. ::- In Charlotte Square, Lady Elizabeth Hope banker, Shrewsbury, to Mary, second daughter Vere, of a daughter.

of Sir Lauchlan Maclean, M. D. of the former 4. Mrs Sutherland, Leith Walk, of a son. placc. 5. Mrs Ogilvie of Parconan, of a son.

Dec. 3. At Edinburgh, Mr Smith Glen, Mains, 7. At London, Lady Cochrane, of a daught cr. Linlithgow, to Agnes, only daughter of the late 8. In Warwick Square, London, Mrs Newton, James Smellie, Esq. of Lochend. of a daughter.

4. At London, Edward Stanley, Esq. of PorisonThe Countess of Uxbridge, of a son and heir. by Hall, Cumberland, to Mary, second daughter - At the Governor's house, Plymouth, the of the late William Douglas, Esq. formerly Judge right honourable Lady Elizabeth Pack, of a of the Court of Adawlat at Dacca, in the Hon. daughter.

East India Company's service at Bengal. 13. At Rossie, Mrs Oliphant of Rossie, of a 6. In Mr Oman's hotel, Edinburgh, Thomas daughter.

Mather, factor to the Right Hon. Willian Adam, 11. At Cottesmore, Ratlandshire, Lady Low Lord Chief Commissioner, to Sarah Maria Easty, ther, of a son.

second daughter of the late Mr James Easty, - At Mineral Street, St Bernard's, Mrs Alex Southampton Street, London. ander Stephen, of a daughter.

7. At Edinburgh, Mr Paterson, pianoforte ma• 15. At "Edinburgh, Mrs G. Moncrieff, of a ker, to Miss Josephina Lawrie, youngest daughter daughter.

of the late Mr John Stirling, merchant, Edin16. At 31, Heriot Row, Mrs Weddcrburn, of a burgh.

10. At Barnsmuir, the Rev. James Brown, miAt Edinburgh, Mrs H. D. Dickie, of a nister of Kilrenny, to Annę, youngest daughter of daughter.

the late Captain Ranken, 16th regiment. At Edinburgh, Lady Berridale, of a son and At her father's house, Henry Salmon, Esq. heir.

banker, Falkirk. to Miss Christina, youngest - At Edinburgh, Mrs David Murray, of a daughter of George Morgan Esq. Kirkaldy. daughter.

11. At Paisley, William Hart, Esq. writer, to - Mrs James L. Huie, Infirmary Street, of a Marion, second daughter of Mr John Adam, Paisdaughter.

ley. At Woburn Abbey, the Duchess of Bedford, Mr George Gray, merchant, Dalkeith, to of a son.

Isobel, eldest daughter of Mr James Murray, Tra17. In Somerset Street, Portman Square, Lon nent. don, the lady of Major Mackenzie of the Scots 13. At St Mary's, Shrewsbury, Captain Jarnes Greys, of a son.

Arthur Murray, R. N. son of the late Right Hon. 18. At the Hague, the Countess of Athlone, of Lord William Murray, and nephew to his Grace a daughter.

the Duke of Athol, to Harriet, youngest daughter - Åt Douglas, the lady of Lieutenant Hood,

of the late William Coupland, Esq. of that ww.. formerly 38th, or Ayrshire militia, and late of the 14. David Scott, Esq. W. S. to Theodosen, 91st regiment, of a daughter.

youngest daughter of Robert Anderson, Esq. 19. At Bath, the lady of Dr Bowie, of a son. Broughton Place.

- At Bellevue Crescent, Edinburgh, Mrs Craw 17. At Aberdeen, the Rev. Patrick Forbes, D.D. ford of Cartsburn, of a daughter.

Professor of Humanity, Chemistry, and Natural 20. At Campie, Mrs North Dalrymple was History, in the King's College, and one of the safely delivered of a daughter.

ministers of Old Mahar, to Mary, second daugh: 21. The lady of Captain George Stirling, of a ter of the Rev. Dr Glennie, Professor of Moral daughter.

Philosophy and Logic, in the Marischal College, 22. At Edinburgh, the lady of the late J. C. M“ and one of the ministers of Aberdeen. Leod, Esq. younger of Geanies, of a daughter.

Captain James Pearson, of the East India 23. At 18, Ann Street, St Bernard's, Mrs J. T. Company's Service, to Agnes, youngest daughter Goodsir, of a daughter.

of the deceased William Richardson, Esq. late of 26. Mrs Paterson, 4, Gayfield Square, of a son. Keithock.

- In Broughton Place, the lady of Major Mar At Parklee, Robert Welsh, Esq. writer, Edtin, of a daughter.

inburgh, to Mary, youngest danghter of John 27. The lady of Sir George Clerk, Bart. M. P. May, Esq. Parklee. of a son.

- At Lyndhurst, the Rev. C. W. Wodehouse, 28. Mrs Robert Paul, No. 1, Howe Street, of a to Lady Jane Hay, sister to the Earl of Errol. daughter,

18. At Eling, Hants, Robert Aitchison Ext At 31, Howe Street, Mrs Scott Moncrieff, Captain Royal Navy, to Eliza, daughter of the of a daughter.

late Matthew Monro, Esq. of the Island of Gre- At 19, New Street, Mrs Anderson, of a son. nada. The infant survived but a few hours.

- At Mellendean, Roxburghshire, the Rev. 29. At Edinburgh, the Right Hon. Lady Ellinor Alexander Wood, minister of Rosemarkie, to Campbell, of a son and heir.

Agnes, second daughter of Adam Walker, Esq. In London Street, Mrs Joseph Gordon, of a of Muirhouselaw. daughter.

20. At Edinburgh, Mr William Sharpe, mer 30. At 33, George Street, Mrs Hutchins, of a

chant, Glasgow, to Isabella, daughter of the late son, who only survived two hours.

Rev. Alexander Pirie, Glasgow. Lalely.-Ai Newcastle, county of Limerick, the .- At Sulhamstead, Lieut.-Colonel Sir Henry kady of Lieutenant-Colonel Balfour, of a son. Watson, C.T.S. and Brigadier-General in the set.

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85 years.

riceof his Most Faithful Majesty, to Ann Rosetta, 27. At Dover, on hicr way from Canada to fourth daughter of the late William Thoyts, of France, for the benefit of her health, Euphemia Sulhamstead House, Berkshire.

Ludin, wife of Deputy Assistant Commissary-Ge21. Mr William Jamieson, merchant, to Eliza neral Maclean. beth, second daughter of the late Mr William At Edinburgh, Mr Luke Fraser, late one of Robertson, upholsterer and auctioneer in Edin the masters of the High School of this city, aged burgh.

- At Mrs Hume's, Mr Dunn, teacher of Eng 28. After a severe and lingering illness, Mrs lish, Hulhousefield Academy, to Miss Hume. Fraser, wife of Thomas Fraser, Esq. of Woodcott

92. John Lucius Charles Van Baerle, Esq. to house, near Reading, and of Banniskirk, in the Caroline, daughter of Sir Thomas Hislop, Bart. county of Caithness, who served during last year

24. At Stockbridge, William, son of Mr John as High Sheriff for Oxfordshire. Lauder, Silvermills, to Barbara, daughter of Mr - At Mr Thomson's house, 21, Broughton Gavin Beugo, Stockbridge.

Street, Edinburgh, Mr Robert Smith, Thornhill, 27. At Westfield, Charles Grace, Esq. writer, St near Falkirk. Andrews to Alison, second daughter of Alexan 29. At her house, Leith Walk, Mrs Jane Richie, der Forbes, Esq. of Westfield.

relict of the late Captain John Roberts of Carron:- At Garvamore, Mr A. N. Carmichael, of the flatts. Royal Academy, Inverness, to Mary, youngest 30. At Dalyell Lodge, John Dalyell, Esq. of daughter of Mr John M.Donald, Badenoch. Lingo.

3i. At Glasgow, Mr Robert Muirhead, mer - At Bankfoot, Mrs Jane Hay, relict of the chant, to Mary, only daughter of the late Mr D. deceased Alexander Robertson, Esq. one of the Marquis, Lorn.

Principal Clerks of Session. latdy. Mr George Clark, bookseller, Aber Dec. 1. At her house, No. 60, Queen Street, Mrs den, to Miss Helen Thomson, Dundas Street, Anne Dunlop Edinburgh.

- At Clifton, after a lingering illness, Lieut.. General John Lee.

2. At her house, in Dundas Street, Miss Janet DEATHS.

Macfarlan, eldest daughter of the late William

Macfarlan of Macfarlan, Esq. Feb. 18, 1821. At Wick, John Macleay, Esq. of - At Edinburgh, Charles Hamilton, of FairKeiss, much and justly regretted.

holm, Esq. aged 55. Jene 19. At Madras, Mrs Lucy Jamieson, wife - At Douglas, Mrs Hawthorn Thomson, relict of Dr William Bruce.

of the Rev. William M.Cubbin, minister there. Captain James Scott, of the British Legion - At Cholmondeley House, Piccadilly, Coloner in the Columbian service, and youngest son of Seymour, son-in-law of the Marquis of Cholmonthe late Rev. John Scott, of Kilclaven, Perthshire, deley. was killed on the 24th of June last, in the decisive - At Philpstoun, Miss Catherine Keir, eldest battle of Carabobo, in South America.

daughter of the late William Keir, Esq. MilnJuly 17. At Valencia, in South America, of the holm. wounds received on the 24th June, in the battle 3. At her house in Gloucester Place, London, of Carabobo, Thomas Ilderton Ferriar, Esq. eldest Mrs Fitzgerald, widow of the late Lieut.-Colonel son of the late Dr Ferriar, of Manchester, Colonel Fitzgerald, of the Life Guards, who fell at Wain the Columbian service, and Adjutant-General terloo. of the army of Apure.

- At his house, in Upper Cadogan Place, Lon20. At Negapatam, East Indies, of fever, aged don, Licutenant-Colonel Andrew Hamilton, aged 91 years, Alexander Arthur Duff, Esq. younger of 33 years, eighteen of which had been devoted to Muirtown, of the royal regiment of foot.

the service of the army, most of them in foreign 24. At Trichinpoly, Madras establishment, of climates, and scarcely one in his own country. the cholera morbus, Lieutenant William Innes 4. At his house, at Stratford, the Right Hon. Otrok, of his Majesty's Royal Scots, son of the Lord Henniker, LL.D. F. R. S. deceased John Orrok, Esq. of Orrok.

At his house, at Brighton, James Perry, Esq. 9. At Batavia, Mr William Leslie, aged 56; editor and proprietor of The Morning Chronicle. and on the 9th Dec. at Boghall, Mr Andrew Les - At Greenhill, the Hon. Sir John Stuart of be, farmer there, aged 33–sons of the late Wil- Fettercairn, Bart. one of the Barons of his Man hamn Leslie, Kingsbarns.

jesty's Court of Exchequer. Aug. 7. At Arcot, William Cairo Lockhart, 4. At Pilrig Entry, Leith Walk, Mr John ArLieutenant in the 8th Madras Cavalry, son of the thur, late gunner of his Majesty's ship Bellona. deceased Major-General William Lockhart, of his - At No. 23, South St Andrew's Street, Mrs Majesty's service.

Margaret Alston, wife of Mr Dassauville, surSept. 13. At Hall Head Estate, Jamaica, Andrew geon. Graham Sievwright, third son of Mr Sievwright, - At Edinburgh. Adam Scott Elliot of Arkle. Amiston Place.

ton. 15. At Dover, on her journey home from Scles 5. At Wellington Place, Leith Links, Mrs Marsin, near Liege, Miss Delicia Taylor Sutherland, garet Lindsay, wife of Mr Foggo, of the High aged 16, only daughter of Dr Sutherland, of Bel School there. mont Street, Aberdeen. She was affectionate and - At Bowerhouses, near Dunbar, Margaret dutiful ; lovely, arniable, and accomplished. Her Carfrae, daughter of the Rev. Dr Carfrae. premature death is a deep affliction to her pa - At Hillhouse, Berwickshire, Archibald Sorents, by whom she was tenderly beloved; and merville, Esq. who will ever cherish her memory with the most - At Antonshill, Mrs Jean Dysart, wife of actionate attachment.

James Dickson, Esq. of Antonshill. -0. In Spanish Town, Jamaica, a negro woman, 6. At Musselburgh, Richard Jones, late of the named Mary Goodsall, aged 120 years.

Customs, Edinburgh. (nt. 29. In the Island of Jamaica, Mr Alexan 7. At Edinburgh, Mrs Stewart Cunninghame, de Murray, son of the Rev. Andrew Murray, wife of Captain James Haldane Tait, of the Royal minister of Auchterderran, Fifeshire.

Navy: Nor. 7. At St John's, Newfoundland, Mrs Cross. At Portobello, Mrs Rhoda Mudie, wife of 10. At Malta, Ensign Hesse Maxwell Gordon, Dr J. Dunbar Mudie, late of Alford, Lincolnshire. of the 85th regiment.

8. In Seymour Place, London, Grace, the eldest 12. At the Manse of Rathven, the Rev. George daughter of Leaver Legge, Esq. of Melrose, RoxDonaldzen, minister of that parish, in the 79th burghshire. year of his age, and 42d of his ministry.

- At London, of apoplexy, John Ring, Esq. 2. At his house, Lothian Road, Edinburgh, surgeon, generally known for his philanthropy and John Spalding,

literary professional acquirements. 3. At Dundee, in the 67th year of her age, 10. At Glasgow, Sarah Cochran, second daughMiss Catherine Sandiman, youngest daughter of ter of James Cochran, Esq. of Kirkfield. Mr David Sandiman, late merchant in Dundee. - At her house, No. 3, George Street, Mrs In the short space of eight months and five days, Margaret Ringann, widow of the late Mr Henry a son and three daughters, his whole remaining Ringann, merchant, Edinburgh. children, have been removed from this transitory - At his house, Rankeillour Street, Edinlife-an instance of mortality in one family rarely burgh, Mr Thomas Ferguson, aged 78. This ecruiting.


gentleman has bequeathed the sum of L.100 to

we ons leak the public feeling, when we say that

each of the four following institutions :-The 21. At Stirling, Mrs Forman, wife of Mr For Magdalen Chapel; the Royal Infirmary; the man, bookseller. Trades' Maiden Hospital, and the Charity Work 92. At St Ann's Hill, near Liverpool, aged 21 house.

years, Jane, second daughter of Gilbert Hender10. After a short but severe illness, Mr James son, Esq. Currie, farmer, Halkerstone.

- At the Manse of Crieff, Mr John Gregory, 11. At Leith, Mrs Ann Richlet, wife of Mr John late of Edinburgh, in his 85th year. Hutchinson, merchant there.

- At Edinburgh, in the 62d year of his age, - At Moray Street, Leith Walk, Mrs Knox, Thomas Henderson, Esq. the City Chamberlain. late of Firth.

The death of this respectable individual has ter- At Greenock, in the 20th year of her age, minated a career of much public usefulness and Miss Christian Weddell.

great personal integrity. Mr Henderson for many - At Arbroath, Miss Gleig, daughter of the years filled various departments in the Magistracy Rev. George Gleig, minister there.

and Council of this city; he was for some period - Miss Barbara Moir, eldest daughter of An Treasurer to Heriot's Hospital, and, we beliere, drew Moir, Esq. late of Otterburn.

about twelve years Chamberlain and Manager of 12. At Hermitage Place, Leith, Lieut.-Colonel the City Revenues of Edinburgh, an office attende Lauriston, of the Honourable East India Com. ed with much anxiety, care, and responsibility. pany's Service.

In all the situations which he occupied, we think - At Brighton, Phæbe Hassel, aged 111 years. His Majesty had, for the last seven or eight years,

he filled with fidelity. In his official , allowed the deceased 10s. Ed. a-week.

he was firm and decisive, while to all he was easy - At Graycraig, Fifeshire, Lieut.-Colonel An of access, kind, and affable. In private life, those drew Bethune, of the Honourable East India who knew him, were well acquainted with the Company's Service.

pious feelings of his heart, and general benevo. - At Burntisland, Mrs Helen Simpson, wife of lence of his character. William Young, Esq. distiller.

- At Tulliallan Manse, the Rev. David Sim13. At Belfield, in the 77th year of her age, Mrs son, in the 820 year of his age. During his long Margaret White, relict of Mr James Stalker. life, he enjoyed uninterrupted good health; and,

- At Lisbon, Dr Wynne, Fellow of the Royal until within three days of his death, was never College of Physicians of Edinburgh, and former prevented by indisposition from performing all ly Surgeon to the Chester Infirmary,

his ministerial duties. His amiable simplicity of 14. At Penrith, R. Story, Esq. M. D. in the 83d manners, his kind and affectionate dispositions, year of his age.

his inflexible integrity, and exemplary piety, en- At Down, near Dunbar, Mr John Skirving, deared him to his family and parishioners, whilst late farmer, Westfield, at the advanced age of 90. his character as a man, a Christian, and a divine,

- At Edinburgh, Mrs Carruthers, relict of the will be long remembered by those who had the late Jolm Carruthers, Esq. of Hoimains, and pleasure of his acquaintance. daughter of Sir Robert Lawrie, Bart. of Max - At Glasgow, Mr James Greenlees, late bookwelton.

seller in that city. - At her house, in Castle Street, Miss Marga 25. At Lewisham, Major John Francis Fead, ret Maxwell, daughter of the late Sir William Royal Artillery. Maxwell, of Calderwood, Bart.

24. At Edinburgh, Mr John Cochran, merchant 15. At No. 9, North St David Street, Isabella there. M'Limont, wife of John S. Ramsay, M.D.

In London, Mr Henry Beaumont, aged 35. - At Yardheads, Leith, Matthew Combe, Esq. - At Hastings, Mrs James Elphinstone, wife of brewer.

Lieut.-Colonel Elphinstone. - At Echt-house, Sir Harry Niven Lumsden, 25. In Pitt Street, Bonnington, near Leith, Mrs of Auchindoir, Bart.

Lauder, relict of Lauder, Lauder, Berwick 16. At Lessendrum, Maurice George Disset, Esq. shire. of Knighton, in the Isle of Wight, and Lessen 26. At York Place, David M‘Farlan, youngest drum, Aberdeenshire.

son of Mr William Williamson, writer. - At Broughty Ferry, near Dundee, Mrs Hors - At Huntly, Mrs Isobel Grewer, relict of the ley, wife of the Rev. Heneage Horsley, Episcopal late William Grewer, merchant in Huntly, aged clergyman, Dundee.

- At Castlernilk, Lady Stuart, widow of Sir 28. At Witham, after an illness of a few hours, John Stuart of Castlemilk, Bart.

the very Rev.J. Jefferson, Archdeacon of Colches - At Woodside, near Hamilton, Mrs Dykes, ter, Rector of Weeley, and Vicar of Witham, in the Telict of Johu Dykes, Esq. of Woodside.

county of Essex. 17. At the Chateau of Epine, near Paris, the 30. At her house, in Berkeley Square, London, Countess of Lisburne.

after a long and painful illness, Maria, Countess - At his seat at Daly's Town in the county of of Guilford, widow of Francis, late Earl of GuilGalway, the Right Hon. Denis Bowes, Daly, up ford. wards of 40 years M.P. for the county of Galway. - At Ballewn, Strathblane, Archibald Edmon.

- At his house, Musselburgh, William Scott, stone, Esq. of Spittal. aged 70.

- At Doune, aged 11, Janet, second daughter 18. At Mount Lodge, Portobello, Colonel Fran. of Mr James M.Falane. cis James Scott.

Lately. At Dacre Lodge, Herts, the Right - At his house, No. 25, Potterrow, Alexander Hon. Maria Margaret, Lady Napier, eldest daughKetchen, baker.

ter of the late Sir John Clavering, K.B. 19. At Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth Salter, wife of -In French Street, Southampton, Mr F. Guion. James Murdoch.

He was at an early period of his life on the Edin20. At Whitehill, New Deer, the Rev. John burgh stage, and played the same characters as Bunyan, minister of the United Associate Con Mr Garrick was then performing in London, and gregation.

with nearly as much eclat. - At St Andrews, in the 57th year of her age, - At Saxe Greta, Andreas Romberg, the cele Miss Elizabeth Stevenson, sister of David Steven brated composer and violin player. son, Esq. formerly of London,

- At Liverpool, Edward Simon, aged 104 - After a short illness, Mr Daniel M'Intosh, years, and 22 days, a labourer in the Docks. formerly grocer in Edinburgh.

82 years.

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Printed by James Ballantyne & Co. Edinburgh.

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It is not an injustice to designate this class, to speak plainly, it is their
by the name of illegitimate genius, that physical feelings which first awaken
power which has its foundation in and ferment their spirit, and which,
temperament alone. This may seem too impetuous and too fickle to find
merely an invidious distinction to those satiety in external objects, turn in-
who mistake strong passions for great wards, and prey upon the mind. To
ones, and consider weak nerves and these feelings solely their imagination
feverish blood to characterize the first seems to owe its birth; and to what-
order of men. But let us consider the ever grave or sublime speculations it
developement and progress of the dif- is afterwards elevated, its tone, some-
ferent kinds of intellect, and it will be how or other, always betrays the base-
manifest that the distinction is not ar- ness of its origin. In their most ab-
bitrary. The first step of a mind of stracted thoughts, or most generous
superior organization is a consciousness enthusiasm, the original leaven is still
of its powers~at times, but not al- seen breaking forth, to belie the spe-
says, a consciousness of its superiori- cious purity of their declamation.
ty: for the observation and self-refe-

The consciousness which we have
rence that give birth to the latter, are before mentioned, is the point of sepa-
generally excluded by the all-possess- ration for the two kinds of genius.
ing spirit

, that is absorbed in its own That of mind, after having explored contemplation. The restless ambition its own feelings and principles, and of early vanity is perhaps a mark of become acquainted with its internal genius ; but it is always of that mid- organizatiou, passes on, out of itself, ding rank which allows itself leisure into the expansive regions of knows for comparison with others, and which ledge. That of temperament, enchante is destined to seek its reward in praise, ed with the task of self-contemplation, not in the sublime content of its own lingers there, and considers as the goal progression : -Cowley and Pope dis- of its course, what the other regards played precocity, Milton and Shake- but as the entrance. Like a child, it speare none. There is another dis- becomes enamoured of its playthings, tinction to be observed here, which is, and refuses to advance into maturity. that those whose talents are thus de- Continually occupied in comparing one veloped early, seldom possess the ge- petty feeling with another, imagining nius of temperament, but that of real scenes where it acts a part, and runcapacity of mind, though not of the ning over the catalogue of possibilities first rank? The genius of tempera- for a novel picture or sensation, it at ment is developed with the age of pu- length arrives at the profound discoberty ; its appearance, powers, conver- very, that all is vanity, and that

there sation, and productions before that is no pleasure in life. This is the sum pariat , give not the least promise. Of of the philosophy of these sublime spia


Vol. XI.

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a mellizations-Vo breeze, which is not


de antagonists

tais, mald suppose The ta needless.

in missions are a theme for Den who have

and their ow Werner little intellige

find nothing in the intellectual world elegant critique on Childe Harold, has fils and; but he to content them. Vain and eager to pur- asserted, and with justice, that the very and enjoym happy, they soon find that the climate terminates with the life of the object. le bambole, so beast the great of old have trod and been for the most part personal, generally atte, babits and does not suit them-that it is too rare, Notwithstanding the justice of his little heaven ! has too unsubstantial for their earthly maxim, he has not been happy in il. last boo =

virtue is but an empty name," reli- ple of Rousseau, nor was he right in bonis extremely i gion nonsense, laws chains, men vil stating, that the controversy and the lid of thermo

interest to which he gave birth, had been senting an accu "Thinking is but an idle waste of thought, elapsed between the death of that au- i iis, quarrels

subsided. During the ten years that ca gun and The “philosophy of temperament” increasing : every one knows the trans- e-te Fount would make a very interesting volume, lation of his remains to the Pantheon, hin for callin would, without a doubt, be the most him. Morellet was near being brought to ence; an and a very useful one, in this, that it and the speech of Cambaceres over ta dhamang it nonsensical and absurd system ever to the guillotine, for having been sus. Whendita scoldin conceived. Scattered as it is, in inge- pected, wrongfully, of writing against is eemma, wl was not allowed to subside for a moc al de Lasem

On the Genius and Character of Rousseau.

[Feb. rits; and to turn it to the best advan- by this means enabled to retain some Enlib; since tage, they take care to proclaim it to sort of consistency. It is blended with prats bave been gre the world daily in a thousand shapes beautiful images and sublime associa a yearly, to ti —unbuckle their little truss of wisdom ciations, that keep asunder, and at the cracter and acte with a pedlar's importance, and palm same time connect, its jarring princi se Madame d'Ep their half-nonsense half-truisın on the ples. All that is wanting to destroy niszary Corresponde world by dint of emphasis and gesti- the system, is some cunning hand to

1 send the whole culation. put it together, and represent it in one

entre a thirteen In minds of genuine capacity, this view. A kind of dictionary would do

bebe bien no less mental egotism is of short duration. it to a nicety, even if confined to the It is not excited by the senses, or sup- works of the high-priest of the sect,ported in subservience to them, but Rousseau, Let the word virtue, for sales and to crown prompted by the innate thirst of wis. instance, be chosen, and the different

i preared the other dom and truth. Conscious of their significations given, in which it is aparata koge, an eter great task-master's will,” they do not plied ;-the virtue (it is the live to contemplate alone, but to pro- J. Jacques uses) in which he and Magress; nor do they listen to imagina- dame de Warens lived the virtue, as tion, that subtle alchymist, that pro- it is applied in what he calls his polemises to convert the dregs of impurity mical works and the virtue, which he into gold. The eye of mind is turned applies to himself in his old days. In upon itself, not to seek a theme of the first case, it stands for the most pleasure or of pain, but to perfect an abominable and unspeakable debauchinstrument of power-to acquire the ery; in the second, for an indefinite self-knowledge, the intuition, the judg- mixture of atheism and fanaticism; ment, to be employed on worthier and and in the last, for that impudence zaury life which more remote objects. Beings that are peculiar to himself, and which had its so constitute, find in the exertion of origin in cowardice. The only way to intellect an adequate end and reward- judge of them is by words, for distinct este sel

old man

, w their impulse is purely spiritual, their ideas they had none-their writings longings solely after truth. But the are, as Jean Jacques himself confesses, unfortunate children of temperament, but le brıvardage de la fievre. But we who mistake the fretful irritability of forestall. a

It is Moore, we believe, who, in an sue the paths of philosophy, in which fame attendant on such writers, being lungs. And ever after, with them, lustrating the principle by the exam. Paris count of lains; And nought is every thing, and every thing thor and the Revolution, the enthusiis nought."

asm for and against him was hourly nious scraps, throughout numerous him. Popular interest in his memory volumes of eloquence and poetry, it is

2. The ti Itat ennals of debau

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i tithout the

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• The words of the orator-president but too strongly mark the influence of Roussean's writings.

“ Au premier regard qu'il jeta sur le genre humain, il vit les peuples à genoux: courbés sous les sceptres et les couronnes ; il osa prononcer les mots d'égalité et de liberté. Ces mots ont retentis dans tous les cæurs, et les peuples se sont levés."

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