Fragments of Two Essays in English Philology

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Macmillan, 1873 - 80 страници
Words derived from names of persons.--Words corrupted by false analogy or false derivation.

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Страница 49 - Nouns ending in z, s, sh, g, and ch, in the declining take to the genitive singular i, and to the plural e ; as Sing {Pprince', \ Plur. ( *> [Princes,] {^rinces, so rose, bush, age, breech, &c., which distinctions not observed, brought in first the monstrous syntax of the pronoun his joining with a noun betokening a possessor ; as the prince his house, for the princes house.
Страница 51 - Whose shapeless form in ample plaits depends; By various names in various counties known, Yet held in all the true Surtout alone: Be thine of Kersey firm, though small the cost, Then brave unwet the rain, unchill'd the frost.
Страница 15 - Her lips were red, and one was thin, Compared to that was next her chin. Some bee had stung it newly; But Dick, her eyes so guard her face, I durst no more upon them gaze Than on the sun in July.
Страница 8 - O'er bog or steep, through strait, rough, dense, or rare, With head, hands, wings, or feet, pursues his way, And swims, or sinks, or wades, or creeps, or flies.
Страница 49 - I might here observe, that the same single letter on many occasions does the office of a whole word, and represents the His and Her of our fore-fathers.
Страница 51 - I have a project in my head, as it is a bad night, of wrapping myself up warm in my roquelaure, and paying a visit to this poor gentleman.
Страница 49 - Nor trod upon the ground so soft ; And as that beast would kneel and stoop (Some write) to take his rider up ; So Hudibras his ('tis well known) Would often do, to set him down.
Страница 44 - Go, hang out an old frisoneergorget, with a yard of yellow colberteen again, do; an old gnawed mask, two rows of pins, and a child's fiddle; a glass necklace with the beads broken, and a quilted night-cap with one ear. Go, go, drive a trade.
Страница 44 - Poor Brother Tom had an Accident this time Twelvemonth, and so clever a made Fellow he was, that I could not save him from those fleaing Rascals the Surgeons; and now, poor Man, he is among the Otamys at Surgeon's Hall.
Страница 54 - Strait the new engine on his anvil glows, And the pale virgin on the patten rose. No more her lungs are shook with dropping rheums, And on her cheek reviving beauty blooms. The God obtain'd his suit; though flatt'ry fail, Presents with female virtue must prevail. The patten now supports each frugal dame, Which from the blue-ey'd Patty takes the name.