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thentic traditionary poetry and tales of the Highlands, with translations and illustrative notes. The other branch, entitled “ Transactions of the Iona Club," shall comprise, (besides the minutes,) first, a series of prize essays. Second, notices of the relative historical value of the many unpublished Ms. histories of Highland families, with interesting extracts, given yerbatim; but with explanatory and illustrative notes. Third, genealogical and heraldic communications. Fourth, communications relative to remains of antiquity in the Highlands and Isles. Fifth, miscellaneous communications. Sixth, inventories of the ms. collections to be formed by the club.

A portion of the funds shall be devoted to the following annual honorary prizes: First, for the best essay on any proposed subject, The Iona gold medal. Second, to the individual who, in the course of the year, shall have been most successful in bringing to light original documents, in Latin or English, illustrative of Highland history, genealogy, &c. preserved at this time in the Highlands; all the documents on which they are founded to be previously exhibited to the committee, and copied, abstracted, or inventoried, for preservation in the archives of the club— The Mac Farlane gold medal (to be so called, in honour of that learned and indefatigable antiquary, Walter Mac Farlane of that ilk.) Third, to the individual who shall make the most interesting discovery of the same nature, in Edinburgh, or elsewhere not in the Highlands—The Mac Farlane silver medal. Four th, to the individual who, within the year, shall present, for inspection, the most ancient Gaelic ms. connected with the objects of the club, written previous to the year 1700, and not hitherto described— The Iona silver medal.

By the fifth rule, a collection is to be formed, to be called “ The Iona Papers,” to contain not only those which the club may accumulate, but also original documents, where no objection exists to their being deposited in the archives, upon an obligation by the secretary and treasurer to make the same forthcoming when necessary,

Two general meetings of the club to be held in the year; one in the month of May, the other in December. Candidates for election to be recommended, in writing, by two members, and ballotted for in the usual form.

The constituent members to pay to the treasurer one guinea, in name of entrance money; and all members admitted afterwards, within one month after adınission, to pay two guineas. The annual subscription to be one guinea. Any member failing to pay his yearly subscription, to forfeit all his privileges until his arrear is paid up.

The office-bearers to consist of president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and three councillors, making a committee, who shall have the entire management of affairs, subject to the approval of general meetings. The first of the councillors to go out of office annually, and not to be eligible again tor a year.

There is to be a class of honorary members, comprehending ladies of rank and influence representing Highland families, or who take a warm interest in the Highlands, and who are to be admitted upon the recommendation of a majority of the committee, without the usual formalities of an election. The club to present each of them with a copy of its collectanea.

A seal and motto are to be provided for the club.

The following proposition is under consideration : As a means of promoting the objects of the club, and exciting an interest in its favour, there shall be a summer meeting every year, to be held in succession, at the following places, viz. the first at Iona, on some day in the summer of 1833; and in the following summer the club shall meet at Inverary, Fort William,

Portree, Inverness, Blair in Athol, and St. Fillans, and again return to lona; so that every seventh meeting shall be held in that island.


James ROBERTSON, Esq. W. S. There are already about 100 members, and the subject of the first prize is * The introduction of the feudal system into the Highlands, its progress, and the effects it had on the manners and customs of the people."

SYNOD OF PERTH AND STIRLING, The synod of Perth and Stirling agreed on petitioning Parliament, that in any alteration that may take place in the church of Ireland, in districts where Gaelic is spoken, the gospel be preached, and public worship performed, in the vernacular language.

On the occasion of serving Alexander MacIntosh (Mac an Toshaich), of Mac Intosh, chief of Mac Intosh, captain of clan Chattan, &c., heir to his father the late Angus, he entertained a numerous and respectable company to dinner at the Hopeton Rooms, Edinburgh. At six o'clock, the piper paraded in full costume in front of the hotel, playing the « Gathering of the Clans," as the summons for dinner. The chair was taken by the solicitor-general (Cockburn), who had officiated as chancellor of the jury; and John Anderson, esq., w. s., acted as croupier. On “the long life and happiness of the MacIntosh” being given, which was drank with enthusiasm, the piobair-more struck up “Failte Mac an Toshaich.” The memory of the late chief was drank off in solemn silence, which was broken by the wailing notes of that touching lament, “Cumhadh mhic à h’Arisaig." The meeting continued to indulge in such clannish and patriotic toasts and sentiments as are calculated to draw closer the bonds of friendship and social enjoyments, until a late, or rather early, hour.

A large meteoric stone fell on the North Inch, at Perth, during a thunder-storm on the 24th May.

On the 1st of May, the Scottish Hospital, London, held the spring festival at the Crown and Anchor ; his Grace the duke of Gordon in the chair. Above £500 were subscribed for this excellent and long established charity.

On the 11th June, Mac Vurich Cluanadh, chief of the Mac Phersons, who lately married Miss Davidson, of the house of Tulloch, arrived at his seat in Laggan. A number of gentlemen, with upwards of one thousand inhabitants of Badenach, nearly the whole of whom were in the highland dress, escorted the carriage for several miles from Dalwhinnie, preceded by pipers sounding the clan “ Gathering." The procession was headed by about fifty horsemen, among whom were Major Towers, Captains Mac Pherson of Biallidmore and of Noidmore, Captain Cattanach of Strone, &c. &c. On arrival at the castle, Cluny addressed his clansmen in a warm and chieftainlike speech, which he concluded by quaffing a bumper of whisky to the health of all present.

This was responded to with three most hearty cheers, after which, streams of mountain-dew were poured out as libations, to secure the favour of the fates to Tighearn, agus BanTighearn Cluanadh.

Roderick Mac Leod, esq. m. P. is to be lieutenant and sheriff principal of the county of Cromarty, vice Robert Bruce Eneas Mac Leod, esq. resigned.

Sir Archibald Campbell, of Succoth, bart. has been unanimously elected dean of faculty in the university of Glasgow.

Charles Lennox Cumming Bruce, esq. has, after a strong contest, been elected m. P. for the Inverness district of Burghs.

The Grand Cross of the Royal Guelphic Order has been conferred on Lieut.-Gen., the Hon. Alexander Duff, brother of Lord Fife.

Vice-Admiral Sir P. Malcolm has been appointed K. G. Cross of the Order of the Bath.


THE HIGHLAND REGIMENTS-42d. The head quarters of the 42d are at Malta, the reserved companies at Greenlaw.

June 14. Capt. William M. Sloane, from half pay, unattached, to be Capt., vice Ewen Mac Pherson, who exchanges, receiving the difference.

George Duncan Robertson, to be Ensign by purchase, vice Murray, who retires.

A dramatic company was formed among the privates of the reserve of the 42d, at Berwick, which opened with Rob Roy, and was very creditably supported.

78TH REGIMENT. April 12. A detachment of 3 officers, and about 100 rank and file from the depôt at Stirling castle, embarked at Leith for Chatham, whence they proceeded to join the service companies in Ceylon.

May 8. The first division left Stirling for Paisley; the second, commanded by Capt. Lindsay, left on Wednesday.

Lieut. Wingate has arrived at Plymouth from Ceylon, where the regiment has lost 10 sergeants and 100 men, of cholera, in a few days. This is the only highland regiment that has ever served eastward of the Cape of Good Hope.

79TH REGIMENT. April 12. C. Skene, gent., to be Ensign by purchase, vice Forbes, promoted in the 2d.

Ensign - Mac Kay, on half pay, is dead. .

The head quarters are at York, Upper Canada; the reserve companies are at Dundee.

91ST REGIMENT. April 5. Capt. Charles Cooke, Yarborough, from the 15th, to be Capt., vice Brunker, who exchanges.

April 12. Lieut. C. H. Edmonstone, from 21st, to be First Lieut., vice Lieut. William Anderson, who exchanges.

Three officers and sixty men, from the depôt at Perth, sailed from Leith for Chatham, in their way to join the service companies in Upper Canada.

The head quarters are in Ireland.


March 29. Ensign John Allan de Balinhard, to be Lieut., vice Webber, promoted. James Mansfield, gent., to be Ensign, vice De Balinhard.

The 92d or Gordon Highlanders have their head quarters in Ireland. This regiment is the next corps which, in rotation, goes on foreign service after the 50th, which is now under orders for New South Wales. In 1827, the 92d returned from Jamaica, to which they were sent immediately after the battle of Waterloo, and where they suffered so lamentably from yellow fever.


April 5. Capt. Robert Carmichael Smyth, from half pay, as sub-inspector of militia, to be Capt., vice Smith, appointed to the 32d. May 27.

The reserve corps, about 250 strong, under the command of Lieut. Col. Bozoni, disembarked at Aberdeen from Fort George, and marched into the barracks.

June 7. Major Gen. Sir Jasper Nicolls, K.C.B. appointed Colonel, vice Major Gen. Sir John Cameron, appointed to the command of the 9th.

The vessel which lately sailed from Cork with a detachment proceeding to join the service companies in the West Indies, put into Plymouth, the small-pox having appeared on board.

Lieut. Dalrymple, of the Royals, has succeeded Lieut. Wilson, of the 93d, as Fort Admiral, St. Lucia.


BIRTUS—(Wales.) In April, at Holywell House, Hants, the lady of J. D. Berrington, esq. of Woodlands, Glamorgan, of a son.-On the 20th May, in Arlington-street, the lady of Sir Richard William Bulkeley, of a son and heir.

On the 24th of May, at the Rectory, Gunfryston, Pembrokeshire, the lady of the Rev. James Cozens, of a son and heir.

In London, on the 28th of April, the Countess of Denbigh of a son.

In Chester-street, Grosvenor-place, on the 28th of March, the lady of Sir Philip De Malpas Grey Egerton, Bart. of Oulton-park, Cheshire, of a son and heir.—On the 2d of May, the lady of the Rev. H. G. Evans, of Haverford west, of a son.

On the 12th of March, Mrs. Griffith, of Bryn'redyn, Maentwrog, Merionethshire, of a son.

In May, at Bran house, Carmarthenshire, Mrs. Humphreys, of a son. On the 31st of March, the lady of the Rev. W. Johnson, of Amlwch, of a daughter.

On the 26th of March, at Summer-hill, near Wrexham, the lady of Capt. Kyrke, of a son.-In May, at Blackheath, the lady of W. King, esq.of a sop.

On the 22d of May, in Dover-street, London, the lady of Charles Tracey Leigh, esq. of a daughter.--At Tenby, the lady of Charles Llewellyn, esq. assistant-surgeon of the 25th Regt. E.I.C. Bengal Native Infantry, of a son.

In March, at Mount Sion, near Oswestry, the lady of R. Hill Miers, esq. of a daughter.-On the 8th of June, at Brighton, the lady of Charles Morgan, esq. of Ruperra, of a daughter.—On the 26th of May, Lady Mostyn, of Talacre, of daughter.

On the 10th of June, Mrs. Owen, Ynysgyngar, of a son.

Ou the 13th of June, the lady of Sir W.P. L. Phillips, Bart. of Orlandon, Pembrokeshire, of a daughter.-On the 4th of April, at Carmarthen, Mrs. Phillips, wife of Capt. Phillips, of a daughter.

On the 1st of April, at Lanelay, Glamorgan, Mrs. Seymour, of a daugh. ter.—On the 4th of May, in Brook-street, London, the Hon. Mrs. Stanley, the lady of E.J. Stanley, esq. M.P. of a daughter.

On the 26th of March, the lady of the Rev. Wm. Thomas, of Trevor, Anglesey, of a son and heir.—Lately, at Flookersbrook, Chester, the lady of the Rev. John Thorpe, of a son.—Lately, the wife of Mr. Troughton, of Aldwalton, was safely delivered of one son and three daughters, all living !

On the 14th of April, at Gorddinog, the lady of the Rev. James Vincent, of a son.

In May, at Cardiff, the lady of R. W. Williams, esq. of a son.-On the 5th of April, at Glyn, the lady of William Williams, esq. of a sos and heir.

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