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The heath he roam'd in sprightly youth,

The green dell's mossy shade;
The maid he sought with ardent truth,

And love's fond votary made,
Rise on his mind, as fancy's spell

Controls the treach'rous hour;
Whilst festive boards, and massy shell,

Exert their gladdening power.
Land of his home! you melt again

In visions brightly pew;
Sweep o'er his brain your mimic train

Of streams and mountains blue.
He hears, he hears, the wood-notes wild

Of Scotia's accents roll;
Those notes, which o'er him, as a child,

Enforc'd their soft control.
His country needs -her banners fly,

Her cross still bright and true;
“To arms! to arms !” her warriors cry,

“Our foes shall dearly rue.”
But see ! he sinks,—the chord is wove,

The vision's bright and fair;
In vain the exile's heart has strove

'Gainst image of despair.

J. A.


“ A crú na ccéimenn ccombáide!
Fréigid búr ttrom-suan gan an,
Ceimid lom-luad bur lebar.”

Race of the affectionate generations! rouse from your deep slumber without delay; earnestly apply yourselves to the pub. lication of your literature.


(Continued from the Cambrian Quarterly for April.)




BARDD. In water there is a quality en. Ar ddwyr mae cyvlwrw càn dowed with a blessing : on God vendïgaw; it is most just to meditate aright; ar duw mae iawnav iawn synto God it is proper to supplicate wyraw, with seriousness, since no ob ar duw mae cyviawn gweddstacle can there be to obtain a ïaw yn brudd, reward from him.

can ni ellir lludd cael budd

iwrthaw. Three times have I been born, Tair gwaith ym ganed, gwn I know by meditation; it were vyvyriaw; miserable for a person not to truan oedd i ddyn na ddoai come and obtain all the sciences i geisiaw of the world, collected together holl gelvyddydau byd yn byddin

my breast, for I know what inaw i'm bru, has been, what in future will canys gwn à vu, à vydd rhagoccur.

I will supplicate my Lord that Cyvarçav ym Nav nawdd i'm I get a refuge in him, a regard gantaw, I

may obtain in his grace; the cyvarçwel ym del dawn o'i Son of Mary is my trust, great

eiddaw; in him is my delight, for in him ym crair yw Mab Mair, mawr is the world continually up arnav vy mryd, holden.

canys delir y byd bob awr

iwrthaw. God has been to instruct me Bu Duw i'm dysgu a'm dysand to raise my expectation, the gwyliaw, true Creator of heaven, who gwir Greawdyr nev nawdd i'm affords me protection; it is

gantaw: rightly intended that the saints cywraint yw i'r saint weddïaw should daily pray, for God, the beunydd, renovator, will bring them to canys Duw Dovydd eu dwg him.





OF MAELGON. Is it not natural to be excited by the allurement of praise ;

Neud gognawd gyru
a gwawd ddyvyru;


by the belief in a narrative, a thraethawd gredu,
as to what the world has been? pa vyd à ddyvu?
as to who is accomplished to sing pwy á wyr canu
before the throne of Jesus, ger bron yr Iesu,
in the presence of the three hosts, yn ngwydd y tri llu,
when He shall be judging?

pan vydd yn barnu? what minstrel will sing

pa gerddawr á gan, when Cynan shall be called

alwer Cynan to a summoned chair,

i ddyvyn gader, in the presence of Cadwalader, ger bron Cadwalader, when there shall be a natural end pan vydd tranc anian to Cynan son of Bran?

ar Cynan ab Bran? If you be primary bards


briv veirddion to the master of sciences, I rwyv celvyddon, declare ye mysteries

treuthwç orçuddion that relate to the inhabitants of O vundi mäon:

the world : there is a noxious creature, y mae pryv atgas, from the rampart of Satanas, O gaer Satanas, which has overcome all

a oresgynas between the deepand the shallow; cyvrwng dwyn a bas ; equally wide are his jaws Cyvled ei enau as the mountains of the Alps; a mynydd Mynnau; him death will not subdue, nis gorvydd angau nor hand or blades;

na llaw na llavnau ; there is the load of nine hun mae llwyth naw cant men

dred waggons in the hair of his two paws;

yn rhawn dwy bawen; there is in his head an eye

Ilygad yn ei ben green as the limpid sheet of gwyrdd val glas ïaen;

icicle; three springs arise

tair fynnon y sydd in the nape of his neck; yn ei wegilydd; sea-roughs thereon

mor-vryçed arno swim through it;

a noviant drwyddo; there was the dissolution of the bu laith bualawn


of Deivrdonwy the water-gifted. Deivrdonwy dyvr-ddawn. The names of the three springs Henw y tair fynnon from the midst of the ocean; o ganol eigion : one generating brine

un llwydd heli which is from the Corini,

pan yw Corini, to replenish the flood,

I edryd lliant over seas disappearing;

dros voroedd divant ; the second without injury

yr ail yn ddï nam it will fall on us,

a ddygwydd arnam, when there is rain abroad, pan yw gwlaw allan, through the whelming sky; drwy awyr dylan;

the third will appear

trydedd a ddarwedd through the mountain veins, drwy wythi mynyddedd, like a flinty banquet,

mal callestrig wledd, the work of the King of kings.

o waith Rex rexedd. A most strange creature will E ddaw pryv rhyvedd


from the sea marsh of Rhianedd,
as a punishment of iniquity
on Maelgwn Gwynedd ;
his hair, his teeth,
and his eyes being as gold;
and this will bring destruction
upon Maelgwn Gwynedd.

It is I who am a diviner
and a leading bard,
who know every passage
of the cave of silence;
I shall liberate Elphin
from the belly of the stony tower;
I am Taliesin,
chief of the bards of the west,
who will loosen Elphin
out of the golden fetter.

o vorva Rhianedd,
I ddial enwiredd
ar Vaelgwn Gwynedd ;
ei vlew, ei ddannedd,
a'i lygaid yn eurwedd ;
a hwn gwna ddiwedd
ar Vaelgwn Gwynedd.

Myvi sy ddewin
a bardd cyfredin,
a wn bob gorsin
gogov gorthewin:
rhyddâav vi Elfin
o vol twr meinin;
mi wyv Taliesin,
pen beirdd gorllewin,
a ollwng Elfin
o hual eurin.




Thou retained bard above, Gosgordd vardd uvod, thou retained bard below, gosgordd vardd isod, there is not a spot that is known nid ces van wybod under the sun and in its round; dàn huan a rhod; neither is it known to you ni wyddoç çwithau what is told by tongues;

pa draeth tavodau, nor what is stated as certain na dosbarth diau between your truth and false- rhwng eię gwir a gau;

hood; you who are puny bards, coun beirdd byçain, brain'bro,

try crows, you hardly escape flying away. braidd nad ewç år fo. The bard who cannot silence me, Bardd na'm gostego, may he not experience silence

gosteg nis cafo until he goes to be covered nes el mewn gortho by earth and gravel. He who listens to me,

sawl à'm gwrandawo, may he be loved by the Son of mab Duw a'i caro.


Elphin the son of Gwyddno Elfin ab Gwyddno, is in the land of Arthro,

sy'n naiar Arthro,

o ddaiar a gro,

under thirteen locks,

tàn dri-dr-ddeg clo, for praising his teacher.

am ganmawl athro : It is I who am Taliesin,

myvi wyv Taliesin, chief of the bards of the west, pen beirdd gorllewin, who knows every outlet

a wn bob gorsin of the cave of silence,

gogov gorthewin who will loosen Elphin

a ollwng Elfin from his golden fetter.

o'i hual eurin.



First, I have been formed a Cyntav ym lluniwyd ar lun comely person,

dyo glwys; in the court of Ceridwen I have yn llys Ceridwen ym pendone penance;

ydiwys; though little I was seen, placidly cyd baç ym gwelid, gwyl vy received,

nghynnwys, I was great on the floor of the oeddwn vawr uç llawr llàn ym place to where I was led ;

tywys; I have been a prized defence, prid bum parwyden per awen the sweet muse the


parwys, and by law without speech I ac o gyvraith heb iaith ym have been liberated

rhyddâwys by a smiling black old hag, when hen widdon dduion, pan lidiirritated

wys dreadful her claim when pur- engiriawl ei hawl pan hwylisued :

wys: I have fled with vigour,

foais yn gadarn, I have fled as a frog,

foais yn llyfan, I have fled in the semblance of foais


rhith bran a crow, scarcely finding rest;

braidd orphowys ; I have fled vehemently,

foais yn derwyn, I have fled as a chain,

foais yn gadwyn, I have fled as a roe

foais yn iyrçwyn, into an entangled thicket; mewn llwyn llyçwys; I have fled as a wolf cub,

foais yn vleiddyn, I have fled as a wolf in a wil foais vleiddawr yn nifaith,

derness, I have fled as a thrush

foais yn vronvraith, of portending language; cyviaith coelwys; I have fled as a fox,

foais yn gadno, used to concurrent bounds of cydnaid ystumiau,

quirks; I have fled as a martin,

foais yn velau, which did not avail :

màl na thyciwys: I have fled as a squirrel, that foais yn wiwair, ni cynnydd vainly hides,


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