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Knucklas. The old borough of Knucklas.

Presteign. The ancient lordship, manor, and borough of Presteign with such parts,


of the township of Presteign, and of the chapelry of the Discoyd, as are without the ancient lordship, &c. of Presteign; and also a space included within the following boundary: viz. from the point on the north of the town at which Norton brook falls into the river Lug, in a straight line to where the road to Wigmore and Ludlow is met by the road to Kinsham village; thence in a straight line to where the right band branch of the Clatter brook falls into the Lug; thence along the Lug to the point first described.

New Radnor. The old borough of New Radnor.

Rhadyrgwy. From the point where the boundary of the old borough would be cut by a straight line from Rhadyr church to the bridge over Gwynllin brook on the new road to Aberystwith, in a straight line to the said bridge; thence along Gwynllin brook to the weir or dam head; thence along the southern bank of the mill dam to where the same is cut by the eastern fence of Gwynllin-lain field; thence, southward, along the eastern fence of Gwynllin-lain field to the gate leading into the yard of the grist mill and woollen manufactory belonging to David Evans; thence along the road crossing the said yard to another gate at the south-eastern corner thereof; thence in a straight line to the north-eastern corner of the farmhouse called Ty-Newydd or New house; thence in a straight line to where the boundary of the old borough would be cut by a straight line from the New house to the bridge over the Wye; thence, southward, along the boundary of the old borough to the point first described.



The Welsh Iron Trade is improving, but prices are as low as ever. One of the Glamorganshire iron masters has received an order for eight thousand tons of rail road plates.

By the exertions of a few spirited individuals, laudably seconded by the great landed proprietors of Monmouthshire, a prospect is now afforded of an easy communication between Chepstow and Abergaveny. It is proposed io avoid the hills, which have hitherto operated as a barrier between those places, and to open to the public a portion of beautiful country, hitherto unexplored by the traveller, and known only by name. informed, thai in point of time, Abergaveny will be brought, by means of the projected improvement, an hour and a half nearer to Chepstow.

We are


The art of sculpture has been for centuries in the lowest state of degradation throughout Wales, whether for want of men of talent, or the slenderness of encouragement given to sculpture, is unknown; however, it is evident that all productions of any consequence have been the labour of English artists. But, at this enlightened period, when Wales is rendered illustrious for her literary pursuits, the genius of her poets, and the wisdom of her philosophers, a sculptor appears in Brecon, whose superior talent particularly claims the attention of an admiring public. The specimens Mr. Thomas, jun. has already produced exhibit a grandeur of composition, a grace in grouping, and a flow in his draperies, equal to any that has been seen in the Principality. At the present moment sculpture is experiencing more encouragement, and well it deserves it, for the impulse thereby given in favour of the fine arts has the effect of stimulating our native artists to extraordinary exertions. The superb monument to the memory of the late Rev. Thomas Watkins, of Pennoyre, at the expense of his only surviving son, Lloyd Vaughan Watkins, esq. is another beautiful specimen emanating from the chisel of this ditinguished young sculptor. It is not only the first erected in the church of St. Mary's, Brecon, but is decidedly one of the largest in this county. A description of it will give the reader an idea of its extent. The base is occupied by a coat of arms, enriched with flowing foliage ; above which is a piece of sculpture in alto_relievo, admirably chiselied from life, supported on each side by pillars. The subject consists of a whole-length figure of the deceased, reposing on a mattress, clothed with drapery; in the back grounds are clouds scattered by rays of light, in which his eldest son and youngest daughter are introduced, descending in the character of angels, welcoming their dying father ; but what cannot fail to attract our attention, the three figures convey a faithful likeness of the originals, and the attitudes are happily developed to impress the mind of every beholder. Above the cornice is a lofty pyramid, with the inscription on a pedestal surmounted by a massive urn and drapery. This monument was designed and executed by Messrs. Thomas and Son, the performance of which does them infinite credit; but with the most unfeigned admiration of young Thomas's genius, it must be acknowledged that his productions are calculated to reflect lasting honour on the borough of Brecon. -Hereford Journal.



On the 17th of September, at Enjobb house, Radnorshire, the lady of P. R. Mynors, esq. of a daughter.—On the 20th of September, at Plas Brereton, the lady of Henry Turner, esq. of a son.–At Bryngoleu, near Pwllheli, Mrs. W. Williams, of twin sons...-On the 21st of October, at Penarth, the lady of Arnold Burrowes, esq. of a daughter.—On the 11th of October, at Maesmawr, Pool, Montgomeryshire, the lady of Captain Jones, of a son and heir.—On the 30th of October, Mrs. Russom, Twthill, Carnarvon, of a son.-Same day, Mrs. J. P. Wright, Bangor-street, Carnarvon, of a son.-On the 25th of October, Mrs. Roberts, of Tabor, near Tremadoc, of twin daughters.—On the 28th of October, Mrs. Parry, of Tremadoc, of twin daughters.-On the 13th of October, at her residence, Glanydon, Llanfrothen, Mrs. Captain Owen, of a son.-On the 17th of October, at Glanyrafon, the lady of Richard Walmsley Lloyd, esq. of a daughter.—On the 2d of November, at Aberystwyth, the wife of J. R. Haslam, esq. of the Ordnance Survey, of a son and heir—On the 6th of November, Mrs. Preece, of Bryn Helen, near Carnarvon, of a son.On the 30th of November, the lady of Walter Wilkins, esq. of Maeslough castle, Radnorshire, of a son.—On the 2d of December, at Tregunter, Brecknockshire, the lady of Major G. Holford, of a daughter.--On the 2d of December, at Gerwyn Vawr, the lady of R. Burton Phillipson, esq. of a son. In the village of Dropii, in Bessarabia, the wife of a man named Demian Ploson, was lately delivered, in one day, of six daughters, none of whom lived more than a few hours. The mother suffered for some time afterwards, but is now perfectly recovered. On the 10th of December, the lady of Robert Wynne Williams, esq. Hatton Garden, London, of a son.On the 19th of December, in Chester, the lady of Wilson Jones, esq. of Gellygynan, of a daughter.

Marriages. On the 19th of September, at Sandhurst, the Rev. George Enoch, of Llanelwith, Radnorshire, to Miss Elizabeth Walker, of Wallsworth Hall, Gloucestershire, and Fern hill Villa, Radnorshire, and only daughter of Mr. C. Walker, of Hay, Breconshire. On the 15th of September, at Cheltenham, M. N. Guy, esq. of the 5th regiment, to Ann, youngest daughter of the late W. Jones, esq. of Glanbrane, Glamorganshire.--On the 25th of September, at Dolbenmaen, by the Rev. Jeffrey Holland, the Rev. Richard Jones, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. Evan Evans, both of the same parish.—On the 11th of Sept., at Llanwenllwyfo church, by the Rev. Evan Hughes, Wm. Lldyd, esq. of Bwlch-y-fen, Anglesey, to Eliza, youngest daughter of Capt. Henry es, Llysdulas.-At Merthyr, the Rev. George Thomas, of Ystrad and Llanbradach, Glamorganshire, to Eliza, eldest daughter of Wm. Crawshay, esq. of Cyfarthfa castle, in the same county.- At Holywell, by the Rev. Edward Oldfield, m.a. John Price, esq. M.A. of Bristol College, to Henrietta Sophia, daughter of John Oldfield, esq. of Farm, near Abergele. At Beaumaris, T. Holesworth, esq. of Wakefield, Yorkshire, to Miss Jones, daughter of the late Rev. W. Jones, rector of Llanbadric, Anglesey.-At Claines, near Worcester, Mr. Baily, to Eliza, youngest daughter of David Jones, esq. of Pengethley, Cardiganshire. — At St. Matthew's church, Brixton, by the Rev. E. Prodgers, William King, jun. esq. of Sargeant's inn, Fleet street, to Margaret, second daughter of Evan Roberts, esq. of Grove House, Brixton.-At the same church, subsequently, by the Rev. Dr. Doyley, Thomas Wallis, esq. of Tibberton court, Gloucestershire, to Mary Anne, third daughter of Evan Roberts, esq.-On the 25th of September, at Llanbeblig, by the Rev. J. W. Trevor, vicar, the Rev. Howel Hughes, to Charlotte, daughter of Henry Garnet, esq. of Green Park, in the county of Meath.—On the 27th of September, at Kerig-ydruidion, by the Rev. Humphrey Lloyd, vicar of Llanfawr, Merioneth, Robert Kenrick Nicholls, esq. of Ruthin, to Caroline, second daughter of the Rev. John Ellis, rector of Kerig-y-druidion, and one of his Majesty's justices of the peace for the county of Denbigh.—On the 2d of October, Colonel David Owen, of Slow-worm's-nest, and formerly of the 23d regiment, or Royal Welsh Fusileers, to Jane, daughter of the late — Bateman, esq. of Haverfordwest.—On the 4th of October, at Brecknock, Thomas Armstrong, esq. to Mary, daughter of the late Rev. Thomas Williams, of Argoed, Radnorshire-At Llanllwchaiarn, Cardiganshire, J. Davies, esq. of Gainrefel, to Jane, daughter of 0. Richards, esq. of Nantybele.-At Llanyre, Radnorshire, J. Davies, of Blanguinollan, Breconshire, to Ann, second daughter of Evan Davies, esq. of the former place.—On the 15th of October, at Walthamstow, Essex, by the Rev. W. Wilson, Henry Williams, esq. of Knighton, Radnorshire, to Ann, youngest daughter of the late Mr. R. Maynard, of the former place. On the 17th of October, at St. Philip's church, Birmingham, by the Rev. Charles Craven, A.m. Edward, second son of the Rev. John Ellis, rector of Cerig-y-druidion, to Catherine, eldest daughter of the late Edward Croker, esq. of Lisnabrin House, county of Waterford, Ireland.-At Dixton church, by the Rev. Mr. Davies, Major Marriott, of Soller's Brook, to Miss Griffin, eldest daughter of Madam Griffin, Newton House, near Monmouth.-On the 22d of October, at Old

Radnor, by the Rev. Mr. Mogridge, Mr. William Kemp Raisbeck, Leo minster, second son of W. Raisbeck, esq. of Appleby, Westmoreland, to Sarah, youngest daughter of the late Henry Stephens, esq. Presteign.-At Llandysilio, Anglesey, by the Rev. David Gryffydh, Captain Taylor, of Tycoch, to Mrs. Mary Evans, near Menai bridge.—On the 30th of October, at St. Hilary's chapel, Denbigh, by the Rev. Edmund Williams, A.M. vicar of Llangerniw, Richard Myddelton Lloyd, esq. of Wrexham, to Sarah, third daughter of the late John Price, esq. of Denbigh.—At Merthyr, by the Rev. J. Jones, Jeremiah Branson, esq. merchant, of Plymouth, to Rebecca, eldest daughter of William Bryant, esq. of Merthyr.–On the 20th of November, at Clapham church, Surrey, by the Rev. W. Frederick Bayley, prebendary of Canterbury, Edward Rogers, esq. M.P. of Stanage Park, Radnorshire, to Eliza Cassamajor, second daughter of the late Henry Brown, esq. of the Madras Civil Service. On the 13th of November, at St. John's church, Brecon, by the Rev. Thos. Bevan, A.M., John, son of Thos Powell, esq. of Trecastle, to Margaret, daughter of the late Rees Price, esq. of Gare, both in the county of Brecon. On the 20th of November, at St. Mary-lebone church, London, by the Rev. James Donne, M.A. vicar of St. Paul's, Bedford, John Donne, esq. of Powis place, Queen square, second son of the Rev. Jas. Donne, D.D. of Oswestry, to Sophia, youngest daughter of the late Rev. Robert Thomson, LL.D. of Long Stowe Hall, Cambridgeshire.On the 10th of Nov. at Monmouth, Edwin T. B. K. Carter, esq. Lieut. of the R.M. M., eldest son of Mr. J. Carter, of Clifton, to Louisa, only daughter of Dr. T. Morris, of Chepstow.On the 16th of November, at the parish church of St. Marylebone, London, the Rev. T. H. Davies, M.a. of the University of Oxford, to Miss Elizabeth M. Hart, daughter of the late Right Hon. Sir Anthony Hart, Lord High Chancellor of Ireland.-—On the 7th of November, at Gresford, by the Rev. Bennett Yere Townshend, Captain Mostyn, R.n. of Llewesog, Denbighshire, to Susanna, youngest daughter of the late John Stanislaus Townshend, esq.of Trevalyn, in the same county.On the 3d of December, at Abbot's Leigh, the Rev. H. S. Lloyd, youngest son of the late F. Lloyd, esq. of Domgay, Montgomeryshire, to Elizabeth, daughter of P. J. Miles, M.P. of Leigh Court, Somerset.—On the 5th of December, at Liverpool, Edward Carreg, esq. coroner of the county of Carnarvon, to Miss Walshew, grand-daughter of the late Rev. Richard Owen, rector of Edern, in the same county.—Lately, Capt. William Davies, of Port Madoc, to Miss Ann Jones, of Cefncoch, Llanfihangel-y-traethau.

Deaths. The Dowager Marchioness of Bute. Her ladyship, before her marriage with John, first Marquis of Bute, was Miss Frances Coutts, second daughter of the late Mr. Coutts, the wealthy banker, and sister to the Countess Dowager of Guildford and Lady Burdett. Her ladyship’s interment took place in the family vault of the Marquis of Bute, at Cardiff Castle.On the 2d of September, aged 74, Miss Eleanor Davies, of Newtown, Montgomeryshire, deeply regretted.—On the 11th of September, aged 39, Mr. Thomas Price, of the Bryn, Llandyssil.-On the same day, at Clifton, after a long illness, Eliza, eldest daughter of C. C. Clifton, esq. of Tymawr, Breconshire.—On the 17th of September, in Northgate street, Chester, Elizabeth, relict of the late Thomas Richards, esq. Dolgelly, aged 54.—Mrs. Williams, of Ty Gwyrdd, Conway, widow of the late William Williams, esq. of Glanrafon, and his Majesty's Attorney-General for the North Wales Circuit; she lived to the advanced age of 92 years.-On the 20th of September, after a short illness, brought on by a severe cold and over anxiety

at the Eisteddfod, Mr. John Williams, harper, Oswestry, the successful candidate for the silver harp at the Beaumaris Eisteddfod, which was presented to him by their Royal Highnesses the Duchess of Kent and Princess Victoria.-At Ystrad House, near Lampeter, Mr. J. Herbert, youngest son of the late Wm. Herbert, esq. of Rhiwbren, Cardiganshire.

-At her house, at Richmond, in her 79th year, Lady Williams Wynn, relict of the late Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, bart.-At the house of his sister, near Bedford, aged 72, Joseph F. Barham, esq. of Trecwm, Pembrokeshire. He retired from public life about ten years since, having been previously, for nearly forty years, a most efficient member of the House of Commons. On the 24th of October, at Beaumaris, at the advanced age of 80, Mrs. Lloyd, relict of William Lloyd, esq. of Llwydiarth, in the county of Anglesey.-On the 25th of October, at his seat, Llysmeirchion, near Denbigh, aged 48, the Rev. Robert Chambres Chambres, B.D. vicar of Llanufydd.—On the 16th of October, in the 62d year of his age, Robt. Wynne, esq. of Ty Gwyn, near Ruthin.-Suddenly, at Flintshire, Miss Roberts, of Colomendy, Merionethshire, eldest sister of the Rev. T. G. Roberts, A M. rector of Llanrwst, and chaplain to the Lord Bishop of St. Asaph.—Rhys, third son of John Lloyd, esq. of Dinas, Breconshire.-On the 22d of October, after a long affliction, aged 34, Alice, wife of Hugh Parry, esq. of Holywell, and second daughter of Thos. Eyton, esq. of Pen-y-palmant, Flintshire.—On the 20th of October, aged 60, after a long and painful illness, borne with extraordinary fortitude and unmurmuring resignation, Richard Pryce, esq. of Gunley, Montgomeryshire. In him his family have to deplore the loss of the most affectionate and best of parents; his acquaintance that of a sincere and valuable friend; and the country an independent, high minded, and truly honourable man. On the 20th of October, at Rhyddyn, C. B. Trevor Roper, esq. of Plas Teg Park, Flintshire, aged 68.-On the 21st of October, Lieutenant P. Potter of the Flintshire Royal Militia.–On the 7th of October, at Bath, aged 70, Owen Ellis, esq. formerly of Eyton, Denbighshire.—On the 30th of October, on his passage from Howth to Holyhead, Captain Skinner, R.n. commander of his Majesty's packet “ the Escape,” in the 73d year of his age and the 33d of his servitude in the packet service between Holyhead and Dublin; and, at the same moment, Mr. William Morris, his chief mate, leaving a wife and two children to lament his sudden and untimely end.On the 3d of October, at Abergaveny, in his 76th year, the Rev. Mr. Morgan; and, on the 17th of October, at Alcester, on her road home from Cheltenham, in her 45th year, Mary Ann, wife of the Rev. T. F. Morgan, and eldest daughter of the Rev. E. Bum.-On the 15th of November, at Glynllifon, Carnarvonshire, in his 31st year, after a protracted and painful illness, the Right Hon. Thomas John Wynn, Baron Newborough. His lordship was born on the 3d of April, 1802, and succeeded his father, Thomas, the late lord, on the 12th of October, 1807. His lordship is succeeded in his title and estates by his only brother, the Hon. Spencer Bulkeley Wynn, who was born on the 23d of May, 1803. The late lord was returned as the representative in parliament for Carnarvonshire in 1826, and in 1830 he was obliged to resign in consequence of ill health. His tenantry always found in him a kind and generous landlord, and his death has bereaved the poor around him of a considerate benefactor.--On the 3d of November, awfully sudden, at his lodgings, Seacombe, in Chesbire, Mr. Joseph William, surgeon, formerly of Ruthin, Denbighshire.—On the 18th of November, the Rev. William Howels, of the Episcopal Chapel, Long Acre, London, aged 54. He was born in the county of Glamorgan, and

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