A Sketch of the German Constitution and of the Events in Germany from 1815 to 1871

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Longmans, Green and Company, 1875 - 126 страници

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Страница 68 - His Majesty the Emperor of Austria transfers to His Majesty the King of Prussia all the rights which he acquired by the Vienna Treaty of Peace of 30th October, 1864, over the Duchies of Holstein and Schleswig, with the condition that the populations of the Northern Districts of Schleswig shall be ceded to Denmark if, by a free vote, they express a wish to be united to Denmark.
Страница 100 - Nobody shall be at the same time a member of the federal council and of the diet. ARTICLE 10. The Emperor shall afford the customary diplomatic protection to the. members of the federal council. IV.
Страница 62 - States, the questions at issue should be submitted to ' an Austragal Instanz for settlement; and Austria had no doubt taken the first step towards this by laying the matter before the Diet; but Prussia had shown that this was a breach of the Gastein Convention. The fact of the entry of Prussian troops into Holstein was not a breach of any of the provisions of the Bundes Act; but to call upon the Diet to mobilize the Federal Army against a member of the Confederation was contrary to the spirit and...
Страница 53 - Saxe-Coburg-Gotha in 1861, made formally in the Diet, that if the monarchical principle was not to be sacrificed, German unity could only be brought about by an individual will, resting on a general representation of the German people.
Страница 67 - ... the closer union which will be founded by His Majesty the King of Prussia, to the north of the line of the Main, and he declares that he consents to the German states south of that line entering into a union, the national relations of which, with the North German Confederation, are to be the subject of an ulterior agreement between the two parties.
Страница 79 - ... North German Confederation and Baden and Hesse, upon the establishment of a German Confederation and the acceptance of the Federal Constitution. 2. The treaty of November 23, 1870, concerning the adhesion of Bavaria to the Constitution of the German Confederation. 3. The treaty of November 25, 1870, between the North German Confederation, Baden and Hesse on the one side, and Wurtemberg on the other, concerning the adhesion of Wurtemburg to the Constitution of the German Confederation. The Federal...
Страница 78 - On e 5 an( j ft was patent to all that after the successes of the German army it would be impossible for the connection between North and South Germany to rest merely on offensive and defensive alliances. It was from Bavaria that the proposal came to place the Imperial Crown on the head of the King of Prussia, and to secure the succession to his descendants ; and she thereby took the position to which she was entitled, of the second Power in Germany. The negotiations with Bavaria alone offered any...
Страница 4 - Bavaria, and Hesse Darmstadt. This court was • •—- termed Austragal Instanz. 1815 When two confederate States had disputes between each other, they chose the highest court of Justice of some third State, which was then called Austragal Gericht, to which was entrusted the settlement of the dispute. The execution of its decrees was in the hands of the Diet.
Страница 1 - If there was ever to be peace again in all these wide regions, it was clearly necessary to create something new. What was to be created was a far more difficult question ; but already, on the 30th of May 1814, the powers had come to some sort of understanding, if not with regard to the means to be pursued...
Страница 52 - Pfordten, the Bavarian Minister, which proposed that a third State should be raised to a position to counterbalance Austria and Prussia. Mr. Grant Duff in his ' Studies on European Politics,' in an article on the Germanic Diet, mentions two proposals : 1. The proposals of the Duke of Saxe-Meiningen in 1860, for a personal interview of the Sovereigns with the view to arrange the establishment of a directory of three, in which CHAP.