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pends the fate of the work; but the author, who lives by the public, thought it more becoming his station to dedicate his work to countrymen in general, and thereby to insure an universal patronage. This, by some wise-acres may be thought selfish :true! but where is the author who studies the interest of others more than his own.

The author's real view of the case was, that, as this little work was intended for the benefit of every class of mankind-the rich, the poor, the high, the low, the good and the bad-all of whom may benefit by it, an unlimited dedication best suited the nature of his publication. He, therefore, with all humility, offers these, his lucubrations to the public, in hopes of their prov. ing useful; and for more than one reason, he wishes them a wide circulation.

No doubt some of our quizzing gentry will be saying, "this mighty Town Clerk "is probably feeding his vanity with the "expectation that his puny work will ex"cite the same interest with that of the ce"lebrated Schoolmaster of Gandercleugh; "but he will be woefully mistaken." Such

preposterous notions the author utterly disavows; and he will be as well satisfied to live and die (with the approbation of a good conscience), The honest Town Clerk of 'Gossiphall,' as if dignified with the title of "KNIGHTHOOD.'

The author now concludes his address with the sincere and fervent prayer, that these, his humble efforts, may prove a real benefit to the rising generation, and to his country folks in particular; and, with every sentiment of esteem and regard for a generous public,

Remains their most obedient,

And very

humble Servant,


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