Tariff Schedules, Том 1

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1913 - 31 страници

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Страница 21 - LOWRY. That seems to be the object of putting the cost high. Mr. FORDNEY. Has it not been shown here that since the beet sugar industry began in this country the cost of production has been materially lowered ? Mr. LOWRY. And their profits materially increased — correspondingly increased. Mr. FORDNEY. That is not what I asked you. I asked you if the cost of production has not been materially lowered ? Mr. LOWRY. I should think it would be; and here we have an indication of the domestic producers
Страница 21 - ... when duty is added the cost of refining increases, but these analyses also show that whenever duty is taken off the consumer gets the full benefit of the amount of the duty taken off and also a part of the lower cost of refining, and whenever the duty is increased the refiners bear a certain portion of the increase and the consumer does not pay the full addition of the duty."— WP Willett, Hardwick Committee Hearings, p.
Страница 3 - I would first like to call the committee's attention to the fact that the United States is not dependent for its supply of sugar upon " foreign countries," in the general acceptance of this term.
Страница 10 - Gentlemen, the United States, because of its proximity to Cuba and its insular possessions — Porto Rico, Hawaii, and the Philippines — as well as from the fact that beet sugar can be produced in our Western States at a very low cost, should have cheaper sugar than any nation in the world. From these sources, with their natural advantages, we are assured not only of an ample supply of sugar, but that this supply could be obtained at a minimum cost if it were not for the high duty which enhances...
Страница 11 - ... to the Filipino and we are educating him ; and either the Philippine government should refund a certain percentage to us or we should be relieved of paying these duties. I do not believe I can make it any plainer on those two points. I am pretty familiar with the conditions in the Philippines, and if you wish to ask any questions I will be glad to answer them. The CHAIRMAN. What paper is that vou have there?
Страница 20 - ... we see that the United States tariff on sugar has a very direct effect upon the price of raws, an important, but indirect, effect upon the refiners' differential, but relatively little effect upon the world price of raws.1 1 Since the above was written, the following statement has been published : " All the analyses of changing from duty to free sugar show that whenever duty is taken off, the cost of refining decreases and when duty is added the cost of refining increases, but these analyses...
Страница 12 - ... particular matter. At the same time, we now have an equal thing, which the President and others have stressed as terribly important, and that is how to make progress to resolve the situation in Cyprus. Mr. McHuGH. I understand that. Mr. VEST. And that is why we have come to this situation. Mr. MoHuGH. I will get to that in just a minute. I want to be clear in my own mind that the Administration concedes that this is an important principle and therefore should be enforced. The argument is over...