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But when thy torrent quench'd the dreadful blaze,
King, queen, and nation staring with amaze,
Full in my view how all my husband came !
And what extinguish'd theirs increased my flame.
Those spectacles, ordain'd thine eyes to save,
Were once my present ; love that armour gave.
How did I mourn at Bolgolam's decree!
For, when he sign'd thy death, he sentenced me.

When folks might see thee all the country round For sixpence, I'd have given a the

I'd have given a thousand pound. Lord! when the giant babe that head of thine Got in his mouth, my heart was up in mine! When in the marrow-bone I see thee ramm'd, Or on the house-top by the monkey crammid, The piteous images renew my pain, And all thy dangers I weep o'er again. But on the maiden's nipple when you rid, Pray heaven, 'twas all a wanton maiden did ! Glumdalclitch too!-with thee I mourn her case: Heaven guard the gentle girl from all disgrace! O may the king that one neglect forgive, And pardon her the fault by which I live! Was there no other way to set him free? My life, alas ! I fear proved death to thee.

O teach me, dear, new words to speak my flame! Teach me to woo thee by thy best loved name ! Whether the style of Grildrig please thee most, So callid on Brobdingnag's stupendous coast, When on the monarch’s ample hand you sate, And halloo'd in his ear intrigues of state ;

Or Quinbus Flestrin more endearment brings,
When like a mountain you look'd down on kings:
If ducal Nardac, Lilliputian peer,
Or Glumglum's humbler title sooth thy ear:
Nay, would kind Jove my organs so dispose,
To hymn harmonious Houyhnhnm through the

nose, I'd call thee Houyhnhnm, that high-sounding

name ; Thy children's noses all should twang the same; So might I find my loving spouse of course Endued with all the virtues of a horse.

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