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free people by the blessings duous journies may still preserve which they enjoy under an in you long to reign in the hearts valuable constitution, and by of your loyal and affectionate the paternal regard of a revered people, is the fervent prayer of and illustrious monarch.

your majesty's faithful citizens “ We present ourselves before of London."

your majesty on this occasion To which address the king was to offer our sincere and hearty pleased to return the following congratulations on your ma answer :jesty's return to your native “I receive with the utmost satiscountry in perfect health and faction this testimony of your safety; and while we felicitate feelings upon my safe return to your majesty on that spirit of my native country. loyalty and affection which has “Highly gratified as I am by the manifested itself in those parts sentiments of loyalty and afof your majesty's dominions fection which have been maniwhich you have for the first fested in those parts of my dotime recently visited, we feel minions which I have recently confident that your majesty is visited, I am perfectly convinced perfectly assured that the that the same spirit animates citizens of London, in common the citizens of London, and all with the people of Great Bri classes of my faithful people tain, will yield to none of your throughout the British domimajesty's subjects in zeal for nions. your service, in attachment to “ You may be fully assured of my your sacred person, and in a determination to maintain indetermination to uphold the violate all your rights and prihonour and dignity of your vileges, and of the ardent majesty's. crown.

solicitude which I shall ever u That the same gracious provi feel for your welfare and prosdence which has protected your

perity.” majesty throughout your ar

Christenings and BURIALS, from December 12, 1820,

to December 11, 1821:Christened {Maleste: 13072? In all

Males.. 93792 In all Buried

Females 9072S 18451 Died under 2 years:.4276 ; 20 and 30..1358 | 60 and 70.. 1612 | 100.0 Between 2 and 5..1793 30 and 40.. 1817 i 70 and 80..1312 | 101..0

5 and 10.6 904 40 and 50..1957 80 and 90.. 771 | 102..0 10 and 20.. 628 50 and 60..1872 90 and 100.. 150 | 108..1 Decreased in the burials this




16 Abscess 88 Rupture

36 Apoplexy 251 Scrophula

6 Asthma 694 Small Pox

508 Cancer

79 Sore Throat or Quinsey Childbed 202 Spasm

42 Consumption 3639 Still-born..............

688 Convulsions 2921 Stone

15 Cow-pox

! Stoppage in the Stomach 12 Croup 101 Suddenly

222 Diarrhea 5 Teething

428 Dropsy 769 Thrush...

78 Dropsy in the brain 290 Venereal

6 Dropsy in the chest


1 Epilepsy

2 Eruptive diseases

17 Total of diseases......18161 Erysipelas, or St. Anthony's fire

23 Fever


CASUALTIES. Fever, (Typhus) 48 Bruised

1 Fistula 1 Burnt

38 Flux

5 Drowned Gout. 24 Excessive Drinking

1 Hæmorrhage


18 Hooping Cough.. 614 Found Dead

5 Hydrophobia 2 Frightened

1 Inflamination

1309 Killed by Falls and several other Inflammation of the Liver. 57

Accidents. Insanity 222 | Murdered..

7 Jaundice 100 Poisoned

3 Jaw locked 1 Scalded

3 Measles 547 Suffocated

6 Miscarriage. 6 Suicides

32 Mortification

145 Old Age and Debility


Total of Casualties....290 Palsy and Pleurisy ..

134 There have been Executed in London and the county of Surrey, 34; of which number 18 only have been reported to be buried within the Bills of Mortality.


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BÍRTHS in the Year 1821. At Powis-castle, Cheshire, lady

L. Clive, of a daughter. January. At Berwick-house, The lady of J. B. Swete, esq. Cheshire, lady F. Hill, of a son. of Manhead-cottage, Devon, of a

At Aston-under-line, the wife son. of J. Mills, of two sons and a At Greensted-hall, Essex, Mrs. daughter, all doing well.

Ord, of a son. The lady of sir W. W. Dixie, At Arch-cliffe, Dover, the lady bart. at Normanton-hall, Leices- of Captain Duncan Grant, of the tershire, of a daughter.

royal artillery, of a son. At Thetford, near Deeping, the At Roe-cliff Manor, Leicesterlady of colonel Denshire, of a son. shire, Mrs. Babington, of a son.

At Nottingham, the lady of B. At Tixover, Lincolnshire, Mrs. Pattison, esq. of a daughter. O'Brien, of a son and heir.,

At Hadsor-house, Worcester At Lydart-house, Monmouthshire, the lady of the rev. H. shire, Mrs. Oakley, of a daughter. Amphlett, of a daughter.

At Tunstall-hall, Shropshire, At Dublin, lady Killeen, of a the lady of the rev. P. S. Broughson.

ton, of a daughter. Same place, the honourable At Kelston-house, SomersetMrs. Veriker, of a daughter. shire, lady Hawkins, of a son.

February. In America-square, At Bath, Mrs. Williams, of the lady of W. Pratt, jun. of a son. Westmoreland, of a son.

At Cambridge, the lady of sir In Dublin, lady Coghill Coghill, J. Mortlock, of a son.

of a daughter.

Mrs. Smith, of a At Cury, Mrs. Hendy, of twins, son and heir.-At Farney.castle, being the third time of her having Mrs. Armstrong, of a son. twins, and being herself a twin. At Lodge-park,county of Meath, ; At Edinburgh, lady Pringle, of Mrs. Gibson, of a son. Stitchell, of a daughter.

May. In Gloucester-place, the · March. The lady of the ho- lady of John Buller, esq. of a nourable and rev. W. L. Adding- daughter. ton, second son of lord Sidmouth, The lady of John Watson, esq. of a daughter.

Upper Bedford-place, of a son. At Hatton-house, Middlesex, At Hambledon, Hampshire, the Mrs. Langslow, wife of captain lady of Francis Morgan, esq. of a Langslow,(Bengal establishment,) daughter. of a daughter, being her fifth In Manchester-square,

the child. Her eldest was born in lady of C. Blackett, jun. esq. of a Africa, her second in Asia, and her third in North America.

At Maize-hall, Greenwich, the April. The lady of the honour- lady of Henry Francis, esq. of able and rev. H. C. Cust, of a

The lady of C. J. Stokes, esq. Mrs. Jennings, of Bottisham- of Doughty-street, of a son. hall, Cambridgeshire, of a son. In Cumberland-street, the lady


a son.


a son.

a son.


of Charles Franks, esq. of a In Upper Grosvenor-street, the daughter.

lady of Thomas Greene, esq. of a In Keppel-street, Russell- daughter. square, the lady of John Consta At Kentish-town, Mrs. Fry, of ble, esq. of a son.

Charter-house-square, of a daughJune. At Rode-hall, Cheshire, ter. Mrs. Wilbraham, of a daughter. September. In Albemarle-street,

At Walton-house, Cumberland, the countess of Lusi, of a daughMrs. Johnson, of a son.

ter. At Alconbury-house, Hunting At Stone-hall, near Godstone, donshire, Mrs. Newton, of a son. the lady of William Grasott, esq.

At Normanby.hall, Lincolnshire, of a son and a daughter. lady Sheffield, of a daughter. In Park-street, the lady of the

At Bradenham-hall, Norfolk, honourable W. C. Cust, M. P. of Mrs. Haggard, of a daughter.

At gravel-hill, Shropshire, Mrs. In Seymour-place, Park-lane, Beauchamp, St. John, of a daugh- the lady of the honourable E. O ter.

Noel, of a son and heir. At Litchfield, lady Darwin, of In Gloucester-place, the lady of

W. Thompson, esq. M. P. of a At Berkswell-hall, Warwickshire, Mrs. Wilmot, of a daughter. October. At Hockcliffe-lodge,

Mrs. Williams, of the cottage, Bedfordshire, Mrs. Main, of a near Llanfyllin, Wales, of a son.

At Kilgraston, Scotland the At Stoke Vicarage, Bucks, Mrs. hon. Mrs. Grant, of a daughter. Raymond, of a son.

July. At her house, in Spring At Throop-house, Dorset, Mrs. gardens, lady Elizabeth Smyth, Porter, of a daughter. of a daughter.

At Middleton-hall, Essex, Mrs. Lady Fitzherbert, of a daughter. Gillum, of a daughter.

At the Grove, Highgate, the At Stock-lodge, Mrs. Eastwood, lady of Quarles Harris, jun. esq. of a daughter. of Crutched-friars, of a son.

At Ridgway Castle, Hampshire, In Chancery-lane, the lady of Mrs. Ede, of a daughter. H. A. Mereweather, esq. of a At Beakesbourne, Kent, the daughter.

honourable Mrs. Eden, of a son. The lady of captain Blanshard, At Walton-hall, Mrs. Houghof the honourable company's ship, ton, of a son. the Marquis of Wellington, of a At Merton-hall, Norfolk, Mrs. daughter.

Berney, of a daughter. August. In Queen-Ann-street, At Carlton-hall, Northamptonthe lady of John Callaghan, esq. shire, the honourable lady Palmer, of a son.

of a daughter. The lady of the rev. Dr. Rus At Greenridge, Northumbersell, head master of Charter- land, Mrs. J. Semple, of a house-school, of a daughter. daughter, her nineteenth child, all

At Mitcham-grove, the lady of alive; viz. nine sons and ten G. M. Hoare, esq. of a son. daughters.




Lady Mosley, at Rolleston, of Chester, to lady Charlotte Grey, Staffordshire, of a son.

daughter of the earl of Stamford In Scotland - at Comely bank, and Warrington. Mrs. Laidlow, of a daughter. At Wickworth, Derbyshire, Mr.

At the Manse of Boham, Mrs. F. West, only son of the honourForbes, of a daughter.

able Mr. West, and grandson to At Longniddy-house, Mrs. Drys- the late earl Delawar, to lady dale, of a son.

Georgiana Stanhope, youngest At Bermaduthy-house, Mrs. daughter to the late, and sister to M.Kenzie, of a son.

the present earl of Chesterfield. At Arden-wood, Ireland, Mrs. At Honiton, Devon, captain Homan, of a daughter.

Thornbrough, R. N. son of adNovember. At Oakfield-lodge, miral sir Edward Thornbrough, Berkshire, Mrs. Rich, of a son. K. C. B. to Emily, second

At Almington-hall, Cheshire, daughter of Daniel Garrett, esq. Mrs. Crewe, of a son.

of Cott-house, near Honiton. At Kenwick-house, Lincoln George Barrett Lennard, esq. shire, Mr. Allenby, of a son. third son of sir T. B. Lennard,

At Barkby-hall, Mrs. Pochin, of bart. of Bell-house, Essex, to a son.

Elizabeth, daughter of the late At Hobland-hall, Norfolk, Mrs. Edm. Prideaux, esq. of HexworPenrice, of a daughter.

thy, Cornwall. The honourable Mrs. Dundas, At Felbrig, Norfolk, the rev. C. at Harpole, Northamptonshire, of Campbell, to the honourable B.

Byng, daughter of the late viscount At Lichfield, lady C. Seymour, Torrington. of a son and heir.

At Oswestry, Francis Acton, At Bedale, Yorkshire, lady esq. nephew of the late sir John Beresford, of a son.

Acton, bart. prime minister at At Dublin, the countess of Naples, to Esther, relict of the Longford, of a son.

late Wm. Baker, esq. jun., and December. At Shabden, Surrey, daughter of the late Robert Fagan, the lady of A. Little, esq. of a son. esq. his Britannic majesty's con

At Hackney, the lady of Henry sul-general at Palermo. Ashley, esq. of a son.

At Wolverhampton, the hoAt Twickenham, the lady of the nourable captain Josceline Percy, Rev. T. Vialls, of a son.

R. N. son of the earl of Beverley, At Hampton Court, the lady of to Sophia Elizabeth, third daughter James Campbell, esq.ofa daughter. of Moreton Walhouse, esq. of

In York-place, Portman-square, Hatherton. the lady of Joseph Hume, esq. On the 5th of July last, in M. P. of a daughter.

Ceylon, W. Granville, esq. deputy secretary, to Frances, daughter of

the late honourable G. Turnour, MARRIAGES in the year 1821. of that island, and niece of his

January. At Bowden, Cheshire, eminence the late cardinal duke The rev. J. T. Law, vicar of Bow• de Baussett, of Paris, and the earl den, eldest son of the lord bishop of Winterton.


a son.

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