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to by the Russian government. A hundred miles of open ocean is a too liberal breadth of admiralty jurisdiction, and interferes with that “right to navigate and fish in the open sea which is common to all men;” the “exclusion from which is a national injury to every people against whom it may be enforced.” America suffers her full share in the general pressure of the financial concerns of most of the states of the world. The American papers, however, comment with great exultation on an alleged imp." in the domestic manuactures of the United States. The cotton goods of Rhode island are said to be in considerable demand. In Philadelphia, 4,000 looms have been set going within six months, and there is asserted to be a prospect of a still further increase in those establishments. Whether, however, the application of their enterprise and industry to manufactures may be the best method of consulting the solid advantage of an infant people, is a question which a few additional experiments may better enable the

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undertakers and their customers to decide. Mr. Jefferson, above 25 years ago maintained with great eagerness the capacity of North America, to manufacture the requisites for her own consumption. The plan was in some degree forced upon them, during their last war with England. The peace was followed by the destruction of their several companies. The hands now engaged are emigrants from this country. How long their employment may continue, and to what extent their schemes may succeed, it is not easy to conjecture. But we are not very rash in pronouncing that the superior weight of British capital must, for many years at least, press heavily on the American manufacturer; and that when undersold, as he is likely to be, in every market, it will require a far more serious sacrifice of self-interest than we have ever seen in the consumers of North America, or any other country, to save the workmen of Rhode island and Philadelphia from eventual abandonment and ruin.


N. B. The lowest and highest Prices of each Stock, in the course of each Month, are set down in that Month.

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In the Year 1821.

JANUARY. GREAT BRITA IN. T the recent anniversary of Whitehaven Philosophical Society, two specimens of meat cured with the pyroligenous acid were exhibited by one of the members. They were prepared on the 7th of September, 1819; one was hung up at home, and the other sent out by a vessel to the West Indies, to try the effect of climate upon it, and brought back on the return of that ship to port. They were pronounced by all present who tasted them, to be perfectly fresh, sweet, and fit for use, after a lapse of fifteen months. Early one morning (about a fortnight since,) some men belonging to the Sheriff-hill colliery, Northumberland, were waiting the arrival of the gin-horse to go down into the pit. Owing to the cleaning of the boiler, the regular engine rope was not in a working state at the moment; but about twenty fathoms of it, with the chain, were hanging into the shaft. One of the men, John Wilson, having in the dark, gone incautiously too near the bridge, fell in. Repeated cries from within the shaft, at last roused the attention of the other men, who, on repairing to the spot with a light,

were told by him that he had fallen into the pit, and was then hanging by the rope. As soon as the alarm would allow them to take measures for his preservation, they proceeded to adjust the gin-rope—a work that occupied not less than fifteen minutes. After fixing on a corf, one of them wished to descend in it to his assistance, but this Wilson forbade them to do. The corf was now let down gently till it came under his feet; he then freed himself from the engine rope, and being seated in the corf, was drawn slowly to bank, in a state of indescribable trepidation. He was, however, able, with the assistance of another man, to walk upwards of a mile to his own house, which on entering, he threw himself upon his knees, and poured out his fervent thanks to God for his deliverance. No sooner was this done than, overpowered by the dreadful conflict of his feelings, he fainted. Some time elapsed before he recovered tolerable composure, and even still when the subject recurs, his agitation is extreme. Being questioned minutely, he said he had gone to the brink of the shaft to ascertain whether his comrade was calling upon him from below, and being deceived by a glimmer

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