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Before Jehovah's awful throne
Behold th' amazing sight

130 Behold the Prince of peace

111 Behold where in a mortal form

132 Behold where breathing love divine 161 “ Blest are the meek,” he said

170 Blest instructer! from thy ways

180 Blest is the man, who fears thee, Lord 190 Blest hour when virtuous friends shall meet 261 Blest who the fellowship of sin



Can I forsake that gracious friend
Celestial worlds, your maker's name
Come, let us search our ways and try
Come, said Jesus' sacred voice
Come to the house of

prayer Creation's God! on him alone


46 159 127 30 45


Do yet the wheels of time revolve



Eat, drink, in mem'ry of your friend
Enough of life's rain scene l've trod
Enquire, ye pilgrims, for the way
Eternal and immortal King!
Eternal God! almighty cause
Eternal Power, whose high abode

247 145

21 138 85 34

Eternal Source of ev'ry joy!
Eternal source of light and thought !

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Faith adds new charms to earthly bliss 218
Far from mortal cares retreating

28 Far from these narrow scenes of night

240 Far from the world, Lord! I flee 177 Father divine ! before thy view

148 Father divine! thy piercing eye

268 Father! I thank thee; may no thought 154 Father !—and is thy table spread

246 Father of all! eternal mind !

81 Father of all! omniscient mind

90 Father of all! whose cares extend

79 Father of Jesus Christ, my Lord

133 Father of lights ! we sing thy name

69 Father of mer! thy care we bless 264 Father of light divine ! thy word

135 Father of our feeble race

162 Father supreme! thy gracious pow'r 68 Father supreme of heaven and earth 290 Father, thy gracious aid impart

179 From no relentless fate's dark womb 196 From north and south, from east and west 239 From this world's joys and senseless mirth 241


Give thanks to God, my soul !
Give to the winds thy fears
Glory be to God on high
God in his earthly temples lays

55 107 17 33


God moves in a mysterious way

196 God, my supporter and my hope !

147 God of eternity! from thee

221 God of mercy! God of love!

180 God of my strength! to thee I cry 146 God of my life, thro' all its days

72 God of our lives, whose constant care 279 God of the morning! at thy voice

269 God of the universe whose band

43 God to correct the world

286 Gracious Father! mighty Lord

25 Greatest of beings, source of life,

37, 37 Great framer of unnumber'd worlds 283 Great God ! at whose all-powr'ful call 274 Great God! how infinite art thou

87 Great God! how vast is thine abode 93 Great God! in vain man's narrow view 86 Great God, of grace! arise and shine 129 Great God! our joyful thanks to thee 66 Great God! thy peerless excellence 139 Great Lord of angels! we adore

255 Great Ruler of all nature's frame

195 Great Ruler of the earth and skies

287 Great Source of life, our souls confess 69


Hail, King supreme ! All wise and good 42 Hail the God of our salvation

113 Hail the day that sees him rise

125 Happy the ineek, whose gentle breast 171 Hark! the glad sound; the Saviour comes 115 Hark! what celestial notes

249 Hear what God the Lord hath spoken 129

High in the heavens, eternal God

House of our God, with cheerful anthems

How are thy servants blest, O Lord ! 103
How blest the man, how more than blest 194
How blest the sacred tie that binds

How bappy is he born and taught

How bappy they who born from heaven 143
How rich the blessings, O my God

How rich thy gifts, almighty King 288
How sweet the friendly voice that speaks 186
How still and peaceful is the grave!

How vain are all things here below! 214
How vast is the tribute I owe

How vast thy works, thou Sovereign Lord 99
How well our great Preserver knows 60

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Let all who seek Jehovah's face
Let coward guilt with pallid fear
Let high or low our station be
Let men of high conceit and zeal
Let not those hearts with anguish torn
Let one loud song of

praise arise
Let party names no more
Let us with a joyful mind



Let songs of praise from all below 257
Let all creation humbled lie

Life is a chequer'd road

Life is the time to serve thee, Lord ! 206
Like shadows gliding o'er the plain 282
Look round, O man ! survey this globe 43
Lo! God is here ; let us adore

Lo! the abundance of thine house

Lo! what a pleasing sight

Lord, before thy presence come

Lord ! may we relish with content 174
Lord ! not to earth's contracted span 30
Lord of life! all praise excelling

Lord of the sabbath! hear our vows

Lord of the worlds above

Lord of the world's majestic frame ! 45
Lord, thou art good ! all nature shows 95
Lord, thou hast search'd and seen us thro? 91
Lord, thro' the dubious path of life 212
Lord! we adore thy boundless grace 121
Lord! we adore thy wond'rous name

Lord! we have made thy word our choice 134
Lord ! when my thoughts with wonder trace 144


Mark, my soul, life's shifting scene
Mark the soft falling snow
My father! cheering name!
My father and my King !
My God, my King, thy various praise
My God, permit me not to be
My God, permit my tongue
My God! the father of mankind !


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