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The mists of error to control,
And thro’ its gloom, direct my soul

To happiness and good.
4 Beneath her clear discerning eye,
The visionary shadows fly

Of folly's painted show;
She sees, through every fair disguise,
That all but virtue's solid joys

Is vanity and woe.

S. M.



Virtuous desires.
1 O God! thou just and kind,

The erring mind instruct,
And to the paths of righteousness

Its wand'ring steps conduct.
2 Do thou the humble guide,

And teach the meek thy way:
Kindness and truth be shown to all

Who thee in truth obey.
3 Let no events cast down

Those who from evil fee ;
Nor disappointment shame

Who wait, O Lord! on thee.
4 Give me the tender heart

That mixes fear with love;
And lead me through whatever path

Thy wisdom shall approve.
50! ever keep my soul

From error, shame, and guilt;

C. M.

Nor suffer the fair hope to fail,
Which on thy truth is built.

Spiritual blessings implored.
1 AUTHOR of being! God of love !

To thee our hearts we raise ; Thine all-sustaining power we prove,

And gladly sing thy praise.
2 Thine, wholly thine, we long to be;

Our sacrifice receive ;
Made, and preserv’d, and sav'd by thee,

To thee ourselves we give.
3 Heaven-ward our every wish aspires,

For all thy mercy's store :
The sole return thy love requires,

Is, that we ask for more.
4 For more we ask ; we open, Lord,

Our hearts t'embrace thy will; Renew us by thy heav'8ly truth,

And from thy fulness, fill.
5 Still may we find thy heavenly love

Shed in our hearts abroad,
As onward to thy rest we move,

Our Father, and our God.

L. M,


Wisdom and virtue sought.
1 SUPREME and universai light!
Fountain of reason! judge of right!

Parent of good! whose blessings flow

On all above, and all below :
2 Without whose kind, directing ray,

In everlasting night we stray,
From passion still to passion tost,

And in a maze of error lost:
3 Assist us, Lord ! to act, to be,

What nature and thy laws decree;
Worthy that intellectual flame,

Which from thy breathing spirit came. 4 Our moral freedom to maintain,

Bid passion serve, and reason reign,
Self-pois’d and independent still

On this world's varying good or ill. 5 No slave to profit, shame, or fear,

O may our steadfast bosoms bear
The stamp of heaven, an honest heart,

Above the mean disguise of art! 6 May our expanded souls disclaim

The narrow view, the selfish aim ;
But with a christian zeal embrace

Whate’er is friendly to our race.
7 O Father! grace and virtue grant ;

No more we wish, no more we want :
To know, to serve thee, and to love,
is peace below,-is bliss above.

Prayer for spiritual and eternal blessings.
ETERNAL Source of light and thought !

Supremely good and wise!

C. M,

To thee we bring our grateful vows,

To thee lift up our eyes.
2 Thine influence, mighty God! is felt

Through nature's ample round;
In heav'n, on earth, thro' air and skies,

energy is found.
3 Father of lights ! thine aid dispense,

To guide our doubtful way;
Thy truth shall scatter ev'ry cloud,

And make a glorious day.
4 Supported by thy heav'nly grace,

We'll do and bear thy will; Thy grace shall make each burden light,

And ev'ry murmur still. 5 Safely conduct us by thy grace,

Through life's perplexing road, To pleasures which forever flow

At thy right hand, O God!

[blocks in formation]

The universal prayer.
1 FATHER of all! whose cares extend

To earth's remotest shore,
From ev'ry clime let praise ascend,
And every age

adore. 2 Thou great first cause, least understood,

Who all my sense confin’d,
To know but this that thou art good,

And that myself am blind.

3 What conscience dictates to be done,

Or warns me not to do: This, teach me more than hell to shun,

That, more than heav'n pursue. 4 What blessings thy free bounty gives,

Let me not cast away ; For God is paid when man receives;

T' enjoy is to obey.
5 Save me alike from foolish pride,

Or impious discontent;
At aught thy wisdom has deny'd,

Or ought thy goodness lent.
6 Teach me to feel another's woe,

To hide the fault I see: That mercy 1 to others show,

That mercy show to me. ng To thee, whose temple is all space,

Whose altar, earth, sea, skies, One chorus let all beings raise,

All nature's increase rise !

[blocks in formation]

1 LORD! not to earth's contracted span

Thy goodness let me bound; Or think thee Lord alone of

man, When thousand worlds are round. 2 Let not this weak, unknowing hand

Presume thy bolts to throw;

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