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P. M.


Hymn of praise. 1 O PRAISE ye the Lord ! prepare a new song ;

And let all his saints in full concert join :
With voices united the anthem prolong,

And show forth his praises with music divine. 2 Let praise to the Lord, who made us, ascend;

Let each grateful heart be glad in its king : The God whom we worship our songs will

attend, And view with complacence, the off'ring we

bring. 3 Be joyful, ye saints, sustain'd by his might,

And let your glad songs awake with each


For those who obey him are still his delight,

His hand with salvation the meek will adorn. 4 Then praise ye the Lord! prepare a glad

song ; And let all liis saints in full concert join : With voices united the anthem prolong, And show forth his praises with music divine.

L. M.



Hymn to the Deity. 1 GREATEST of beings, source of life,

Sov’reign of air, and earth, and sea! All nature feels thy pow'r, and all

A silent, homage pay to thee. 2 Wak'd by thy hand, the morning sun

Pours forth to thee its earlier rays, And spreads thy glories as it climbs;

While raptur'd worlds look up and praise. 3 The moon to the deep shades of night

Speaks the mild lustre of thy name; While all the stars that cheer the scene

Thee, the great Lord of light, proclaim. 4 And groves, and vales, and rocks, and hills,

And ev'ry flower, and every tree,
Ten thousand creatures, warm with life,

Have each a grateful song for thee. 5 But man was form'd to rise to heav'n :

And, blest with reason's clearer light, He views his maker thro’ his works,

And glows with rapture at the sight. 6 Nor can the thousand songs that rise,

Whether from air, or earth, or sea, So well repeat Jehovah's praise,

Or raise such sacred harmony.

L. M.



The same subject. 1 GREATEST of beings, source of life,

Sov’reign of air, of earth, and sea!

All nature feels thy pow'r; but man

A grateful tribute pays to thee. 2 Subject to wants, to thee he looks,

And from thy goodness seeks supplies : And when opprest with guilt he mourns,

Thy mercy lifts bim to the skies. 3 Children, whose little minds, unform’d,

Ne'er rais'd a tender thought to heav'n ; And men, whom reason lifts to God,

Tho' oft by passion downward driv'n: 4 Those too, who bend with age


care, And faint and tremble near the tomb ; Who, sick’ning at the present scenes,

Sigh for that better state to come :$ All, great Creator! all are thine ;

All feel thy providential care ; And thro' each varying scene of life

Alike thy constant pity share. 6 And whether grief oppress the heart,

Or whether joy elate the breast; Or life still keep its little course,

Or death invite the heart to rest : 7 All are thy messengers, and all

Thy sacred pleasure, Lord, obey : And all are training man to dwell Nearer to bliss, and nearer thee. 27. H. M.


Graleful praise.. 1 To your creator God,

Your great preserver, raise,

Ye creatures of his hand,
Your highest notes of praise :

Let every voice
Proclaim his pow'r,
Ilis name adore,

And loud rejoice. 2 Thou source of light and heat,

Bright soy’reign of the day,
Dispensing blessings round,
With all-diffusive

ray ;
From morn to night,
With ev'ry beam,
Record bis name,

Who made thee bright. 3 Fair regent of the night,

With all thy starry train,
Which rise in silent hosts,
To gild the azure plain ;

With countless rays
Declare his name,
Prolong the theme,

Reflect his praise.
4 Let all the creatures join,

To celebrate his name,
And all their various powers
Assist th' exalted theme.

Let nature raise
From every tongue
A general song

Of grateful praise. 5 But oh! from human tongues

Should nobler praises flow;

[blocks in formation]

1 High in the heavens, eternal God,

Thy goodness in full glory shines; Thy truth shall break through ev'ry cloud

Which veils and darkens thy designs. 2 Thy justice like the hills remains,

Unfathom’d depths thy mercies are ;
Thy providence the world sustains;

All that thou'st form’d, are still thy care. 3 Since of thy goodness all partake,

With what assurance may the just Thy shelt'ring wings their refuge make,

And saints to thy protection trust.
4 Such guests shall to thy courts be led,

To banquet on thy love's repast,
And drink, as from the fountain head,

Of joys which shall forever last. 5 O let thy saints thy favour gain,

To upright hearts thy truth display,
With whom the springs of life remain,

Whose presence is eternal day.

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