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1 ENQUIRE, ye pilgrims, for the way

That leads to Zion's hill ;
And thither set your steady face,

With a determin'd will.
2 Invite the strangers all around,

Your pious march to join ; And spread the sentiments you feel

Of faith and love divine. 3 Come, let us to his temple haste,

And seek his favour there; Before his footstool humbly bow,

And pour out fervent pray’r. 4 Come, let us join our souls to God,

In everlasting bands : And seize the blessings he bestows

With eager hearts and hands. 5 Come, let us seal, without delay,

The cov’nant of his grace; Nor shall the years of distant life

Its memory efface. 8 Thus may our rising offspring haste

To seek their fathers' God; Nor e'er forsake the happy path,

Their youthful feet have trod.

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The house of God.
1 Lo, God is here ! let us adore,

And humbly bow before his face :
Let all within us feel his power,

Let all within us seek his grace.
2 Lo, God is here ! him day and night

Th’united choirs of angels sing :
To him, enthron'd above all height,

Heav'n's host their noblest homage bring. 3 Being of beings ! may our praise

Thy courts with grateful fragrance fill: Still may we stand before thy face,

Still hear and do thy sov’reign will. 4 Sovereign of all, below, above !

Man's noblest work is serving thee;
Thy spirit o’er our hearts shall move,
And tune them to all harmony.

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1 AGAIN our weekly labours end,

And we religion's call attend :
Improve, my soul, the sacred rest,

And learn forever to be blest.
% This day may our devotions rise

To heav'n a grateful sacrifice;
May heav'n that peace divine bestow,
Which none but they who feel it know !

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3 This holy calm within the breast,

Prepares for that eternal rest,
Which for the sons of God remains,

The end of cares, and toils, and pains. 4 In sacred duties, let the day,

In sacred pleasures pass away:
How sweet this day of rest to spend

In hope of that which ne'er shall end ! 5 Fruitful in grace and comfort too,

To life's last period let us shew
That none, who love thy house, will find
A God unfaithful or unkind.



C. M.

The sabbath of the soul. 1 O FATHER, tho' the anxious fear

May cloud to-morrow's way ; Nor fear, nor doubt, shall enter here,

All shall be thine to-day.
2 We will not bring divided hearts

To worship at thy shrine;
But each unworthy thought departs,

And leaves this temple thine. 3 Then sleep to-day, tormenting cares,

Of earth and folly born!
Ye shall not dim the light that streams

From this celestial morn.
4 To-morrow will be time enough
To feel


harsh control; Ye shall not violate this day,

The sabbath of the soul.

5 Sleep, sleep, forever, guilty thoughts! Let fires of

vengeance die ; And, purg'd from sin, may we behold

A God of purity!



L. M.

The sacrifice of the heart. 1 WHEN, as returns this solemn day,

Man comes to meet his Maker, God, What rights, what honours shall he pay ?

How spread his sov'reign’s praise abroad! 2 From marble domes and gilded spires

Shall curling clouds of incense rise ? And gems, and gold, and garlands deck

The costly pomp of sacrifice? 3 Vain, sinful man! reation lord,

Thy golden off?rings weil may spare : But give thy heart, and thou shalt find,

Here dwells a God who heareth prayer. 4 O grant us in this awful hour

From earth and sin's allurements free, To feel thy love, to own thy power,

And raise each raptur'd thought to thee.


C. M.


Homage and devotion. 1 With sacred joy we lift our eyes

To those bright realms above, That glorious temple in the skies

Where dwells eternal love.

2 Before the awful throne we bow

Of heaven's almighty King : Here we present the solemn vow,

And hymns of praise we sing. 3 Thee we adore ; and, Lord ! to thee

Our filial duty pay :
Thy service, unconstrain’d and free,

Conducts to endless day. 4 While in thy house of prayer we kneel

With trust and holy fear,
Thy mercy and thy truth reveal,

And lend a gracious ear. 5 With fervour teach our hearts to pray,

And tune our lips to sing ;
Nor from thy presence cast away

The sacrifice we bring.

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1 GRAcious Fatber! mighty Lord !

Be thy glorious name ador'd ;
Lord, thy mercies never fail ;

Hail, celestial goodness, hail !
2 Tho' unworthy, Lord, thine ear,

Our humble hallelujahs hear;
Purer praise we hope to bring,

When around thy throne we sing. 3 While on earth ordain'd to stay,

Guide our footsteps in thy way,
Till we come to reign with thee,
And all thy glorious greatness see.

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