Critical and Miscellaneous Essays, Том 2

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J. Munroe and Company, 1848

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Страница 320 - The whole world was not half so wide To Alexander, when he cried, Because he had but one to subdue, As was a paltry narrow tub to Diogenes; who is not said (For aught that ever I could read) To whine, put finger i' th' eye, and sob, Because he 'ad ne'er another tub.
Страница 334 - Cerements of lead and of wood already hold her ; cold earth must have her soon. But it is not my Charlotte, it is not the bride of my youth, the mother of my children, that will be laid among the ruins of Dryburgh, which we have so often visited in gaiety and pastime. No, no.
Страница 115 - ... stony pale as of one living in death. Mean weeds, which her own hand has mended, attire the Queen of the World. The death-hurdle, where thou sittest pale, motionless, which only curses environ, has to stop : a people, drunk with vengeance, will drink it again in full draught, looking at thee there. Far as the eye reaches, a multitudinous sea of maniac heads; the air deaf with their triumph-yell...
Страница 301 - The rude man,' says a critic, ' requires only to see something going on. The man of more refinement must be made to feel. The man of complete refinement must be made to reflect.
Страница 326 - And yet, on the other hand, it shall not less but more strenuously be inculcated, that in the way of writing, no great thing was ever, or will ever be done with ease, but with difficulty! Let ready-writers with any faculty in them lay this to heart.
Страница 273 - In speaking of the man and men he has to do with, he will of course keep all his charities about him, but all his eyes open. Far be it from him to set down aught untrue ; nay, not to abstain from, and leave in oblivion, much that is true. But having found a thing or things essential for his subject, and well computed the for and against, he will in very deed set down such thing or things, nothing doubting, Juiving, we may say, the fear of God before his eyes, and no other fear whatever.
Страница 311 - All his motions spoke strength unabated ; and, though rather undersized, he had very broad shoulders, was square made, thin-flanked, and apparently combined in his frame muscular strength and activity ; the last somewhat impaired, perhaps, by years, but the first remaining in full vigour. A hard and harsh countenance ; eyes far sunk under projecting eyebrows, which were grizzled like his hair ; a wide mouth, furnished from ear to ear with a range of unimpaired teeth of uncommon whiteness, and a size...
Страница 115 - Look there, O man born of woman ! The bloom of that fair face is wasted, the hair is gray with care ; the brightness of those eyes is quenched, their lids hang drooping, the face is stony pale, as of one living in death. Mean weeds, which her own hand has mended, attire the Queen of the World.
Страница 276 - To our imagination, as above hinted, there is a certain apotheosis in it; but in the reality no apotheosis at all. Popularity is as a blaze of illumination, or alas, of conflagration, kindled round a man; showing what is in him ; not putting the smallest item more into him; often abstracting much from him; conflagrating the poor man himself into ashes and caput mortuum I And then, by the nature of it, such popularity is transient ; your
Страница 326 - Virgil and Tacitus, were they ready writers? The whole Prophecies of Isaiah are not equal in extent to this cobweb of a Review article. Shakespeare, we may fancy, wrote with rapidity, but not till he had thought with intensity; long and sore had this man thought, as the seeing eye may discern well, and had dwelt and wrestled amid dark pains and throes — though his great soul is silent about all that. It was for him to write rapidly...