Botanical Gazette

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John Merle Coulter, M.S. Coulter, Charles Reid Barnes, Joseph Charles Arthur
University of Chicago Press, 1887

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Страница 43 - States as may in each case be deemed advisable, having due regard to the varying conditions and needs of the respective states or territories.
Страница 78 - Away to the Dismal Swamp he speeds — His path was rugged and sore, Through tangled juniper beds of reeds, Through many a fen, where the serpent feeds, And man never trod before.
Страница 43 - That it shall be the object and duty of said experiment stations to conduct original researches or verify experiments on the physiology of plants and animals; the diseases to which they are severally subject, with the remedies for the same; the chemical composition of useful plants at their different stages of growth; the comparative advantages of rotative cropping as pursued under a varying series of crops ; the capacity of new plants or trees for acclimation; the analysis of soils and water; the...
Страница 43 - ... natural or artificial, with experiments designed to test their comparative effects on crops of different kinds; the adaptation and value of grasses and forage plants; the composition and digestibility of the different kinds of food for domestic animals; the scientific and economic questions involved in the production of butter and cheese; and such other researches or experiments bearing directly on the agricultural industry of the United States...
Страница 187 - ... are plants at all. If they are plants, they have remained in a low condition and have no offshoots represented by higher forms of plants. There appears to be only one way to find out whether a given structure is a plant or an animal, and that is to see whether it is described in zoological or botanical manuals. Unfortunately, this does not help us in the case of the Myxomycetes. We can safely say, however, that the more highly developed parasites have not been developed from Myxomycetes, and...
Страница 204 - ... how rich in learning, how admirable in style! How many times has he crossed the ocean that he might more carefully study European herbaria, and better know the leading men in his own department! In examining, reviewing, and sometimes gracefully correcting, the labors of others, what a shrewd, hon est and urbane critic has he proved himself to be!
Страница 65 - The structure of the ash determines its mode of splitting under heavy blows. It divides at the lines of demarcation of the annual layers. Here are to be seen, upon microscopic examination, large dotted ducts, whose open mouths are quite evident to the naked eye, in cross section. The earliest mention of the ash and other trees in this section of Western New York, that I know of, may be found in a handbill issued by Joseph Ellicott, November 26th, 1800, (and quoted in Turner's History of the Holland...
Страница 204 - God grant that it may be allowed to such a man at length to carry to a happy completion that great work which he long ago began, of more accurately describing the flora of North America. Meanwhile, this man who has so long adorned his fair science by his labors and his life, even unto a hoary age,
Страница 284 - De Bary. Observations were undertaken by Mr. Arthur Shipley, under the auspices of the Royal Gardens. The favoring atmospheric conditions are heavy dews or rains, followed by warm, moist, calm weather, and the absence of direct sunshine and cold winds. The life history of the fungus is well known to botanists, with its internal parasitism in the leaves, its conidial branches protruded through the stomata, and its reproduction by asexual and sexual spores. It is suggested that onion plants should...
Страница 43 - scientific news" occurs in the department under that name edited by Wm. Hosea Ballou. Just why there should be such a department in addition to the others edited by specialists, and embracing almost all branches of natural history, we can not see. The editor of this department can not be a specialist, and is therefore constantly liable to bring discredit upon the Naturalist's good name, by the insertion of items like the above, which savors of the style of the daily newspaper. Had this note come...