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The compiler canyot refrain from stating an increased conviction of the general clear-sightedness and accuracy of Dr. Robinson, at the same time, in consideration of the very difficult nature of the subject of Jewish antiquities, all allusion to the disputed points has, in the present Edition, been carefully avoided, as unsuited to a work intended chiefly for unlearned readers.

May the attention of all classes be more earnestly directed to Palestine, and her banished sons ! May we obey with more heartfelt interest the entreaty, “O, pray for the peace of Jerusalem !"

Far, far, be the curse from us, which shall surely fall on them who have evil will at Zion, or who neglect any opportunity of doing her good. Rather upon us be the blessing pronounced by prophetic lips,

« Blessed is he that blesseth thee."

“ Glorious things are spoken of thee, thou city of God.” And the time, we trust, is near, and hasteth greatly,

• When her tribes, dispersed and banished,

Shall return with singing home;
Sin destroyed, and sorrow vanished,

When to Zion's hill they come.”

“ Be ye glad and rejoice for ever in that which I create; for behold, I create Jerusalem a rejoicing, and her people a joy."

M. F. M


June, 1847.

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It is now more than two years since the volume of “ Extracts from Travellers” was published. While it was in the press, it was suggested to the Compiler, that a work of a similar nature, illustrative of Scripture Topography, might prove acceptable. The present volume is the result of that suggestion. What has been attempted in the Work is briefly this :

1st. To bring together in one view those passages of Scripture in which the place under notice is mentioned.

2dly. To give a brief historical sketch of such place.

3dly. To narrate those particulars of its present state, which may be gathered from the works of travellers.

And, throughout, to direct the mind of the reader to the fulfilment of prophecy, wherever the accomplishment of the Divine predictions can be distinctly traced.

The present volume includes Palestine, as divided, in the time of our Saviour, into Judæa, Samaria, and Galilee; and also the neighbouring countries of Philistia and Phoenicia. A Second Part, containing some account of other countries mentioned in Scripture, is in progress.

A considerable portion of the extracts have been taken from the admirable work on “Biblical Geography," lately published by Dr. Robinson, who has done so much, by his careful researches, towards identifying the sites of ancient places.

In all cases very great care has been exercised in the choice of the extracts; and those passages only have been selected, on the general accuracy of which we may rely. May it please Him, to whose service all our time and all our works should be humbly devoted, to accompany this volume with His blessing !

M. F. M.


July 17, 1843.

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