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Страница 83 - Conference of State and Provincial Boards of Health of North America will be held in Detroit, Michigan, August 9, 10 and 11, 1898. The "quarter centennial celebration of the establishment of the Michigan State Board of Health" will be in progress at the abovenamed time.
Страница 65 - Court, or any two of them, that the party of the first part has in any respect failed to comply with the provisions of this contract, said Judges may. upon hearing had In such manner as they may direct, declare the contract forfeited, and on such forfeiture being declared, said first party shall upon demand of said board transfer to the Secretary of State of this State, for the use of the State, all the...
Страница 65 - Witnesseth, That, if the party of the second part shall first make the payments and perform the covenants hereinafter mentioned on ...part to be made and performed, the said party of the first part hereby covenants and agrees to convey and assure to the said party of the second part, in fee simple, clear of all incumbrances whatever, by a good and sufficient Warranty Deed, the lot..., piece..., or parcel...
Страница 65 - ... of the Michigan Reports in the State Library at Lansing, subject to the approval of the judges of the Supreme Court, or a majority of them, and such approval in writing shall be filed with the State Librarian when the three hundred and fifty couples of each report are delivered to the State Librarian as hereinafter required.
Страница 50 - If at any time during the continuance of this contract the sureties or either of them shall die or become irresponsible the State has the right to require additional and sufficient sureties which the contractor shall furnish to the acceptance of the Board of State Auditors within ten days after notice and in default thereof this contract may be annulled. The State reserves the right to annul this contract if there should be a failure at any time to perform faithfully any of its specifications, or...
Страница 16 - June, nineteen hundred twenty-one, all powers and duties imposed by act number three hundred six of the Public Acts of nineteen hundred seven, upon the state librarian or any other person relative to the maintenance of a legislative reference and information department in connection With the state library shall be, and the same are hereby transferred to the legislature; and the legislature shall, from and after said...
Страница 65 - Librarian when the three hundred and fifty copies of each report are delivered to the State Librarian as hereinafter required. And in consideration of the premises it is further agreed, as follows : That the party of the first part shall take out a copyright to and in the name of the Secretary of State for the use and disposal of the State, upon each volume published under snch contract.
Страница 65 - Therefore, in consideration of the premises, the party of the first part hereby covenants, promises and agrees, to and with the party of the second part, to publish...
Страница 65 - State, all the electrotyped plates of all volumes published under such contract, or in default thereof will pay to the Treasurer of this State one thousand dollars for each such volume as liquidated damages for a failure to make such transfer.