A Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Washington University, for the Academic Year ...

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Страница 106 - ... to be held and controlled by such board, when accepted, according to the terms of the deed, gift, devise or bequest of such property ; and as to such property the said board shall be held and considered to be special trustees.
Страница 115 - The inflections; the simpler rules for composition and derivation of words; syntax of cases and the verbs; structure of sentences in general, with particular regard to relative and conditional sentences, indirect discourse, and the subjunctive.
Страница 206 - ... majority of all other branches taught in this year. Conditions in completed courses must be removed in the fall before fourth year work is begun* At the end of the Senior Year a student will be graduated subject to the conditions named under "Requirements for Graduation." REQUIREMENTS FOR GRADUATION. 1 . The candidate must be twenty-one years of age. 2. He must be of good moral character (which includes unexceptionable conduct while at this school). 3. He must have fulfilled the requirements...
Страница 297 - ... pages of graduated texts, either from a reader or from editions of easy texts. i. In the Second Year: A thorough review of the first year's work in grammar, supplemented by numerous exercises in translating from English to German; a further study of syntax; conversation, based upon the texts read; practice in...
Страница 187 - Shakespeare's Macbeth ; Milton's Lycidas, Comus, L' Allegro, and II Penseroso ; Burke's Speech on Conciliation with America; Macaulay's Essays on Milton and Addis on. In 19o6, 19o7, 19o8: Shakespeare's Julius Caesar; Milton's Lycidas, Comus, L' Allegro, and // Penseroso ; Burke's Speech on Conciliation with America ; Macaulay's Essay on Milton, and Life of Johnson.
Страница 100 - The objects of said department shall be: Instruction in the fine arts; the collection and exhibition of pictures, statuary, and other works of art, and of whatever else may be of artistic interest and appropriate for a public gallery or art museum; and, in general, the promotion by all proper means of aesthetic or artistic education.
Страница 14 - CICERO: Any six orations from the following list, but preferably the first six mentioned: The four orations against Catiline, Archias, the Manilian Law, Marcellus, Roscius, Milo, Sestius, Ligarius, the fourteenth Philippic. D. VERGIL: The first six books of the ^Eneid, and so much prosody as relates to accent, versification in general, and dactylic hexameter.
Страница 69 - Macbeth and The Merchant of Venice ; The Sir Roger de Coverley Papers in The Spectator; Irving's Life of Goldsmith; Coleridge's The Ancient Mariner; Scott's Ivanhoe and The Lady of the Lake; Tennyson's Gareth and Lynette, Lancelot and Elaine, and The Passing of Arthur; Lowell's The Vision of Sir Launfal; George Eliot's Silas Marner.
Страница 159 - Shakespeare's Macbeth; Milton's Lycidas, Comus, L' Allegro, and II Penseroso ; Burke's Speech on Conciliation with America, or Washington's Farewell Address, and Webster's First Bunker Hill Oration ; Macaulay's Life of Johnson, or Carlyle's Essay on Burns.
Страница 158 - A student may be allowed to enter on his medical work conditioned in not more than six points, and these conditions must be removed by satisfactory examination before he is allowed to enter on the second year of his medical course.