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Anecdotes: John Adams and George Devon Carys, in Two Volumes,"

Washington, 81; Polk and Benton, by F. H., 284-286; "History of the
81; Webster and the Adamses, 82; University of Virginia,” by Dr.
Webster and Lord Brougham, 80; Philip Alexander Bruce, 286, 287.
Webster and W. W. Corcoran, 82; British: Humanity of the, 310-314;
Col. Byrd and Duke of Cumber: paroles exacted by, 73-75.
land, 82, 83; Christopher Hughes Brunswick County: Justices in 1736,
and the King of Holland, 83; 358.
Hughes and the Duke of Welling Burton Memorandum, 113, 114, 207,
ton, 80, 84; Hughes and General 273-278.
Scott, 84; Mr. Madison, 85; John Burwells of New Jersey and Canada,
Tyler and John Randolph, 139, 327-329.

Cary Family, 284.
Aristocracy: In Pennsylvania, 86; in Champe, John, 331-335.

Maryland, 86, 87; in Virginia, 88, Sir John Clay, 139.
89, 90, 93-97; in New England, Charles City County Petitions:

Against the Paper Money, 160-
Arnold, Benedict: A plan to capture, 165; Thomas Goodwyn's heir, 165;

Quakers, for special privileges,
Baptists: Petition for a Meeting 166; Quakers against slavery, 167-
House, 329.

170; B. Harrison against Gill
Barbers and Perukemakers, 203, 205. Seines, 170, 171; Benjamin Har.
Bassett Family, 140.

rison regarding Robert Morris,
Bellini, Charles, First Professor of 171-176.
Modern Languages, 178.

Colonial Brick, 286.
Belles of Saratoga in 1816, 302-305— Curle Family, 140.

Misses Livingston, Wilkins and Cusick Family, 264, 265.

Dunmore, Lord, Proclamation freeing
Blackburn, William, and His De servants and slaves, 323.
scendants, 263-268.

Established Church, Memorial for an,
Book Notices: “The Conquest of the

Old Southwest," by Dr. Archibald

Fauquier County, Finding of, 314-320;
Henderson, 142; "John Archibald

Indians of, 316-318; Baptists in,
Campbell," by Judge Henry G.

Connor, 208-215; "History of the
United States Circuit and Dis

F. F. V.'s, 80-85.
trict Courts of North Carolina,” Flowerdew Hundred, 115; Why
by Judge Henry G. Connor, 283; named, 126-130.
"Memorial Address on the Pre Flowerdew Family, 125-130.
sentation of the Statue to the Floyd, John B., A Defence, 154-156.
City of Wilmington of George Formicula-Stuart-Bankhead, 194.
Davis," by Judge Henry G. Con. Fort Sumter, 208-213.
nor, 283; "Francis Morgan and French Huguenots: Dr. John Toton,
Some of His Descendants," by 279; Jean Marot, 271, 272, 282,
Annie Noble Sims, 283; Addresses History of, by Col. Dupont, 284.
of Col. H. A. Dupont, 284; "The / Galt, J. M.-A sketch, 247.

*Notice: The pagination of the first number in this volume by mistake
began with page 289 and ran to page 360. The next number commenced
with page 73, as if the first number had been correctly numbered, and after
this the third and fourth numbers continued in regular sequence. The in-
dioes follow the order of the numbers.

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