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· Et tantas audetis tollere moles? " Quos ego-fed motos præstat componere fluctus. * Poft mihi non fimili poena commiffa luetis. “ Maturate fugam, regique hæc dicite veftro : “ Non illi imperium pelagi, fævumque tridentem, “ Sed mihi forte datum'



S on the sea-beat shore Britannia sat,

Of her degenerate fons the faded fame, Deep in her anxious heart, revolving fad : Bare was her chrobbing bosom to the gale, That hoarse, and hallow, from the bleak surge blew ; S Loose flow'd her treffes; rent her azure robe. Hung o'er the deep from her majestic brow She tore the laurel, and the tore the bay. Nor ceas'd the copious grief to bathe her cheek; Nor ceas'd her fobs to murmur to the main. Peace discontented nigh, departing, stretch'd Her dove-like wings. And War, though greatly rouz’d, Yet mourns his fetter'd hands. While thus the queen Of nations spoke ; and what she said the Muse Recorded, faithful, in unbidden ýerse,

15 VOL. II, B



Ev'n not yon fail, that, from the sky-mixt wave,
Dawns on the sight, and wafts the Royal Youth *,
A freight of future glory to my shore;
Ev'n not the flattering view of golden days,
And rising periods yet of bright renown,
Beneath the Parents, and their endless line
Through late revolving time, can sooth my rage;
While, unchastis'd, th' insulting Spaniard dares
Infest the trading flood, full of vain war
Despise my navies, and my merchants seize ;

As, trusting to false peace, they fearless roam
The world of waters wild ; made, by the toil,
And liberal blood of glorious ages, mine :
Nor bursts my seeping thunder on their head.
Whence this unwonted patience ? this weak doubt? 30
This tame beseeching of rejected peace ?
This meek forbearance this unnative fear,
To generous Britons never knowo before?
And fail'd my fleets for this ; on Indian tides
To float, unactive, with the veering winds ? 35
The mockery of war! while hot disease,
And Noth diftemper'd, swept off burning crowds,
For action ardent; and amid the deep,
Inglorious, sunk them in a watery grave.
There now they lie beneath the rolling food,
Far from their friends, and country unaveng'd;
And back the drooping war-fhip comes again,
Difpirited, and thin; her sons alham'd

40 45

* Frederick.



Thus idly to review their native thore ;
With not one glory sparkling in their eye,
One triumph on their tongue. A passenger,
The violated merchant comes along;
That far-fought wealth, for which the noxious gale
He drew, and sweat beneath equator funs,
By lawless force detain'd; a force that soon
Would melt away, and every spoil resign,
Were once the British lion heard to roar.
Whence is it that the proud Iberian thus,
In their own well-asserted element,
Dares rouze to wrath the masters of the main ?

Who told him, that the big incumbent war
Would not, ere this, have roll'd his trembling ports
In smoaky ruin? and his guilty stores,
Won by the ravage of a butcher'd world,
Yet unaton'd, funk in the fwallowing deep,
Or led the glittering prize into the Thames ?

There was a time (oh, let my languid fons Resume their fpirit at the rouzing thought !) When all the pride of Spain, in one dread fleet, Swellid o'er the labouring surge; like a whole heaven Of clouds, wide-roll'd before the boundless breeze. Gaily the splendid armament along Exultant plough'd, reflecting a red gleam, As funk the sun, o'er all the flaming Vast; Tall, gorgeous, and elate; drunk with the dream 70 Of easy conqueft: while their bloated war, Stretch'd out from íky to sky, the gather'd force Of ages held in its capacious womb. B %





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But foon, regardless of the cumberous pomp,
My dauntless Britons came, a gloomy few, 75
With tempest black, the goodly scene deform’d,
And laid their glory waste. The bolts of Fate
Refifless thunder'd through their yielding fides
Fierce o'er their beauty blaz'd the lurid flame;
And seiz'd in horrid grasp, or shatter'd wide,
Amid the mighty waters deep they funk.
Then too from every promontory chill,
Rank fen, and cavern where the wild wave works,
I swept confederate winds, and fwell'd a storm.
Round the glad ifle, snatch'd by the vengeful blast, $5
The scatter'd remnants drove; on the blind fhelve,
And pointed rock, that marks th' indented shore,
Relentless dash'd, where loud the northern main
Howls through the fractur'd Caledonian ifles.

Such were the dawnings of my watery reign ; 99
But since how vast it grew, how abfolute,
Ev'n in those troubled times, when dreadful Blake

nations with the British name, Let every

humbled state, let Europe say, Sustain'd, and balanc'd, by my naval arm. 95 Ah, what muft those immortal spirits think Of your poor shifts. Those, for their country's good Who fac'd the blackest danger, knew no fear, No mean submission, but commanded peace. Ah, how with indignation must they burn! 100 (If aught, but joy, can touch etherial breasts With shame! with grief I to fee their feeble fons Shrink from that empire o'er the conquer'd seas,


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