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islands of Yołu and James ;- pafes. Ajhley River to Charles Town Neck;
piege of ibat cy. Anirul dibuibno paljes tbe Bar with difficulty.
American and French marine force abandon their fation, and retire 10
the foun, wibire most of the former are furk to bar e paffage. The ad-
miral polis ibe heavy fire of the fort on Sullivan's Tand, and takes
poletion of the bartour. General Lincoln summoned without effe&.
Srare of the defences on Charles Town Neck. Colonel Tarleten cuts of
party of the rebels, Col. Webfiir pajes Cooper River with a detacb-
ment, by which ibe city is closely in vesied. Lord Cornwallis takes the
command on that fade. Sirge prebed with great vigour. Admiral Ar-
buthnot takes Miunt. Pleajani, and reduces Fort Moultrie. Tarlatos de-
fears and deftroys the rebel Cavalry. Capitulation of Charles Town.
Garrison, artillery, frigates, &c. Rebels again defeated by Tarletek,
at Waxaw. Regulations bi Sir Henry Clinton for tbe security of Ibe
province. Departure for Neru York. Earl Cornwallis reduces rée
whole colony. Unexpected danger to which the feocrity of ibe wister
bad exposed New York. Gallant defence made by Capi. Corewallis,
against a French superior naval force. Three naval actions between
Sir George Rodney, and M. de Guichen, productive of no decisor ca.
Jequences. Infurrections of the loyalists in North Carolina quellea. Barex
de Kalbe marches into ibat province witb a continental force. Is fellow
ly General Gates, who takes the chief commande State of affairs in the
two Carolina's. Battle of Camdex. Complete victory gained by Lord
Eornwallis. Sumpter rouued by Tarleton.



General bill of the christening's and burials for the year 1780
· Births for ibe year 1780
- Marriages in a
Principal Promotions we more

! "


An account of the late riots in tbe cities of London and Wejiminfter
Copies of letters 'which palled between the secretaries of flate, the lard port-

fident of the council, the commander in chief, and tbe lord-says and alder.

men of the city of London, and aljo of the king's proclamation, and tbe general
; orders iffued, relative to the late riots

- [264
Proceedings at the Old Bailey, and of i he special commiffion at St. Margaret's.
bill, for the trial of the rioters

- (271
Remarkable actions at jea, vis. . ;

Between his majesty's ship La Prudente, commanded by the Hon. Capt.

Waldegrave, and La Capricieuje, a French frigare - [287
Between bis majesty's faip Flora, commanded by Capi, Peer, Williams,
and a French frigate called La Nymphe


Wiolent icmpejt happened


Between his majesty's Mip Bienfaisant, commanded by Capt. Mac

Bride, and the Conte d'Artois, a French private ship of war of 64 guns

- [292 Beturen the Fame, a private Jhip of war of Dublin, commanded by

Capt. Moor, and five French vefjöls, all letters of marque [291 Short account of the defolation made in several of the West India islands hy the latë hurricanes . - :

- [292 Journal of what passed at Barbadoes from the 9th of October until the 16th, during which time another violent tempest happened

- [295 Authentic accounts of the same from other islınds Copies of letters between the Earl of Hillsborough and the Earl of Pembroke,

on the dismission of the latter from the office of lord-lieutenant of the county of Wilts - -

- [298 Proceedings in the case of Mr. Pizzoni, the Venetian resident

(299 Breviate of Mr. Burke's bill for ' the better regulation of his majesty's

civil establishment, and of certain public offices; for the limitation of penpons, and the suppröllin of sundry useless, exponpve, and inconvenient places; and for applying the monies fived thereby to the public Service.'

- - [300 Extract from two ediets lately published by the King of France on the subjeet of national economy

- - [302 An account of the quantities of all corn and grain exported from, and im

ported into, Englımd and Scotland, with the bounties and drawbacks paid, and the duties received thereon, for one year ended the 5th of Ja. nuary, 1781 .

· [305 Prices of Stocks for the year 1980

[307 Supplies granted by parliament for the year 1780

(308 Ways and means for raising the above fupplies



His majesty's moft gracious speech to both houfos of parliament, on Thursılay the 2;th of November, 1779

- (3.21 The humble address of the Lords fpiritual and temporal, in parliament af. sembled; with his majesty's answer

- [322 The humble address of the House of Commons to the King

- [323 Address of the archbishop, bijhops, and clergy, of the province of Canterbury,

in convocation assembled, presented to his majefty on the 17th of November 1780; with his majesty's answer

- [324 Protests of the Lords

- [326, 330, 332 His majesty's most gracious speech to both houses of parliament, June 19, 1780

. - [333 The humble address of the Loris fpiritual and temporal, in parliament afsembled; with his majesty's answer

-- [334 The humble address of the House of Commons

(335 His majesty's answer to the adibress of the House of Commons

ibid. His majesty's Specch to both houses of parliament on July 8, 1780 (3 36 S2

A pro

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A proclamation for disolving this present parliament, and declaring the calling
of another

— [337
The Speich of bis Excellency the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to both houses of

- ibid
The petition of the gentlemen, clergy, and freeholders, of the county of York,

to ibe honourable House of Commons-
To the Honourable House of Commons: A representation and petition of the

planters, merchants, and other persons interested in the island of Jamaica
The memorial presented by Sir Joseph Yorke, the Englise ambassador extra-
ordinary at the Hague, the 21f day of March, 1780

Provisional answer given to the above memorial -

Declaration of the court of Great Britain, April 17th, 1780 - ibid
The memorial presented to their High Mightinesses by Prince Gallitgin, the

Rufian minifter, on the part of the Empress his sovereign - . [346
Declaration of the Empress of Rufia to the courts of London, Versailles, and

- (347
Answer of the court of Great Britain to the declaration of the Empre's of

Answer of the King of France to the declaration of the Empress of Ruffia

Answer of the King of Spain to the fame declaration - - (350
Declaration of the King of Denmark and Norway, to the courts of London,
Versailles, and Madrid

Declaration of the King of Sweden to the same courts -

Explanation which the court of Sueden has demanded, relative to the pro-

pofal which the court of Rusia has made for the reciprocal protection and
navigation of their subjects

- (354
Anfwer of the court of Russia
Papers which were communicated by Sir Joseph Yorke, by express orders

from the king his mofter, to bis ferene highness the Prince Stadtbolder,
and which were taken out of Mr. Laurens's trunk, viz.
No. 1. Treaty of amity and commerce between the republic of Holland
and the united fates of America

- 356
No. II. Copy of a letter to his Excellency B. Franklin, Elq; at Paris

No. III. A letter from Mr. Stokton, to the Rev. Dr. Witherspoon
No. IV. A letter from Col. Dircks, to the Hon. Henry Laurens, ĒJq;

No. V. A letter from Mr. A. Gillon, to John Rutledge, Elg; (369
Memorial presented to the States General by Sir Joseph Yorke, concerning

the five papers found among those of Mr. Laurens - - 1373
Resolution taken by the States General of the United Provinces, relative to
the insults and violences committed at the island of St. Martin

Memorial presented to the States General by Sir Joseph Yorks, on tbe 12th of

December, 1780 -
Manifesto of the court of Great Britain





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Letter from Count Welderen to Lord Stormont - - [379 Letter from Lord Storment to Count Welderen

- (380 Report of the commissioners appointed to examine, take, and flate, the public accounts of the kingdom

. - ibid. Proceedings of a board of general officers, held by order of General Wasbing

fon, respecting Major John Andrè, Adjutant-general of the British army . . .

(384 General Arnold's address to the inhabitants of America, after having aban. doned the service of the Congress

(397 Address of Sir George Saville to his conftituents


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Character and manners of the Venetians ; from a View of Society and Mana,

ners in Italy, by Dr. Moore
Of the modern Romans ; from the fame
Of Naples, and the manners of its inhabitants ; from the same
Of the poetical Rehearsers and Improuvisatori
Reflections on the genius and chara&ter of the Biscayners

25 Defcription of the town of Bilbao, and the manners of its inbabitants

30 Of the chara&ter of our debt-laws, and of Mr. Howard

- 32 Of the Popijß penal laws, with the chara&ter of Sir George Saville and

Mr. Dunning Adventures of Eyles Irwin, Esq; in a voyage up the Red Sea, and in a jour.

ney through the deserts of Thebais Narrative of the sufferings of Mr. de St. Germain, and his companions, in the deserts of Egypt

54 Of the religion of the Kalmucs and Mongouls

- 57 Of the religion of Tibet ; or, of the Dalai Lama

59 An account of the sufferings of Lady Harriet Ackland, in the campaigns of 1776 and 1777, in Canada

- 63 Translation of a short extract from a journal kept by 'C. P. Thunberg, M. D.

during his voyage to, and residence in, the empire of Japan

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NATURAL HISTORY: An account of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, which happened in August 1779

- 72 Relation of the recent eruption of Mount Ætna

- 96 Of the effe Is of volcanos, and of the hot springs, in Iceland Of the Basaltic pillars

- .

- - 96 Natural History of the Grana Kermes, or scarlet grain

100 The method of making falt petre in Spain

105 Extract from Dr. Ingenhoufz's account of a new inflammable air, which can

be made in a moment without apparatus, and is as fit for explofion as any other inflammable galles


Account of a woman who had the small-pox during pregnancy, and who seemed

to ba vt communicated the same disease to the fætus ; with refleations, by

Mr. John Hunter N. B. This last article is misplaced in the volume, being by mistake

inserted under the head of USEFUL PROJECTS.

USEFUL PROJECTS. Observations on mineral poisons An account of a new and cheap method of preparing pot-afbes; with obfera vations

- 120 Caution in building magazines for gunpowder ?

- 125 An account of a method for the removal of fbits that bave been drivia ez fore, and damaged in their bottoms, to places (hou ever distant) for no pairing them

- :

126 A new method of treating the Fiftula Lacbrymalis .

130 Dr. Guthrie's account of the Ruffian manner of treating perfons affected by tbe fumes of burning cbarcoal, and other effiudia of the fame kalwe

139 Directions for preventing the fatal effe&ts which frequently follow the drink ing large quantities of Spirits

- 141 Hints for the general improvement of commons, recommended to the confideration

of every person concerned in them .'


ANTIQUITIES. Of the ancient English flage

— 146 Of the origin of the English language

157 Aurbentic account of the value of many articles, in the reign of Edward ill. anno 1336.

- - 163

MISCELLANEOUS ESSAY S. Hifory of Gardening; from Walpole's Anecdotes of Painting in Englard

164 On improving the memory

— 178 On the literary education of women - - - 181 Reflections on the difirefjes of ibe foor; wirb an account of the unspeakable dijtress of one miserable family

-. - 184 Description of Pompey's Piliar in the neighbourhood of Alexandria in Egypi, and an anecdote of some English fea-officers i bere

187 Examplary instance of justice in the prefent King of Prufa


Ode for the new year, 1780.
Ode for bis majesty's birob-day, June 4, 1780

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