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what means tliese may be promoted. mounting them.” The second, by With respect to pecuniary support, Mr. T. Raffes, “ On the Character it is proposed to leave the amount of our Lord as a Public Teacher, of each sulyscription to the discre. and as an Example for Gospel Mition of each subscriber. It may, nisters." The third was in Latin, however, be proper to observe, that by Mr. J. Inderwick, “ On the Desuch an institution requires the aid gree in which Divine Truth and the of considerable funds; and it is Way of Salvation were known to hoped the friends to its designs will Mankind in the Periods of early he prompt in their aid to promote History.” them.

As a considerable number of your readers can have no knowledge of

the Honnerton Academy, except Dear Sir,

what they derive from your valuable To the Editor.

work, I beg leave to add some brief In your Magazine for August, ap- and general information. pears, an account of the Examina- This Seminary is by far the most lion of the Students in the Academy ancient of the same kind among al Homerton, on the 24th of June ; Protestant Dissenters. It was foundwhich puts me under the necessity of ed in the year 1730; and afterwards requesting a place for a few lines in received the accession of the Fund reference to the same subject. How- Board Academy, which had subever friendly the intention of the sisted from the very times of the unknownwriter of that article might Ejected Ministers. It was establish. be, I tbink the paragraph itself is ed solely for the preparation of calculated to convey an unfavour- truly pious and holy young men, for able representation of the Academy the more useful discharge of the to every reflecting reader. The gospel ministry; and, through the mogl interesting part of the exami- preserving care of Divine Mercy, mation is passed hy in silence ; and it has never swerved from its origithe great design of the Institution nal, sound, and scriptural princiitself is not even adverted to.

ples. To the account of Examination The number of students, durin the Languages and Sciences, it ing the latter part of the past might have been added, that one session, was sixteen. Besides the class was examined in the Syriac Tes- attention paid to the advancement tament; and that the subjects enu- of Classical Learning, and its ap; FReTaled, form only a part of a plication to Biblical and General course of lectures, which cannot be Criticism, Lectures are delivered in delivered in much less than three Natural Philosophy, Natural Kis

Without this information, tory, Logic, the Philosophy of the any one would deem the arrange. Human Mind, Rhetoric, the Study ment arbitrary and unreasonable: of General History, and Divinity in but it was of much more

its scriprural extent, its ample eviquerce to have omilted the facis, dence, and its practical importance. that the stadents were particularly In addition to the lectures of the reexamined in the course of Scriptural gular tutors, the students enjoy the Theology, which employs the best instructions of an eminent professor part of their time and attention dur, of elocution. The time appropri. ing their academical studies; and ated to these studies varies, accordshat three of them (not selected, ing to the previous advantages of But folloa ing from year to year in the pupils: it may be only tbree the order of seniority) delivered years and a half, or it may be prof.rations which were received with longed to six years.

Among the Kokens of high approbalion. The tutors wbo have laboured in this first oration was by Mr. W. J. Fox, long-established and extensively use* On the Đifficulties of the Christian fut lositution, occur the names of Dinistry among Protestant Dissen- Dr. liidgley, Dr. A. Tayior, Mr. BETS ; and the best Means, of sure Hubbard, Drs. Marryatt, Conder,



Walker, Gibbons, Davies, Fisher, health, retired to her apartment ; Mr. Fell, and Mr. Berry.

where she was heard to exclaim, The insertion of tiris short account “ Lord, have mercy upon me!" will greatly oblige, dear Sir, and when her friends entered the

yours very respectfully, room, she was found dead. Cheltenham.


On Friday morning, Aug. 14, died

the Rev. Dr. Fisher, of Maro Street, RECENT DEATHS.

Hackney, aged 76. Dr. F'. was tuMrs. Lightfoot, of Gravesend, tor at Homerton Academy for upo after eating her dinner with a party wards of 30 years ; but had retired of friends, and apparently in guod about four years before his death.

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List of Lectures, &c. in and near London, for September: s. Tu. 11. Broad Str. Mr. Humphrys. 16.Wed. Ev. Prayer- Meeting for the 2. Wed. M. Crown Crt. Mr. Stephens. Nation, at Mr. Wall's. - Drawing near to God.

Im. Th. Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Waugh. Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the Nation, The Manner in which a Christian at Mr. Stephens's.

should die. 3. Th. En. Fetter Lane, Mr. Winter. - 18. Frid. Ev. Sermon to Young People,

The Sin and Misery of Living with- at Walworth, by Mr. Burder. out Christ.

20. LORD'S DAY Ev. Broad Sir, Mr. 6. Lord's DAY, Ev. Broad Str. Mr.

Hutchins; Devonshire Sq. Dr. Brooksbank; Devonshire Sq. Mr.

Jenkins; Hare Crt. Mr. tlumStevens; Hare Crt. Mr.T.Thomas;

phrys. Crowa Ct. Mr. Stephens Crown Crt. Mr. Knight; Peter

Palace Str. Mr. Buck; Peter Sir.
Str. Mr. Rae; Palace Str. Nr.

Mr. Jerment.

22. TH. M. Broad Str. Mr. Clayten. 7. Mon. Ev. Missionary Prayer-Meet

23. Wed. M. Crown Ct. Mr. Campbell. ing, at Mr. Williams's, Rose Lane.

Fall of Man. 8. Tu. M. Broad Str. Mr. Burder.

Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the Nation, 9. Wed. M. Crown Crt. Mr. Dunn.

at Mr. Goode's. Future Blessedness of the Saints.

24. Th. M. Monthly Meeting (Bapt.) Du. Prayer-Meeting for the Nation,

at the late Mr. Rance's, llackney, at Mr. Towoseod's.

Mr. T. Thomas to preach. -- The 10. Th. M. Monthly Meeting (Inulep.)

Early Spread of the Gospel.
at Mr. Ford's, Mr. Clayton to Ev. Feiter Lane, Dr. Rippua. On
preach. What are the several

Catechizing Children.
Ways in which Pious Women may

promote the Interests of Religion ? Ev. Felter Lane, Dir. Goode. The

27. LORD's Day Ev. Broad Str. Mr. Evil and Daoger of relinquishing

Newman ; Devonshire S. Mr. J. the Lord's Service.

Thornas; Hare Crt. Mr Webbi

Peter Str. Mr. Greig. 13. LORD's Day Ev. Broad Str. Mr.

29. Tu, M. Broad Str. Mr. Barber. Collyer.; Devonshire Square, Mr.

30. Wed. M. Crowa Crt. Mr. lviuney, Gould ; Hare Crt. Mr. Newman ;

Gratitude to God for Mercies. Crown Crt. Mr. Webb; Peter Str.

Èv. Prayer-Meeting for the Natioa, Mr. Dunn.

at Mr. Ilutchings's. 14. Mon. Ev. Prayer Meeting for the

Nation, Surry Chapel.
as. Tu, M. Broad Str. Mr. Barber, Surry Chapel, Dr. Jay, of Bath.
16. Wed. M. Crown Crt. Mr. Austin. Spa fields, Mr. Stoghari.

Excelleacy of the Kaowledge of Siun Chupel, Mi. Jeary.

Huatun, Nir. Weaver.

LECTURE TO THE JEWS.. MR. Frey's Lecture to the Jews, which has hitherto been delivered every Saturday Evening, will, in fuiure, he preached on FRIDAY Evenings, at a Quarter before Seven o'clock. It has also been juilged expedient to remove therecture from Sion Chapel, where it bas lalely been preacherl, iu the kiev. Mr. Ball's Chapel, in Jewry Sireet. The First Lücture on Friday, Sepauber the 4th.


Lo! Faith serene, on seraph can,

Can burst the blazing arches wide ; CLAD in a robe of azure hue,

The golden gates of bliss unbar, Amid the countless globes of day, And through the pearly portals ride! Proud Science, radiant to the view, Rang'd the wide spheres and solar way.'

Thence, where Jehovah sits enthron'd,

Amidst his own Shechina's fiame,
Her temples wore a mystic wreath,
Yet half unknown to wond'ring man;

Faith pierces, and in glory zoo'd,
Sublime she ken'd the stars beneath,

Joins the bright host who tune his

name! Way'd her gemm'd wand, and thus began :

The eye of Faith those scenes can • What Heav’n-born man, what angel trace, minil,

Whose glory Science would o'eçwhelm; To these celestial heights can rise ? For wbat is all this star-pav'd space Or, borse upon the viewless wind, But the broad pavement of her realm?" Trace the vast wonders of the skies?

Let the world's startiog pillars fall, Thron'd on Day's cherub car I ride,

Let Nature fly her fix'd abede ; And govern with my sov’reign word

Science must sink; but Faith-thro' alls The rolling stars, with all their pride,

With tranquil eye, shall hail her God! Night's royal Queen, Day's orient


G. T. jur. Lord. The moving planets as they roll,

oog inyousoogoof Earth with its wond'rous frame is

EINES Inine; From sphere to sphere, from pole to Written during a Storm of Lightpole,

ning and Thunder. I rule, I govern, all divine !

The voice of thy thunder was in the heae Who then among the sons of Heav'n, ven; the lightnings lightened the Or Earth's vast myriads shall compare world. Psalm lxxvii, 18. With me, to whon that earth is given,

GREAT God ! how awful is thy voice With me, the poient Queen of Air?”

When rolling thunders roar! The boaster spake; - when lo! there Thy lightnings flash a vivid flame: shone,

I treinble, yet adore !
Pois’d in the firmament, afar,
A form refulgent as the sun,

Hark! what tremendous peals resound And beauteous as the polar star.

Throughout the vault of Heav'n!

Sinners attend ! no more deride,
Along the wide etherial road

But seek your sins forglv'n!
Flash'd the bright beaming of her crest;
On cherubim sublime she rode,

That lightning's flash may strike thy and thus th’exulting queen addrest:

head, • Proud mortal-born! give ear and say,

And stop thy mocking breath, Canst thou compare (although refin'd)

With all thy guilt, and sins, and crimes, With Faith,-transcendent as the day;

And crush thy soul in death! Faith !

sprubg from the immortal mind?

But lightnings far more fierce and

strong, True, the wide universe is thine,

Will one day hura this world; Each planet rolls at thy decree ; When God proclaims, that “ Time's Bo The fields of space, the stars that shine

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more, And conquer'd Nature yields toʻthee.”' And earth shall be dissolu'd ! But, canst thou range beyond the Great God! how then shall I appears sphere,

And stand before thy face? And bring an unseen world to view

I'll plead the Saviour's pard'ning love, An no! e'en Science falters here,

And trust his sor'reiga grace! And proves her mighty boast untrue.

J. Wa

Pripted by G. AULD, Greville Street, Londono

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