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Weekly Price of Stocks, from 1st to 220 December, 1821.

Ist. t 2d. 15th.

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1103 11*
67 67 65

3 pr. 2 pr.


Bank stock,.............
3 per cent. reduced,....so
3 per cent. consols,.....
3) per cent. consols,...
4 per cent. consols,......
5 per cent. navy ann.....so
India stock, mor.........

- bondsgesos...........
Exchequer bills, 2d.................
Consols for acc. reserosoto
Long Annuities ...
French 5 per cents. marsonnamon
Amer. 5 per cent.


784 1 1 78

70 71 | 70

2 pr. 2 pr. 78 | 78} 19 7-10 87 fr. 40c. 878r. 35c. 101


19 7-16 | 198
89fr. 150. 87fr. 49e.




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PRICES CURRENT, December 6. SUGAR, Musc.

LEITH. GLASGOW. LIVERPOOL. B. P. Dry Brown, . cwt. 57 to 60 51

58 152 Mid, good, and fine mid.

80 Fide and very fine, .. Refaed Doub. Loaves, .

145 Powder ditto, .


110 Single ditto, .

88 102 Small Lumps, . . . Large ditto,. . .

Crushed Lumpe, .. MOLASSES, British, ewt. 25

26 6 COFFEE, Jamaica, . cwt. Ord good, and fine ord.

107 Mid, good, and fine mid. Dutch Triage and very ord.


96 Ord. good, and fine ord. 120



109 Nid. good, and fine mid. 135


120 St Domingo, . . . . .

122 126 Pimento (in Bond,)... 8


Jam. Rum, 16 O. P. gall. 28 2d 28 10 | 1s 8d 1s 100 1s 10d 29
Brandy, . . . . . .

4 3 4 6 Geneva, . . . 2 0 2 3 Grain Whisky, . .

69 70 WINES,

Claret, 1st Growths, hhd.
Portugal Red, pipe.
Spanish White, butt.

pipe. Madeira,. . LOGWOOD, Jan

9 ton.

0 9 10 Honduras, ..

9 10 100 Campeachy, .

10 0 10 10 FUSTIC, Jamaica,

7 0 6 10 7 10 Cuba, .

8 5 . . . .

8 10

8 10
IN DIGO, Caraccas fine, Ib. 78 6d 103 6d
TIMBER, Amer. Pine, foot.

Ditto Oak, , . . . :
Christiansand (dut. paid.)
Honduras Mahogany, .

12 St Domingo, ditto,

1 8 2 2 TAR, American,

Archangel, . . . . . PITCH, Foreign, cwt. TALLOW, Rus. Ye. Cand.

Home melted, ....
HEVP, Riga Rhine, ton.

Petersburgh, Clean, ..
Riga Thies. & Druj. Rak.

Dutch, . . . . . .
MATS, Archangel, 100.

Petersburgh Firsts, cwt. 13 10
ASHES, Peters, Pearl, .
Montreal, ditto,

Pot, . .
OIL, Whale,


COTTONS, Bowed Georg.

09; 11

7 l Sea Island, fine,

18 1 10 Good, .

1 .

4 1 6 1 1 1 3 Middling,

1214 1113 Dernerna and Barbi

1 0 1 0 99 i 0 West India,

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09011 0 SA 09 Pernambuco, . .

101 11 0111 i 0 Maraplum,

1 0 1 1 0 104 0


DIETEOROLOGICAL TABLE, extracted from the Register kopt at Edinburgh, in the

Observatory, Calton-hill. N.B.-The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock, forenoon, and four o'clock, afternoon. The second Observation in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register Thermometer

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Dec. 174

A. 38




.514/A, 41


28.749 M.10 NW.
fair fo. th. lit.

M.38 28.882 M.47
A. 10 .74:A. 39) aftern, hail.

.879 A. 44 )

A. 15
29.260 M.38
Fair foren.

.331 M.44)
.42 A. 40

sw. rain aftern.

.379 A. 43 ) M. 9 .191M.37

Frosty day.

M.36 .390 M.431
JA. 35 .28. A. 37

rain night.

1A. 14 .769 A. 43 )
M.30 .10.3M.38

Rain most of 90 M.32 .819 M.42
A.57 .102 A. 39


20A. 40 .453 A. 40 )
M.31 .102 M.38
Rain morn.

.428 M.39

A. 38

.294 A, 38 ) sleet aftern.

A.37 .765 A. 40
M.26 .961 M.3611

.608 M.39

A. 32
Keen frost.

.961 A. 34

.580 A. 37 ) M.264 .425 M.38

Dull, with


180 M.37
A. 40 .102 A. 41

.352 A. 37
M.39 .515 M.45

Fair day,

M.32 .474 M.40
A. 44

and mild.

A.35 .521 A. 371

Day dull, fair

M.31 12:2 M.57
A. 51 .352 A. 11) rain night.

VA. 36 27.985 A. 38 |
M.10 .526 M.18

Rain most of

.999 M.36
.262 A. 50 ) day.

.998 A. 36
.82 M.41
Mild and

7 M.30 28.315 M.36
A. 37 .978/A. 41


UA. 35 .320 A, 36)
M.40 .661 M.41

Foren fair.


.598 M.39 il
.631 A. 16 ) show. after.

A. 36 .625 A.37)
M.36 .355 M.46 11 Day dull,

20 M.52 .303 M.401
TA. 45
.380 A. 16

mild, rain af.

29 JA. 36 .655 A. 42)
.575 M.16

1.995 M.42

JA. 40 .355 A. 14319
}|Cble. Ditto.

A. 40 29.990 A. 41

M.30 1 .68M .38)
A. 48 .156 A. 49)

A. 35 | .664 .38 E.
.130 M.50 Isw.

Dull, with
16/A. 49 128.911A 47 Pw Ishowers.

Average of Rain, 2.944 inches.

Changeable, heavy show. Dull, with h. showers. Dull, but fair. daydull, fair, rain night. Day showers Frost mor. h. rain, sl. day. Fair, but dull. Frost morn. mild day. Rain foren. dull aftern. Frosty, with sunshine. Frost morn, sleet aftern. Frost morn. dull and cold. H. rain most of day. H. rain morn fair day. Frost, with sunshine.


JA. 45


A. 42

.485 M.47|cble. Ditto.

ALPHABETICAL List of English BANKRUPTCIES announced between the 20th

of Nov. and the 20th of Dec. 1821, extracted from the London Gazette. Annistead, J. Clapham, Yorkshire, cotton-spin- Durrant, W. Castle-street, Finsbury, tailor. ner.

Eastwood, R. Leccs, draper. Ath wood, A. Lymington, surgeon.

Eastwood, H. Yorkshire, fustian-manufacturer. Aydon, S. and Elwell, W. Halifax, iron-masters. Edwards, W. Chatham, linen-draper. Baker, W. and Baker, N. Portsea, grocers.

Elliott, T. and Haslock, Northampton, boot and Bamford, R. Pontefract, maltster.

shoe-manufacturer. Barker, W. Welch Whittle, Lancaster, victualler. Else, S. Tredegar Iron Works, Monmouthshire, Barratt, A. Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, shopkeeper. farmer.

Epps, J. Holburn, ham and bacon-inerchant. Beale, W. Newbury, timber-merchant.

Evans, T. Mackynlleth, Montgomery, inn-keeper. Beaumont, J. D. Maidstone, upholsterer, iron Fisher, F. jun. Leicester-square, surgeon dentist. monger, &c.

Fowler, J. Mark-lane, tea dealer. Bellot, H. Manchester, cotton manufacturer. Fuller, J. M. Worthing, linen-draper. Bell, J. and Bell, G. Berwick-upon-Tweed, coop Gale, Q. Newgate-market, butcher. ers.

Garrick, J. L. Mitchain, merchant. Bingham, R. Gosport, banker.

Gaytor, T. Brinsyard, merchant. Boultbee, J. and 'Cole, J. W. Petersburgh, Nor Gleave, S. Warrington, Lancashire, shopkeeper. thampton, bankers.

Greaves, J. Sheffield, merchant. Box, T. Buckingham, banker, &c.

Harrison, J. late of Beckfoot, Kirkby Lonsdale, Brander, J. and Barclay, J. Size-lane, merchants. carpenter Bray, D. Plymouth Dock, victualler.

Harvey, B. Raleigh, surgeon. Brown, J. Canterbury, linen-draper.

Hatfield, H. Goswell-street Road, merchant. Burkitt, W. Beverley, Yorkshire, iniller.

Haviland, R. Cirencester, rectifier and distiller. Callanan, D. and Walsh, T. Wapping, soap-ma Holland, H. L. Coventry, builder. kers.

Hounsfield, J. Cononly, Kildwick, Yorkshire, Calvert, J. Covent Garden, merchant.

calico-inanufacturer. Campart, W. H. Croydon, hatter.

Howard, J. St Martin's-lane, cordwainer. Cavey, J. Beckley, Sussex, dealer.

Hutchins, J. Stoke Damerel, Devon, builder. Cella, P. Minories, winc-merchant.

Jackson, R. Cannon-street, merchant. Chamberlin, J. Bristol, merchant.

James, R. Conderton, Worcester, dealer in horses, Clarke, J. Commercial-road, ship-owner.

Clarkson, J. Gracechurch-street, hatter and coal Jarvie, E. Norwich, carpenter.

Kay, E. Sheffield, merchant.
Cleaver, W. Chelsea, grocer and cheese-monger Kay, T. Walcot, Somersetshire, auctioneer.
Cooper, C. Gray's Inn-road, grocer.

Kerwood, C. G, Mary-le-bone, printer.
Court, H. Fish-street Hill, straw hat manufacurer. Lapage, S. Clement's-lane, drysalter.
Cropper, J. Westminster, brewer.

Lancastle, J. and Gillard, R. N. the younger, BrisDentith, J. Liverpool, silversmith and common tol, carpenters. brewer.

Levi, H. late of Demarara, now of Nelson-square, Dewzilye, M. K. Bridport, Dorsetshire, bookseller. Blackfriars-road, factor. Dobell, J. Cranbrook, currier.

Litchfield, J. Cambridge, gardener. Dobson, T. and Thomson, G. Darlington, mer Longrigg, I. Liverpool, linen-draper. cers.

Longster, G. Islington, merchant.

Xatson, W. Kelsall, farmer, &c.

Rivolta, A. Brook-street, Holborn, looking-glass Margetts, T. Wooton, Oxfordshire, wheelwright. manufacturer. Marsden, P. Sheffield, grocer, &c.

Saunders, J. Coventry, auctioneer. Marshall, W. H. Bristol, ship-broker.

Smith, H. St Martin's lane, woollen-draper. Monkhouse, R. New Shoreham, timber-merchant. Staft, E. and Wilson, W. Staff, Norwich, brickMoore, J. Sowerby, Halifax, woollen-cloth-manu makers. facturer.

Staff, H. A. Norwich, soap-manufacturer. Morton, P. Salford, Lancashire, merchant, &c. Staff, C. and Staff, W. W. Cheapside, bombazine Moyse, W. Saxmundham, Suffolk, baker.

manufacturers. Mumby, R. Glamford Briggs, mercer, draper, and Staples, G. C. Halifax, wool-stapler. grocer,

Temple, N. Fleet-street, wine and spirit merNiblock, J. and Latham, R. S. Bath, woollen chant. drapers.

Timpets, E. and Gothen, E. Basinghall-street. Nicolson, J. Cummersdale, Cumberland, iron factors. founder.

Todd. S. Southampton, mercer, &c. Page, W. Lime-street, spirit-merchant.

Townshend, J. Honiton, Devon, and Brooke, G. Paine, E. Little Chart, Kent, paper-maker.

Whimple, bankers. Parker, R. Whitechurch, Salop, stationer and Turner, G. Liverpool, merchant. bookseller.

Warner, R. Huntingdon, iron-monger. Parr, J. Strand-lane, Pilkington, check-manufac Warner, J. late of Garforth, Yorkshire, maltster. turer.

Warner, R. Garforth, Yorkshire, chapman.
Pattison, C. St Neots, Huntingdonshire, iron Whatley, T. Batcombe, shopkeeper.

Whitehead, J. Hanley, merchant.
Potter, T. Manchester, publican.

Wild, W. Sheffield, merchant. Rendel, J. Bridport, painter.

Wildman, J. Fenchurch-street, merchant. Ricket, H. Shoreditch, grocer.

Williams, S. Bristol, apothecary. Rirkham, G. Lancaster, merchant.

Wills, R. Bloomsbury, tobacconist. Ritchie, J. Richardson, F. and Ritchie, J. ware Winch, B. sen. Hawkhurst, farmer.

housemen, Walling-street.

ALPHABETICAL LIST of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES, announced between the 1st and

30th December, 1821, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette. Bulloch. John and Archibald, distillers and corn Simson, Alexander and Co. merchants in Portsoy.

dealers at Duntochar, parish of West Kilpatrick Swayne, Walter, manufacturer, Dysart. Campbell, John, now or lately at Kingsbury, in . Watson, Robert and Co. stationers, Edinburgh.

the Isle of Skye, ship-owner, merchant, and general trader.

DIVIDENDS. Chalmers, James, merchant and agent, Glasgow. Crawford, George, writer and builder, Glasgow; Davidson, James and Peter, merchants and fish a first and final dividend after 21st January. curers, Dundee.

Gilmore, the late Samuel, ropemaker in EdinGallaway, William, merchant and insurance bro burgh; a fiftr dividend after 9th January ker, Leith.

M'Gowns, Watson, and Co. merchants in GrecGillespie, Colin, merchant and trader, Glasgow. nock, and who carried on business at the island Jeffrey, George, spirit dealer, Glasgow.

of St Thomas, under the firm of James Blair Macair, James, merchant and sugar-refiner, and Co.; a dividend 9th January. Glasgow.

Oughterson, Arthur, and Co. merchants, Greg Mair, John, vintner and horse-setter, Glasgow. nock; a sixth dividend 28th January. Mylne, William, merchant and insurance broker, Saunders, John, jun. merchant, Leith; a dividend Leith.

of 2s. 9d. per pound after 10th January. Provand, James, merchant, Glasgow.

Wallace, John, baker, Aberdeen; a final diviSamson, John, merchant, Kilmarnock.

dend 16th January.


COL Count Bentinck de Rhone, to be
Maj. Gen. on Continent only,

Nov. 29, 1821.
Maj. Hon. A. J. H. Fitz G. de Roos, h.
p. 22 Dr. Lieut. Col. in the Army,

Aug. 17.
- Disbrowe, Gren. Gds. do. do. do.
Capt. Simpson, Town Maj. of Ports
mouth, Major in the Army,

Jan. 8, 1815
Henderson, 12 F. do. do.

July 19, 1821
- Denham, h. p. 3 F. Maj. in Africa

Nov. 29. 5 Dr. G. Lt. Hodgson, Capt. by purch, vice Cust, 55 F.

Oct. 21.
Innes, do. vice Mackenzie, ret. do.
Assist. Surg. Greig, from 33 F. Assist.
Surg. vice Gardiner, b. p. 53. F.

Nov. 10.
Lt. Col. Hay, from h. p. 16 Dr. Lt. Col.

Dec. 25,
Capt. Jarmay, from h. p. Staff Corps of
Cav. Capt.

Cornet Harrison, Lt.

Sullivan, do.
Lt. Robison, from h. p. 22 Dr. L

do. 27.
Murray, do. do.
- Loftus, from h. p. 24 Dr. do. do.
- Gibson, from h. p. Staff C. of C.


Lt. Lindsey, from 17 Dr. do. Dec. 27
- Gillespie, fm. h. p. 20 Dr. do. do*
- Clarke, from 17 Dr. do. do.
J. S. Smith, Cornet; vice Harrison,

do. 26. E. Knox, do. vice Sullivan, do. 27. Cornet Dixon, from h. p. 21 Dr. Adj. and Cornet, vice Daly, res. Adj.

do. 25. Assist. Surg. Walbran, fm. h. p. 1 Vet. Bn. Assist. Surg.

do. W. Terry, Cornet by purch. vice Pery, 7 Dr.

do. 6. Sub-Lt. Lord F. Conyngham, fm. 2 Life Gds. Lt. by purch. vice Ellis, 76 F.

Oct. 24. Cornet Broadhead, from 16 Dr. Lt. by purch. vice Hay, prom.

do. A. Davies, Cornet by purch. vice Kennedy, 7 F.

Nov. 92. Cornet Lawrenson, Lt. do. vice Bacon, 18 Dr.

Dec. 6. D. T. Cunynghame, Cornet by purch.

do. 15, Cornet Burroughs, Lt. do. vice Vandeleur, 84 F.

Oct. 21. R. T. Gilpin, Cornet, do. Noy. 29. Lt. Laurd, Capt. do. vice Rixon, ret.

Doc. 13. ('ornet Graham, Lt. do.

do. C.R. Cornet, do. vice Broadhead, 12 Dr.

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do. 27




C. F. Havelock, do. do. Dec. 13.

Lieut. Mitchell, from h. p. Rifle Br. J. S. Ramsbottom, do. do. vice Mont

do. gomery, prom.

do. 11.

- Beaven, fm. 65 F. do. do: Lt. Schrieber, Capt. do. vice Western,

Thornbury, fm. h. p. Rifle Br. ret.

Nov. 9.

do. Cornet Leslie, Lt. do.


Norman, fm. h. p. 81 F. do. do. W. E. F. Sharpe, Cornet, do. do.

G. C. Mundy, Ens. vice Fraser, do. 24. Cornet Freeman, Lt. do. vice Walker,

Fenton, do, vice Hill, do. 26. 19 Dr.


F. Considine, do, vice Clark, do, 27. Lt. Walker, from 18 Dr. Capt. do. vice

Assist. Surg. Shanks, from h. p. 56 F. Georges, ret.

Assist. Surg.

do. 25. C. Chalmers, Cornet, do. vice Dash

Lt. Craigie, Capt. by purch, vice Dickie, wood, prom.

Dec. 13.

Oct. 24. Hosp. Assist. Osborne, Assist. Surg. vice

20 Lt. Lord Edward Hay, from Rifle Bolton, dead,

Nov. 29.
Br. by purch.

do. James, do. vice Duigan,

Capt. Hon. E. Cust, from 5 Dr. Gds. 2 W. I. R.

do. 19.

Major, by purch. vice Macdonald, Ens. Kershawe, from 63 F. Ens. vice


do. Thomas, h. p. 22 F. Dec. 13.

Bt. Maj. Prichard, Maj. by purch. vice Bt. Lt. Col. Hardy, fm. 19 F. Maj. by

Gauly, canc.

July 26. purch. vice Hamilton, dead. do.

Lieut. Hartley, Capt. by purch. vice Capt. Raper, fm. h. p. Capt. vice Hardy,

Mosseman, ret.

Nov. 29. 16 F.

Ens, Ferrier, Lt. by purch. Col. J. Maitland, from h. p. 103 F. Lt.

T. B. Bower, Ens. by purch. do. Col.

Nov. 25. 61 Lt. Wolfe, Capt. by purch. vice Stewart, Lt. Goldfrap, Capt. do.

Oct. 24. Ens. Moore, Lt.

Ens. L. C. Viscount Falkland, fm. h. p. - Douglas, do.

do. 26,

22 F. Ens. vice Kershawe, 13 F. Lieut. Patience, from h. p. York Rang.

Dec. 13. Lt.

- Maxwell, fm. 26 F. Lt. by purch. - O'Connor, from h. p. 100 F. do.

vice, Denham, 3 F.

Oct. 24. do.

J. Ford, Ens. by purch. vice Lord Car- Watson, fm. h. p. 94 F. do.

marthen, 10 Dr.

Nov. 15. – Maclean, fm. h. p. 72 F. do. do.

Ens. Hamilton, Lieut. by purch. vice Heinmans, fm. h. p. 14 F. do. do.

Maclean, 72 F.

Oct. 24. J. Maclean, from h. p. 43 F.

C. Ramsden, Ens. by purch. Nov. 29. do.

do 78 Ens. Beales, Lt. vice Marquis, dead, - Kidman, fm. h. p. 8 F. do. do.

Dec. 13. - Robinson, from h. p. 19 F.

- Montresser, fm. h. p. Ens. do. do.

- Brown, fm. h. p. Ens. vice Grame. - Hon. G. T. Keppel, from 24 F.

89 F.

do. do.

Paym. Williams, fm. h. p. 73 F. Paym. Ens. Rose, fm. 55 F. do.

vice Ottley, superseded

do, F. Pitts, Ens. vice Moore, do. 25.

Bt. Maj. Basden, Maj. vice Hall, 38 F. S. Robbins, do. vice Douglas, do, 26.

Nov. 25. Assist. Surg. Devitt, fm. h, p. 2 Vet.

Ens. Thomas, Lieut, vice Buchanan, 38 Bn. Assist. Surg. do. 25.

do. 22. Lt. Lockward, fm. 89 F. Capt. by pur.

Lt. Steel, Capt. vice Basden, Dec. 13. vice Lt. Col. Hall, ret. do. 15.

Ens. Græme, fm. 79 F. Lt. do. J. Sutherland, Ens. do, vice Maxwell,

- Derinzy, fm. h. p. 11 F. Ens. vice 64 F.

Dec. 6.

do. Bt. Maj. Knight, Major, vice Grant, 54 01 Maj. J. Macdonald, fm. h. p. Port. Ser. F.

Nov 25..

Maj. vice Bt. Lt. Col. Rochfort, canc. Bt. Lt. Col. Hall, fm. 89 F. Lt. Col. do.

Nov. 29. Ens. Matthew, Lieut.

do. 92 Lt. Wilson, Capt. by purch. vice Alex— Campbell, do.

do. 26.
ander, ret.

Oct. 24.
Kerr, do.

Rifle Br. J. Parker, 2 Lt. by purch. vice Lord Lieut. Taylor, fm. h. p. 25 Dr. Lt.

Hay, '55 F.

Nov. 29. Nov. 28. 2 W. I. R. Capt. Delahoussay, Maj. by purch. více - O'Brien, fm. h. p. 4 W. I. R.

M'Pherson, ret.

do. 22. Lt.


Lt. J. Maclean, Capt. by purch. do. Campbell, fm. h. p. 91 F. do. do.

Ens. Williams, Lt. by purch. do. - Liston, fm. h. p. 47 F. do do.

W. M‘Pherson, Ens. by purch. do. - Buchanan, fm, 89 F. do do.

Ass, Surg, Duigan, fm. 7 F. Surg. vice Armstrong, fm. h. p. 2 F. do. do.

Haskins, dead,

do. 19, J. Campbell, Ens. vice Matthew

Capt. Grant, Maj. by purch, vice Lord, do. 25. ret.

Dec. 13. F. Tudor, do. vice Campbell, do. 26.

Lt. Peel, fm. 71 F. Capt. by purch. do. H. C. Fraser, do. vice Kerr, do. 27.

Staff Ass. Surg. Johnson, fm. h. p. 9 Vet. Bn.

Lt. Col. Cotton, 47 F. Extra Aide-de-Camp to the do. 25.

King, with the rank of Colonel in the Army, Hos. Assist. Coleman, Assist. Surg. vice

July 25, 1821 Barry, prom. Staff,

do. 19. Ens. Low, Lt. vice Crabb, dead, do. 29.

Medical Department. Curten, fm. h. p. Ens.

do. Assist. Surg. Barzy, fm. 40 F. Sarg. to the Forces, Lt. Neilly, Adj. vice Manning, res. Adj. Adi vice Gilder, dead,

Nov. 19, 1821 only,

De J. Mair, Hosp. Assist. vice Gillespie, dead, do. 8. Gent. Cadet W. Ogilvy, from R. Mil. A. Kinnis, do. vice Colman, 10 F. do. 19. Col. Ens, by purch. vice Fludyer,

Hosp. Assist. Sibbald, fm. h. p. Hosp. Assist. vice Gren. Gds.

Nov. 29.
Dockard, prom.

do. 25. Eps. Macdonald, fm. h. p. 42 F. vice

J. Blair, from h. p. do. vice White, Williams, dead,

Dec. 13.

Dec. 7. Bt. Lt. Col. Grant, fm. 33 F. Lt. Col.

Exchanges. Nov. 25. Capt. Wrench, from 38 F. with Capt. Birch, h. p. Ens. Fraser, Lt,

do. African Corps. - Hill, do.

do. 26.

Rainey, fm. 55 F. with Capt. Craigie, h. p. --- Clark, do.

do. 27. Lieut. Gray, from 3 Dr. Gds. rec. diff. with Lieut. Lieut. Lawless, fm. h. p. 60 F. Lt. Abercromby, h. p.

do. 28. - Crossley, from 7 Dr. Gds. With Lt. NuFoskey, from h. p. 5 W. I. R. gent, 16 Dr. Lt.

M'Conchy, from 3 Dr, with Lt. Tuite, 16 - Manners, fm. h. d. : F. co. do. Dr.


do. 27.

Ass. Siste sur leman, Assist.

dos. 29. Assist: Silder, dealist. vice G 40 F... Assist.vies.

h. p.


Lieut. Shuttleworth, from 25 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Lleut. Taylor, h. p. 35 Dr. Oct. 9, 1820. Small, h. p.

White, h. p. 4 F. - Ditmas, fm. 25 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Scott, - Gordon, h. p. 18 F. Dufhus, near Elgin, No. h. p. 68 F.


Aug. 6, 1821. Grant. from 42 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Ho Manders, h. p. 45 F."

Dec. 16. garth, h. p.

Bell, h. p. 32 F. Chatham,

Oct. 14. Finlay, from 15 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Fra

Clark, h. p. 70 F. London, Nov. 28. ser, h. p.

Crane, h. p. 85 F.

do. 11. - Holland, fm. 19 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Pel Markett, h. p. 87 F. London, June 7. lichody, h. p. Wattev. Regt.

Whitney, h. p. 90 F.

April 0. --- Pack, from 55 F. with Lieut. Brockman,

Wharam, h. p. 94 F.

March 31. 84 F.

Horne, h. p. 113 F. !

June 2). - Bailey, from 69 F. rec. diff. with Lt. King, Gonne, h. P. 4 W. I. R. Trinidad. h. p. 60 F.

M'Lean, h. p. 103 F. Oct. 22, 1520. Cor. and Sub-Lt. Chatfield, from 2 Life Gds. rec.

Fleming, h. p. 76 F. diff. with Lieut. Hardwicke, b. p. 20 F.

Davies, do.
Grant, from 3 Dr. Gds. rec. dift.

Mylrea, late 4 Vet. Bn. Dec. 2, 1821.. with Cornet Todd, h. p.

Macpherson, late 5 Vet. Bn., Edin. Nov. 4. Cornet Kelly, from Dr. Gds. rec. diff. with Cor

M'Innes, late 8 Vet. Bn.

Sept. 13. i net Greenland, h. p.

Thomas, h. p. Corsican Regt. March 26. 9 Lt. Wemyss, from 23 F. rec. diff. with 2d Lieut. Luggart, h. p. R. Mar. Matthews, h. p.

King, do, Ens. Grant, from 41 F. with Cornet O'Neil, h. p.

Cadoux, do. 19 Dr.

Oakley, do. Campbell, fm. ? F. with Ens. Mundy, 54 F.

Gibbons, do.

Jan. 27. Surg. Black, from 22 F. with Surg. Chambers, h. - - Williams, do.

April 21,1 p. 18 Dr.

- Hanlon, do.

May 4Asist. Surg. Newton, fm. 44 F. with Assist. Surg. Lt. Commis. Hay,

Aug. 23. Verling, h. p. 8 Vet. Bn.


Jan. 4. Burrell, fm. 38 F. with Assist. Surg. 2d Lt. Fleming, h. p. 3 Ceylon Regt. Tuam, Ire. Dempster, 72 F.


May 26. Hosp. Assist. Brown, with Hosp. Assist. Cocking, R. Clark, h. p. R. Mar..: Novi. 24. b. p.

Boultbee, do. - Barry, with Hosp. Assist. Dobson, A. Clarke, do.

Ens. Duff, 1 F. Negapat n, Madras,
Rrsignations and Retirements.

- Williams, 47 F. Lieut. Col. Hall, .2 F.

- Hayes, 48 F.

April 26.. Major Mackenzie, 2 Dr.

- Poe, late 1 Vet. Bn.. Macdonald, 55 F.

--Barclay, late 19 do. M'Pherson, 2 W. I. R.

Sadlier, h. p. 69 F..

Nov. 20, 1819. - Lord, do.

April 24, 1891. .

T. Carter, h. p. 101 F. Captain Wrixen, 16 Dr.

Souter, h. p. 105 F. . . Feb. 20. Western, 18 Dr.

Sullivan, h. p. 83 F.

Brown, h. p. 7 Gar. Bn."* , ,
Georges, 19 Dr.

.' Dickens, 55 F.

— Meredith, h. p. 124 F.
Mosseman, 57 F.

Godfrey, h. p. Ind. Inv..
Stewart, 61 F.

Paym. Seward, h: p. 8 W. I. R. Sept. 2, 1820.)
Alexander, 92 F.

Burford, h. p. 2 Dr. Barrack Master Middleman, Ayr.

Edie, h. p. Rec. Dist.

Dec. 31.
Appointments Cancelled.

Adj. Lt. Le Neve. h.p. Staff, C. of Cav. Abergely,

Sept. 21. Major Gualey, 56 F.

Wikeley, h. p. 100 F.

Peb. 29. - Rochfort, (Bt. Lt. Col.) 91 F.

- Hassel, h. p. Rec. dist.

Dec. 18, 1820.. The Exchange between Lieut. Bailey, 69 P. and

Ens. Grant, 92 F. Jamaica, Oct. 28, 1821. Lt. Hon. R. King, from h. p. 60 F.

- Hicks, h. p. 125 F.

Feb. 15, 1820. Quarter Master Hamilton, Lanark Mill,

Atkins, h. p. 1 Manx. Fen. Inf. Nov. 22. Superseded.

Quar.-Mast. Stevens, 69 F. Cann.nore, Madras, Paymastor Ottley, 82 F.

July 15, 1821. Hosp. Assist. W. White.

- Coppin, h. p. R. Afr. Corps, Cape of Cashiered. Good Hope,

Aug. 12. Lieut. S. R. Poyntz (since dead.)

Ranie, R. Art. Woolwich, Oct. 27.

Hay, 3 Vet. Bn. Granville, France, Dismissed.

i Aug. 13.. 20 Lieut. Sloper, 2 Ceylon R.

Chaplain Shaw, h. p. 91 F. Sept. 16, 1820. Dep. Com. Gen. Vaux.

Assist. Com. Gen. Ainslie, h. p, Lisbon, Dop. Ass. Com. Gen. Wetherman.

Feb. 13, 1821. Deaths.

Crockatt. Lieut. Gen. Lee Clifton,

Dec. 1, 1821. Dep. Ass. Com. Gen. Broughton. !
Lieut. Col. Hamilton, 16 F. London, do...

W. Ross, sen. h. p. 1
West, R. Art. Woolwich, Nov. 28.

Armstrong, h. p.
Seyinour, h. p. 71 F. late of 3 F. G.

Hall, h. P. Montreal, Cana-
Hayne, No. Devon. Militia, do. 15. da,

June 1.' Imrie, h. p. 129 F. do. 13, 1820

Dobson, h. p. Scotland, Major Fead, R. Art. Lewisham, Kent,

March 7. Dec. 23, 1821.

- Hughes, h. p. Messina, - Money, h. p. R. Mar. Nov. 13.

Feb. 25. Captain Ogle, 9 F. on passage from the West In- Phys. West, h. p. (Dep. Insp. by Brevet.) dies.

do. 11 or 12. Staff Surg. Wynn, h. p. (do.) Lisbon, Nov. 13. M'Lean, late 4 Vet. Bn.

- Bolger, h. p. Guernsey, do, 24. Hare, h. p. 19 Dr., Lincoln, Nov. 2. Surg. Goodsir, h. p. 89'F. - Hogg, h. p. 15.

Assist. Surg. Evans, 50 F. Hydrabad, Madras, - Webster, h. p. 60 F.. March 25, 1820.

July 16 - Forbes, h. p. 71 F.

May 16, 1821,

- Knox, h. p. 12 F. Ireland, Nov. 22. Sanderson, h. p. 89 F. , Aug. 25.

Mackay, h. p. 2 Gar. Bn.
Dewar, h. p. 73 F. Perth,
do. 19

June 4, 1820. - Berger, h. p. 95 F.

Anderson, R. Art. at Dundee.
Edgeworth, h. p. Invalids.

- Barclay, h. p. late Ir. Art.
Farmer, h. p. 97 F..

: Apoth. Halloran, h. p.

Apoth. Capt. Commis. Robinson, R. Art. Driv.

Dep. Purv. Harris, h. p. Falmouth, Dec.

June 7, 1821. Hosp. Assist. James Blair, h. p. (2d.) "
Lieut. Orrock, 1 F. Trichinopoly, Madras, Bar. Mast. Buchanan, Fort Augustus, Jan. 21.

July 21. -
Child, Chatham,

March 5.
Marquis, 78 F.

Lofanu, Northampton, Ay. 9. - Cavanagh, R. Art. Wexford, do. 25.

Rollo, Perth,

Dec. 17. Vol. XI.

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strong, h. p.

Sept. 20.


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