Spenser's Faerie Queene: A Poem in Six Books; with the Fragment Mutabilite, Том 4

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G. Allen, 1896 - 1546 страници

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Страница 849 - There she them found all sitting round about The direfull Distaffe standing in the mid, And with unwearied fingers drawing out The lines of life, from living knowledge hid. Sad Clotho held the rocke, the whiles the thrid By griesly Lachesis was spun with paine, That cruell Atropos eftsoones undid, With cursed knife cutting the twist in twaine : Most wretched men, whose dayes depend on thrids so vaine ! XLIX.
Страница 1005 - So all the world by thee at first was made, And dayly yet thou doest the same repayre ; Ne ought on earth that merry is and glad, Ne ought on earth that lovely is and fayre, But thou the same for pleasure didst prepayre : Thou art the root of all that joyous is : Great God of men and women, queene of th...
Страница 845 - Though now their acts be no where to be found, As that renowmed Poet them compyled With warlike numbers and heroicke sound, Dan Chaucer, Well of English undefyled, On Fames eternall beadroll worthie to be fyled.
Страница 897 - But whosoever contrarie doth prove, Might not the same about her middle weare, But it would loose, or else asunder teare.
Страница 806 - The rugged forhead that with grave foresight Welds kingdomes causes and affaires of state, My looser rimes (I wote) doth sharply wite, For praising love, as I have done of late, And magnifying lovers...
Страница 1009 - She often prayd, and often me besought, Sometime with tender teares to let her goe, Sometime with witching smyles ; but yet, for nought That ever...
Страница 935 - And eft gan into tender teares to melt. Then, when she lookt about, and nothing found But darknesse and dread horrour where she dwelt, She almost fell againe into a swound, Ne wist whether above she were or under ground.
Страница 849 - To know, and them t' enlarge with long extent, By wondrous skill and many hidden wayes To the Three Fatall Sisters House she went. Farre under ground from tract of living went, Downe in the bottome of the deepe Abysse, Where Demogorgon in dull darknesse pent Farre from the view of gods and heavens bliss The hideous Chaos keepes, their dreadfull dwelling is.
Страница 1003 - Right in the midst the Goddesse selfe did stand Upon an altar of some costly masse, Whose substance was uneath to understand : For neither pretious stone, nor durefull brasse, Nor shining gold, nor mouldring clay it was ; But much more rare and pretious to esteeme, Pure in aspect, and like to christall glasse, Yet glasse was not, if one did rightly deeme ; But, being faire and brickie, likest glasse did seeme.
Страница 1025 - And ioy likewise this solemne day to see ? They saw it all, and present were in place ; Though I them all, according their degree, Cannot recount, nor tell their hidden race, Nor read the salvage countries thorough which they pace.