Matthew Paris's English history, from 1235 to 1273, tr. by J.A. Giles

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Страница 26 - Thus perish and stink in hell all who incur this sentence," the bells at the same time ringing, he thus spoke, " So help me God, all these terms will I faithfully observe, as I am a man, a Christian, a knight, and a crowned and anointed king.
Страница 140 - ... they could not hide it under the ground as they wished to do ; for in the morning, when they thought it was hidden from sight, the earth vomited it forth, and the corpse appeared unburied above ground ; which circumstance struck the Jews with horror. Fnally, it was thrown into a well ; but even there it could not be kept from sight, for the mother of the child, searching into all these misdeeds, discovered the body of the child and informed the bailiffs." After hearing these disclosures, John...
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Страница 471 - ... to leave an open offence of this sort unpunished, lest others should be led by the example to practise the like and various resistance; but having first given due warning, and seeing that they have so rashly and fiercely thrust us out from exercising the duty of visitation, and have not taken care to obey or to satisfy us in this matter, we, by the authority of Almighty God, and of the blessed apostles Peter and Paul, and of our blessed patron St.
Страница 282 - Jordan, who was gaping after the decanal office ; he repeated, he bore all this with patience, that he might not be said to be ridiculing the disgrace of his father, like Ham, by revealing it, but to be anxious to hide and veil it like Shem, often recalling to memory the following brief precept : " In revealing the disgrace of thy father, thou art like Ham ; like Shem in concealing it." In his letter, therefore, as the aforesaid Robert, bishop of Lincoln, had done, he humbly yet earnestly begged...