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BULLETINS AVAILABLE FOR DISTRIBUTION (Of the early issues, which were numbered by volumes, Volume I contained three bulletins; Volume III contained six; Volume IV contained five; all other volumes contained four.)


IV. 3. The true bugs, or Heteroptera, of Tennessee.
IV. 5. A chemical study of the cotton plant.

X. 2. Pot culture of lettuce.
XI. 2, 3, 4. Grasses and forage plants.
XVIII. 3. Alsike clover.
75. Selection for disease-resistant clover.
77. The fruiting habit of the grape.
78. The soils of Tennessee.
81. Tick eradication.
82. The soy bean: a comparison with the cowpea.
83. Comparison and improvement of dairy herds in Tennessee.
84. Sheep and lambs in Tennessee.
86. Experiments with soils, fertilizers and farm crops.
87. The relation of the Weather Service to the farmers of Tennessee.
88. Insuring the peach crop.
89. Stand and soil fertility as factors in the testing of varieties of


90. Fertility experiments in a rotation of cowpeas and wheat. Part I. 91. Relation of temperature and rainfall to crop systems and pro

duction. 92. Experiments with fertilizers and field crops on important soil

types of Middle Tennessee. 93. Tobacco insects of Tennessee. Tobacco culture in Montgomery

County. 94. The cattle tick as affected by climate. 95. Notes on tomato diseases with results of selection for resistance. 96. Fertility experiments in a rotation of cowpeas and wheat. Parts

II and III. 97. Liming for Tennessee soils. 98. The San Jose scale in Tennessee, with methods for its control. 99. Suggestions on preparation and use of spray formulas.


14. Grades on country roads. 20. Cattle tick extermination. 21. Preparation of land for alfalfa. 22. Importance of testing and keeping records of dairy cows. 23. How to save the soy-bean crop. 24. Spraying the peach. 25. Cattle ticks frozen. 27. Rates and dates of seeding. 28. Getting and maintaining a stand of alfalfa. 29. Feeding tables. 30. Resistant red clover: Preparation of land and time of seeding.


SESSION 1898-99.


Entrance Examinations begin.... Monday, September 12th.
First Term, Academic and Law
Departments, begins

Thursday, September 15th.
Medical Session begins

Monday, October 3rd.
Dental Session begins

Wednesday, October 5th.
Thanksgiving Day (Holiday) Thursday, November 24th.

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Intermediate Examinations begin Saturday, January 21st.
Entrance Examinations

Thursday, January 26th.
Second Term, Academic and Law
Departments, begins

Wednesday, February 1st.
Semi-annual meeting of Trustees. Wednesday, February 1st.
Washington's Birthday (Holiday) Wednesday, February 22nd.
Medical and Dental Commence-

Tuesday, March 28th.
University Day

Monday, April 14th.
Final Examinations begin

Thursday, June 1st.
Baccalaureate Sermon

Sunday (8 p. m.), June 12th.
Address before Alumni Associa-

Monday (8 p. m.), June 12th.
Annual Meeting of Trustees...... Tuesday (10 a, m.), June 13th.
Annual Address

Tuesday (10 a. m.), June 13th.
Celebration of Literary Societies. Tuesday (8 p. m.), June 13th.

Wednesday, June 14th.
Annual Meeting of Alumni....... Wednesday (3 p. m.), June 14th.

Address letters, telegrams, and express packages for members of the University, care of the


Knoxville, Tennessee.

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