George Balcombe: A Novel...

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Harper & brothers, 1836 - 286 страници

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Страница 131 - And he turned to the woman, and said unto Simon, Seest thou this woman ? I entered into thine house, thou gavest me no water for my feet : but she hath washed my feet with tears, and wiped them with the hairs of her head.
Страница 260 - Philosophy baptized In the pure fountain of eternal love Has eyes indeed; and viewing all she sees, As meant to indicate a God to man, Gives Him his praise, and forfeits not her own.
Страница 114 - SWEET Teviot! on thy silver tide The glaring bale-fires blaze no more; No longer steel-clad warriors ride Along thy wild and willowed shore; Where'er thou wind'st, by dale or hill, All, all is peaceful, all is still, As if thy waves, since Time was born, Since first they rolled upon the Tweed, Had only heard the shepherd's reed, Nor started at the bugle-horn.
Страница 63 - And tears unnotic'd from their channels flow ; Serene her manner, till some sudden pain Frets the meek soul, and then she's calm again; — Her broken pitcher to the pool she takes, And every step with cautious terror makes ; For not alone that infant in her arms, But nearer cause, her anxious soul alarms.
Страница 53 - Woe waits the insect and the maid, A life of pain, the loss of peace, From infant's play and man's caprice : The lovely toy so fiercely sought Has lost its charm by being caught.
Страница 258 - Th' emboldened snow next to the flame does sleep. And if we weigh, like thee, Nature, and causes, we shall see That thus it needs must be : To things immortal time can do no wrong, And that which never is to die, for ever must be young.
Страница 44 - Lo! now with red rent cloak and bonnet black, And torn green gown loose hanging at her back, One who an infant in her arms sustains, And seems in patience striving with her pains...
Страница 179 - What happy hours of home-felt bliss Did love on both bestow ! But bliss too mighty long to last, Where fortune proves a foe. His sister, who, like Envy form'd, Like her in mischief joy'd, To work them harm, with wicked skill, Each darker art employ 'd.
Страница 211 - A fellow by the hand of nature marked, Quoted and signed to do a deed of shame...
Страница 22 - Tucker had published in 1836, "than to be sprung from a race of men without fear and without reproach—the ancient cavaliers of Virginia?"!