Memoirs of the Most Material Transactions in England for the Last Hundred Years Preceding the Revolution in 1688

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Tim. Goodwin, 1702 - 405 страници

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Страница 267 - ... bowed three times towards it: then he came " near again, and lifting up the cover of the cup, " looked into it: and seeing the wine, let fall the " cover again, retired back and bowed as before.
Страница 315 - Scotland. 176. Only in Ireland, which was farther off, they have had time and opportunity to mould and prepare their work, and had brought it to that perfection that they had possessed themselves of that whole kingdom, totally subverted the government of it, routed out religion, and destroyed all the Protestants...
Страница 295 - And such was their confidence, that having corrupted and distempered the whole frame and government of the kingdom, they did now hope to corrupt that which was the only means to restore all to a right frame and temper again. 71. To which end they persuaded His Majesty to call a Parliament, not to...
Страница 299 - That the several constitutions and canons made and agreed to in the convocations or synods above mentioned, do contain in them many matters contrary to the king's prerogative, to the fundamental laws and statutes of this realm, to the rights of parliament, to the property and liberty of the subject, and matters tending to sedition, and of dangerous consequence.
Страница 294 - The Puritans, under which name they include all those that desire to preserve the laws and liberties of the kingdom, and to maintain religion in the power of it, must be either rooted out of the kingdom with force, or driven out with fear.
Страница 255 - King ||, and to what incumbrances the house itself had then drawn him, his Majesty was not well used, though I lay not the blame on the whole suffrage of the house...
Страница 307 - Other things of main importance for the good of this kingdom are in proposition, though little could hitherto be done in regard of the many other more pressing businesses, which yet before the end of this Session we hope may receive some progress and perfection.
Страница 281 - His Majesty's course of wars from the West Indies, which was the most facile and hopeful way for this kingdom to prevail against the Spaniard, to an expenseful and successless attempt upon...
Страница 3 - ... for that service. Queen Elizabeth thought fit to be upon her guard, and had some jealousies that she might be aimed at : but how to find it out was the difficulty, which at length Walsingham overcame. He had intelligence from Madrid, that Philip had told his council that he had...
Страница 267 - ... towards it; then he came near again, and lifting up the cover of the cup looked into it, and seeing the wine he let fall the cover again, retired back and bowed as before ; then he received the sacrament, and gave it to some principal men ; after which many prayers being said, the solemnity of the consecration ended.