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death, and so making us partakers of it to pass that none of them prevail thy resurrection; therein turning us against thee now in our souls, where from our iniquities, hereafter in rais- thou art: but use thy strength, -0 ing us to glory. O Lord we have Lord, to drive their power thence, this day made a covenant of this with that thy servants and thy people may thee, "and signed the articles of it in not be enslaved to corruption and ruin, the blood of our God, swore to them nor thy enemy gain souls from thee, at the altar : give us grace, we be. which thou hast purchased with thy seech thee, to use the strictest care blood, that we having attained thee and watchfulness in our endeavours for our Lord and God, inay claim the to perform with thee. Regard not privileges of thy people here, have how we have in times past only the watclies, and cares, and securities mocked thee sacredly in these per- that thou laýest out upon thy treasures formances. O let it from this day be and the jewels of thy crown; and by otherwise. We have been only on a thy body and thy blood being made stage of religion, when we are at our one with thee, and thou being vurs, devontest performances; and having all things may be ours, thy grace

here • turned our backs unto the church, and thy joys hereafter; thy Spirit turned them also to our duty, put off may be ours, and thy Heaven ours ; the vizards of religion, and we un and we in thee and thou in us, may tired ourselves of all our piety almost all enjoy thy Kingdom, Power, and as soon as the exercises of it were Glory, for ever. [.Allestree. done; and howsoever we tied ourselves, our froward wills have been too strong for all our obligations, and REPORT of the Proceedings of the Soburst out of them, broke all thy bonds ciety (in Englandy) for Promoting asunder, and cast away thy cords from Christian Knowledge, for 1817. us; although we' tied them with all

(From the Missionary Register.) things that were most solemn and

DIOCESAN AND DISTRICT COMMITTEES. most sacred, vows and oaths, and tied them before the body of our crucified

AFTER a review of the proceedings, Lord and Saviour, with the body and during the year, of the Committees blood of Christ in our hands, as if we

at home, in the order of the respechad no other desires, no other cares

tive Diocesses in which they are esta. that should do us good, than as we

blished, the report reviews those in were careful to keep those resolutions

the Diocesses of Nova Scotia and

Calcutta. and vows; and yet, O Lord, we did

We shall extract the whole of what let them instantly loosen and slack, pass by and fail. Yea

relates to India. did break

we them wilfully, and would not be held active superintendence and patronage of

In the Diocess of Calcutta, through the in by thine or our own bonds. O the Lord Bishop, the designs of the So Lord, if thou' look upon us in this ciety, in the establishment of Diocesan guilt, sure thou wilt have no more to

and District Committees, have been car, do with us, such false and perjured

ried into full effect, . vow-breakers. But, О look upon us in thine own blood, which thou hast bid

In the last Annual Report, the General us pour out still to establish and renew Board had the satisfaction of stating, that our covenant with thee; and let this the Primary Meeting of the Diocesan Com covenant, wherein we have now taken mittee at Calcutta took place on the 22d thee to be our Lord and God, and Resolutions adopted, all tending greatly

of May, 1815. At this meeting, among the taken thee who art so in us, remain

to promote the several views of the So inviolable: be there then with thy ciety, was the following: “That the power and authority, subdue our Reverend the Archdeacons of Madras and hearts and our desires, and bring Bombay be respectfully requested to take them under the obedience of thy laws.

such steps for the establishment of Dis Thou that art God Almighty, that in connexion and correspondence with, this

trict Committees, upon the plan of, and Lidst conquer Death and Satan, bring Diocesan Committee, in the respective

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Archdeaconries under their jurisdiction, formerly a pupil of the Society's veneraas shall seem to them most expedient and ble and apostolic Missionary Swartz, and effectual, for carrying the exertions of this now Malabar Preacher in the Island of Committee into every part of the Diocess." Ceylon; and that a copy of it has just

been sent to Calcutta, by his Excellency MADRAS DISTRICT COMMITTEE.

the Governor, to be printed at the SeramThis request of the Diocesan Commit. pore Press, entirely at his own private tee was, with much readiness, complied expense. The General Board, desirous with, by the respective Archdeacons; and, to give every assistance to the views of in consequence, a District Committee was this District Committee, in their earnest formed at Madras, on the 21st of August, wish to attach the people of the Island to 1815, and, from their Minutes, transmitted our Established Church, who have already through the Diocesan Committee at Cal- shown a general willingness to conform to cutta, it appears, that, in October, the our Ecclesiastical system, immediately number of their subscribing Members granted a gratuitous supply of Books; and already amounted to thirty-one; that a Tracts, to the amount of 2001, in addition Select Committee had been appointed; to those which the Committee had reand that every exertion had been used to quested ;, that the fullest effect might be make the objects of the Society gene, given to their good wishes and zealous enrally known among the British residents deavours for promoting the several objects throughout that Archdeaconry.

of the Society in that Island.

Thus, by the exertions of the Lord Bi

shop of Calcutta, and the zeal with which In the Archdeaconry of Bombay the his unremitting endeavours in behalf of same good effect has followed the recom the Society have been seconded at the mendation of the Calcutta Diocesan Com- several Archdeaconries in British India, mittee; for the Lord Bishop, being then þáve Diocesan and District Committees at Bombay on hiş Visitation, presided at been established; and the General Board the Primary Meeting of the District Com- look forward, with sanguine hope, to the mittee on the 8th of June, 1816; when the future success of these good designs for several primary Resolutions were passed, the promoting of Christian Knowledge in which embrace the various objects of the the eastern World. Society, and which have been received by the General Board with much satisfaction.

EDUCATION AND SCHOOL ŞI This Committee has also made a remit. The increasing importance which attance of two hundred pounds ; one-third faches to this branch of the Society's deas a benefaction, and the remaining two signs, is shown by the great addition thirds to be expended in books on the which is every year made to the number terms of the Society.

of the children who receive education and

religious instruction, by the benevolent CEYLON DISTRICT COMMITTEE.

exertions of the various Charitable Insti. Early in the year a Letter was received tutions throughout the kingdom. from the Hon. and Rev. Mr. Twisleton, The great and continued success of the senior Chaplain at Columbo, acknowledg. NATIONAL SOCIETY for the Education of ing the receipt of the last supply of books, the Poor in the Principles of the Estawhich had been sent out to hiin by the So- blished Church has enabled their Commit. ciety, at the suggestion of the Lord Bi. tee to report to the Members of that so. shop of London. He states that the books ciety, that the number of Schools now in had been greedily sought for, and imme. union is increased to One Thousand and diately distributed; and he expresses & Nine; and that to the One Hundred wish that he may obtain a further supply, Thousand Children who...were last year which he assures the Society would be receiving instruction in the Schools then most usefully bestowed. Since the above connected with the Society, by this augLetter, the General Board have had much mentation of the number of schools, Fifty. satisfaction in receiving the primary Re- five Thousand had been added, making * solutions of a District Committee, formed the whole number returned from the at Columbo, for the Island of Ceylon, at Schools at present in union, One Hundred which his Excellency the Governor, Sir and Fifty-five Thousand. Nor does this Robert Brownrigg, presided; which has number include all those who receive inreceived liberal encouragement by the do- struction on the same plan and principles ; nations of the Lord Bishop of Calcutta for when the number is computed who reand the Archdeacon of Bombay, and, by ceive the same education in Schools not the subscriptions already received, has at present in union, it is estimated that been enabled to make a remittance to the the whole number who benefit by the NASociety of 1102.

TIONAL SYSTEM OF EDUCAT{ON cannot be This Committee state also, that the less than Two Hundred Thousand. Book of Common Prayer has been trans. But, in addition to providing Books for lated into Tamul, by Christian David, the Schools which educate so large %



Mem- Gra-
bers. tuit.

Common Prayers


number, which, in consequence of a resolution of the National Society, the Gene It is now several years since the Society ral Board undertook most eheerfully to do became liberal contributors to the edition last year, when that resolution was com of the Arabic Bible, begun by the late municated to them, their assistance is in Professor Carlyle, with the intention of every case granted, when their Members distributing it where it might be of most apply for Books on the terms of the So- service, when an opportunity should arise. ciety, for the use of Schools with which the Board have great satisfaction in stat. they are locally or parochially connected; ing, that the opportunity so much wished and when the ready assistance which is for has occurred, and that there is now given by the Diocesan and District Cum- every prospect of disposing

to advantage mittees for the furtherance of this great copies of the Arabic

Version of the Holy object is considered, it will be difficult to. Scriptures. Through the kind assistance

estimate the very great number of those of one af their Members, the Rev. A. to whom, in the important object of con.

Hamilton, a channel has been found out veying religious education, the benefits of for forwarding this good work; and he inthe Society extend.

forms the Board, that, at Aleppo, Mr. DISTRIBUTION OF BOOKS, TRACTS, AND PA- Barker, the British Consul there, will lend

himself most readıly to a service of this From April 20, 1815, to April 18, description; and, in Egypt, the Consul1816, the following Books and Tracts General, Mr. Salt, will be equally disposed were sold to Members, circulated gra.

to give every facility in the prosecution of tuitously, or on account of the Royal this prospect of receiving applications

şa desirable and important an object. On Navy

for the Arabic Scriptures, the Board imNavy Total

mediately referred it to the East-India

Mission Committee, to inquire into, and Bibles

24,471 147

60 24,678 to report on the probable extent of these New Testaments & Psalters 38,406 380|1,200 39,986 demands; and further, generally to super

66,048 209 800 67,057 Other Bound Books 55,554 117| 180 55,851

intend the management and corresponSmal Tracts 1788,387 6,590 660 795,637 dence on the subject of the Arabic Im

The Society has also issued gratuitously other
Tracts and Papers, amounting to


Grand Total for the Year ending April 18, 1816,1,202,961

At the close of the last year, the Board The Audit for the year ending bad much satisfaction in receiving a comApril 25, 1817, having been concluded munication from the Protestant Episcopal before the. Report went to press, the Society for the advancement of Chris distribution of Books, Tracts, and tianity in South Carolina. The Trustees Papers for that year is also given, as

of this Institution, conceiving that there

existed an unity of design, and a similarifollows:

ty of operations in the two Societies, were Navy Total. anxious to acquaint the Board with the

existence of their religious association, 23,484 113 30 23,627 its constitution and bye-laws, its gradual New Testaments & Psalters 33,457 208 2.880 56,605 progress, and its flattering prospects of Common Prayers Other Bound Books

750 $3,349 future success and permanent utility. The 1730,650 837|2,430 733,917 Board received this interesting communi.


cation with peculiar satisfaction; and imOther Tracts and Papers issued gratuitously, 262,448 mediately directéd, in compliance with a Grand Total for the Year epding April 25, 1817, 1919,444 request therein contained, that the so

ciety's Annual Reports for the last five PURTHER REDUCTION OF PRICE.

years should be transmitted to them. In the last year's Report the Board bad They added also, as a mark of brotherly the satisfaction of stating, that, by means regard and Christian fellowship, copies of of a different arrangement with the So all the bound Books and Tracts on the ciety's Booksellers, they had been enabled Society's Catalogue and assured them, to make a reduction of nearly 51. per cent. that any communications which they on the prices of the Bibles, New Testa. should think fit to make to the Society, ments, Common Prayer Books, and Psal. would be cordially received. ters, From the additional allowance rė. cently made by the two Universities, the

SYRIAN CHRISTIANS. Society have still further diminished their Whilst the Lord Bishop of Calcutta charge to the Members to the amount of was, in the course of his above-mentioned 6l. per cent. on the prices then fixed, mak. Visitation, laying the foundation of the ing in the whole a reduction of t1l. per Bombay and Ceylon District Committees, cent. on the former cost.

he twice visited the Syrian Christians, and

bers. tuit.



1,920 52,430 169

Small Tracts


had interviews with the Metropolitan, and rying on its designs. More than one hunat various times with the most learned of dred children had been dismissed from the Syrian Clergy and Laity in Malabar. School, for want of means to support the He inquired very fully into the antiquity Teachers. In this state of things, the of this singular Community, into their Bishop had thought it right, especially doctrine and discipline, their rules, cere. considering the relation that had long submonies, and habits of life. lle found them sisted between this Society and the Danish ready both to receive instruction and to Mission, to granit 'to the latter, on the impart information; and, among other part of the Society, the desired aid ; the Syriac MSS. he obtained a copy of their nature and extent of which were made to Formularies and Liturgy, made out for appear in copies of a correspondence that him under the immediate inspection of had taken place on the occasion. the Metropolitan, from which he will pro The Danish Missionaries were most bably be able to obtain more authentic grateful for what had been done in their particulars respecting the actual tenets of behalf; and a deputation of Christians, this Charch, than any of which the Chris- from Iranquebar, had followed the Bishop tian World are yet in possession, and to from that place, a distance of sixteen miles, ascertain what is the degree of purity in to assure his Lordship, that the children which this extraordinary people maintain were all about to return to School, and the principles of the Christian Religion, that the hearts of many parents were made and in what degree they are found to sym. to rejoice. T'he Bishop trusted that the bolize with the Church of England. Society would approve of what he had

done. The Members will in a former part of The Bishop observed, that the Madras this Report, have seen the progress which District Committee was going on very has been made in India, by the formation well; and that Mr. Pæzold had agreed to of Diocesan and District Committees. Įt furnish that Committee with books from only now remains to detail the present the Mission Stores, on their engaging to state of the Society's Missiqne.

account for them to the Society. The Several letters have been received from Bishop desired that 961. tlie amount of India, since the publication of the Socie- what he had then advanced to the Tranty's last Report.

quebar Mission, might be paid to his The Rev. Mr. Pæzold, in a letter dated agent, Mr. Seth Stephen Ward, of the at Vepery, the 1st of March, 1816, ac Accountant-General's Office, in Chancery, knowledges the receipt of the Society's lane; which method he meant to adopt in remittances for the preceding year; and future. communicates information of the death of His Lordship was then about to go to the Country Priest Sattianaden.

Tanjore, where he should not fail to offer Several other letters have subsequently to his Highness the Rajah the thanks af been received from Mr. Pæzold, as well the Society, for the countenance and pro-as from Mr. Pohle, Mr. Kolhoff, Mr. Holz- tection which he had long afforded to the berg, and from the Danish Missionaries, Society's Missions. in which the most interesting particulars Annexed to a duplicate of the above-de. relate to the kind attentions which the scribed letter, and dated the 13th of several Missions connected with the So- March, 1816, were copies of a letter to the .ciety have received from the Lord Bishop Lord Bishop from the Danish Missionaries, of Calcutta, in the course of his Visitas stating the sad circumstances of their tion.

Mission, adverted to in the Bishop's letThe Lord Bishop of Calcutta, in a let. ter to the Society, and soliciting relief.: ter dated at Negaarater, near Tranquebar, and of his Lordship's reply to the statethe 17th of February, 1816, reports, thatment and supplication of those Missionin the course of his Visitation through aries; and of their receipt given to the that part of India, in which alone Chris. Bishop, for the amount of the relief then tianity had made any progress among the furnished, viz. 240 Star Pagodas, or 961. Natives, he had availed himself of the The Bishop then goes on to observe, vote of credit granted him by the Society, that he had examined the state of the So. and referred to in the Society's Report for ciety's Missions with some attention. The 1814. Before his arrival at Tranquebar, Tanjore and Trichinapoly Missions, from accounts had reached him of the distresses their contiguity and close relation, might of the Danish Mission, in consequence of be considered as one; and they form tothe cession of that 'settlement by the gether, his Lordship observes, in a ChrisBritish Government, by whom the Mission tian point of view, the noblest memorial, had been supported, and of the failure of perhaps, of British connexion with India. its resources from Denmark. The Mission To preserve it from decay, he recommends had contracted debts, for the payment of speedy and effectual aid. Mr. Pohle was which the creditors had become urgent, far advanced in life, and his energies be. and which it could liquidate only by the ginning to fail. Mr, Jacobi's death had sale of property indispensable toward car left him without a successor; and if none

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were appointed, especially considering Holzberg; and, if he see fit, to informa the insufficient establishment of Country him and the other Missionaries, that Mr. Priests, the more distant Christian Flocks Holzberg may again resume his functions might be dispersed, and not reclaimed. in connexion with the Society. Mr. Kolhoff would exert himself to the It is painful to the Society's Mission utmost; but no man could be equal to Committee to have to report, that no sasuch a charge, considering that the con- tisfactory tidings have yet reached them, gregations are spread through a district of suitable persons to be united with their extending more than 200 miles. The Missionaries in India, in a work that has Bishop, therefore, suggested, that a vew been long carried on, and, through the Missionary be engaged, as svon as possi- blessing of God, has confessedly been ble; and that Mr. Kolhoff be allowed to productive of much good. The Lutheemploy three Native Priests, in addition ran Churches in Germany and in Denmark, to those already on the establishinent. and particularly the sources there, whence

The bishop having had an interview used to issue a supply of well-educated with the Rajah of Tanjore, his Highness

and zealous Missionaries, in consequence had assured him, that while the Society

of the calamitous occurrences that befel sent out such men as Mr Swartz and Mr. those countries during the revolutionary Kolhoff, their Missionaries should never wars, have experienced so much evil, as want his protection.

to unhinge their powers of action, and The Bishop, when at Vepery, finding to occasion difficulties where none used that the Mission Press had been for å lo be experienced. Correspondence, howlong time unemployed, had desired Mr. ever, is still entertained with the reputaPæzold to submit a statement on the sub ble professors of Halle, in Saxony; and a ject, to Mr. Gericke's executors, as trus hope is encouraged of the arrival of two tees of the Mission property; and should Missionaries, for the Society's establish. they report the Mission funds to be inad- ments in India; respecting whom, if they equate to support the expenses of the do arrive, it will be a happy circumstance, press, he purposed to set it to work again should they furnish the same measure of without delay; the burden not being like promise as was furnished in the ever-toly to be great, and there being in store a

be-lamented Jacobi. good supply of printing paper and ink, &c. Respecting the worthy Bishop of Cal.

Another letter from the Bishop of Calcutta, it may be interesting to the public cutta, to his agent, Mr. S. S. Ward, hav to know, that he has made a very extening advised him that he had made a se. sive circuitous visitation, which lasted cond draft on the Society for 961. to be nearly twelve months. After leaving Ma. applied, as the former sum had been, dras, he travelled over land, through the toward the preservation of the Mission whole of the south of India, by Cape CoSchools at Tranquebar; these two sums

morin to Cochin, from which place he have been advanced by the Society, with went by sea, to Bombay, where he refeelings of gratitude to his Lordship, for mained four months, endeavouring to for. his judicious and seasonable application ward the objects of his high office. From of the powers vested in him, for the be- Bombay, after touching at Goa, and vinefit of the Missions in India, connected siting the Convents and Churches, and at with the Society.

Cananore, where he administered the rite The solicitude expressed by the Mis. of Confirmation, he proceeded to Ceylon, sionaries, for an additional appointment and spent ten days at Columbo. In the of the assistants in their Missions, deno. course of this visitation, he had had the minated Native or Country Priests, has happiness of seeing every thing tliat could led the Society to agree, that, if two or

be considered as at all important, with three natives shall be found fit to be in reference to Christianity. vested with that office, and shall receive By the aid furnished to the Tranquebar ordination according to the ritual of the Mission, on the Society's account, as beLutheran Church, the customary allow. fore stated by the Bishop, there is reason ances shall be made to them; and the to believe, that that establishment has Missionary, Mr. Holzberg, who had been been saved from ruin, and its effects from suspended from the exercise of his func

confiscation. tions in connexion with the Society, in

On the settlement of a District Com. consequence of reports and representa- mittee at Columbo, the Bishop, availing tions to the prejudice of his moral charac- himself of the vote of credit granted to ter, having transmitted testimonies of a him by the Society, was likely to promote more favourable nature, the Society, tak- the printing of a Cingalese version of the ing advantage of that knowledge and Book of Common Prayer, which would sound discretion which, it is certain, would be very useful, and could not well be be acted upon by the venerable Bishop of otherwise accomplished. He had engaged Calcutta, have requested the favour of his á competent person to make the translaLordship to investigate, as far as he can,

tion, without expense. This book had the true state of the case, respecting Mr. been printed, in the Tamulian language,

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