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thought of our hearts, and every af- ployed about, than a blind man hath fair of our lives to him! Nay, and to of colours. Into this dull state we be assured that he will be so far from shall all sink, if we do not take care taking amiss this freedom in us, that to maintain a constant devotion; for he will favourably accept all our ap- it is by that that the sense of goodness plications, and make as kind returns is kept alive in us. It is that that as we ourselves can wish for or desire! raises us above the world, and preWhat greater honour are we capable serves our minds from the defilements of than this ! O, therefore, how are of the earth, which by their continual they sunk below all the ambition of mingling with material things, they human nature, that will not take all would otherwise necessarily contract. opportunities of thus honouring and But further, prayer doth not only doing credit to themselves by the ex tend to the bettering and improving ercise of devotion !

the constitution of our minds; but But so selfish are the spirits and the benefits and good influences of it tempers of many of us, that nothing do extend also to all the affairs and will work upon them, but the consi actions of our lives. No body can derations of gain, of profit and advant. tell but he that hath tried, how much age: let us see, therefore, what of devout and affectionate prayer doth this kind we may promise to ourselves dispose a man to go about his business from prayer; which is my fifth and in the world. So far is this exercise last consideration.

from hindering our employments, as And let the point be put upon this is commonly pretended, that in truth issue: let all that has hitherto been it is a great furtherance to them. said

go for nothing, if it does not ap Besides, it is the best antidote in the pear that it is as profitable and gain- world against all disappointments and ful an exercise, as it is reasonable and vexations that we can meet with, due, as it is easy, pleasant, and honour- against every ungrateful and displeasable: let no man trouble himself ing accident that comes upon us in about it, but throw off all thoughts of the course of our lives.

He that conit for ever.

verseth much with God, and useth to But in this respect also the motives make known all his concernments to to prayer are infinite. No man can him, is prepared to bear all things panumber the benefits and advantages tiently and evenly, whatsoever hapthat accrue to us from it. Let it suf- pen, nor can he light into any circumLice to touch upon few of the many.

stances of life which will not be, not Prayer is the most proper means to only supportable to him, but easy ennoble, refine, and spiritualize our also. natures: were it not for this, it would Add to this in the last place, that it be impossible to preserve our souls is prayer that secures the blessings of aloft in the midst of such a heap of God both upon our persons, and upon earthly rubbish, with which they are our labours; upon our basket and overwhelmed. Our daily converse store ; upon our families; upon our with material objects would wholly employments; and upon all that we make us sensual, and the spirit would have or do. So great is the virtue of in a manner be lost in the flesh. And prayer, that it turns all the actions of so it doth really fare with all those our natural or civil life, however inthat live without devotion towards different they be, into actions of reliGod. However they may retain so gion. And every thing that we have, much worldly prudence as to enable or that comes to us, is thereby made them to govern their temporal affairs a blessing of God, which without it to their advantage, yet their souls do perhaps might have been a cross and perfectly grovel upon the earth. They an affliction. It is prayer by which are utterly devoid of the spiritual life. every thing and every action is sanctiThey have no more sense of the no- 'fied to believers. blest and best things, which it is the Several other benefits and advantperfection of their faculties to be em- ages to be reaped from the conscien

we have

tious practice of this duty might be and died, on the 6th of August, after mentioned; but those already enlarged an illness of six days; in the 41st upon, if duly considered, are sufficient year of his age, and in the fifth of his to recommend it to any man whatso- Episcopate. To the Society, and to ever that hath the least kindness for the Church in this diocess, the death himself.

of this great man has been one of the . All those, therefore, who have any most afiictive dispensations of the Dicare and concern for themselves, let vine will. Well may they say with them above all things take care to the prophet, “ the joy of our heart is mind their prayers; let them pray to ceased; our dance is turned into God in private ; let them pray to God mourning. The crown is fallen from in their families; and let them join our head : woe unto us,

that as often as they can with the prayers sinned.”—From the earliest period of of the church. This is the best me the Society, the name of this distinthod they can take for the reforming guished prelate has been identified their lives, and for the growing in all with its prosperity. Moulded into its virtue and goodness; and the more present form by his judgment; influthey practise it, the more they will enced by his wisdom, and supported, like it : and if they persevere therein, greatly, by his zeal, it has grown in they shall find the comfort of it both strength, and has already attained to in the grace and assistance they shall a prospect of usefulness, equal to the receive from the holy spirit, for the vishes, and beyond the expectations, vanquishing all their lusts and corrup- of its most sanguine friends. tions, and in the blessings they shall The life of this excellent and procure from God, both to themselves learned man, was one continued scene and their families, and all their affairs of virtue, piety, and benevolence.and concernments; and, lastly, in the From his earliest years religion markeverlasting salvation of their souls in ed him for her son, and as he « inthe day of the Lord Jesus.

creased in wisdom," and " waxed strong in spirit," the influence of her

divine precepts controlled all his deReport of the Protestant Episcopal şires, and directed all the affections of Society for the Advancement of in the cause of the Redeemer, were Christianity in South-Carolina ; made at the Anniversary of the So- only equalled by the

fervour and sinciety, January, 6, 1818.

cerity of his devotion. Wherever

duty or affection called him, the same In recurring to the events of the amiableness of disposition and active past year, the Board of Trustees are piety animated his conduct and adorn. impressed with feelings of deep and ed his character. Whether performsolemn interest : and while they ex- ing the highest functions of the Apospress their liveliest gratitude to the tolical office, or exercising the ordiAlmighty, for the increasing prospe- nary duties of a parish priest; wherity of the Society, they have, at the ther in the midst of his family, his same time, to lament the removal clergy, or his friends, unfolding the from the abodes of men, of some of mysteries of religion ; illuminating its dearest friends and most zealous the pages of science and of secular members.

learning; or discharging all the tenIt is with the most heartfelt sor. der duties of domestic life; whether Tow, that the Board of Trustees re- enlivening the board of hospitality, or cord the death of the late President administering to the wants and comof the Society, the Right Rev. Tueo- forts of the poor ; whether presiding 3 DORE DEHON, D.D. Bishop of the Dio- at the head of the Society, or supercess of South Carolina. "In a season intending the details of its operations, of more than usual sickness and mor the same beneficent and pious princi- * tality, he fell amongst the first victims ples filled his heart and gaided all his of the fever which desolated onr city, ways.

Immediately after his lamented when they were made a Members of death, the Board of Trustees, among Christ, and Children of God,” they, other expressions of their feelings, at the same time, were admitted into unaniinously adopted the following fellowship with a Society, whose only resolutions :

object is, to promote the Redeemer's « Resolved, That under a deep Kingdom; hy dispensing the knowsense of the great loss sustained by Jedge of Divine Truth to the poor this Society, in the death of its presi- and needy in Christ, and by providing dent, the trustees do enter into a inú. for them the ministers of his word tual engagement to be more zealous and the ordinances of his church. in pursuing the welfare of this insti The board further state, with feeltution, so important to the church, ings of gratitude to God, that the Soand, as they believe, to the general ciety continues to increase in strength, interest of the Religion of Christ. and, consequently, in the means of

« Resolved, That it be recommend- doing good. During the last year ed to the members and friends of the there was an addition of twenty-one Society, generally, to present to the to the list of annual subscribers; and Throne of Grace, their humble and fifteen were received as members for fervent supplications, that God, our life. The Board of Trustees earnRedeemer, would graciously continue estly recommend to the pious and the his care of this institution; that he charitable,who are desirous of enlargwould give to its officers the spirit of ing the kingdom of God our Saviour, zeal and wisdom to preserve its prin- by promoting the great and beneficent ciples; to increase its resources, and object of the Society, to become memto extend its benevolent and pious in bers for life. They who pay to the fluence.

treasurer fifty dollars, are not called The Board of Trustees feel great upon for any further contributions; pleasure in stating, that in conformity and as this money goes into the “Perin a benevolent intention expressed by manent fund, the principal of which Bishop Dehon, some time before his cannot be used, the members for life death, they have procured for publi- contribute to the perpetuity of the incation, his admirable Discourses on stitution, and in a greater degree than Confirmation, and also, his Address, the annual subscribers, promote its after administering that Holy and prosperity and increase its usefulness. Apostolic Rite; and that they are now During the last year contributions transcribing for the press.

have been received from the following The Board have likewise to state, churches: St. Philip, St. Michael, St that another member of their body Paul, Charleston; Prince George, has recently been called to his great Winyaw; Trinity, Columbia ; and account; one, whose name is co-eval St. Helena, Beaufort. The Board with the Society, and who was one of of Trustees most sincerely thank them its first trustees. His amiable and for their continued liberality, and for virtuous life; his piety and zeal in his their zealous exertions for the prosChristian calling; his universal bene- perity of the Society; and they humPolence, and his warm attachment to bly trust, that a beneficent God will the interests of the Society, make realize to the Donors, the words of

the Board deeply sensible of the loss his Son: “It is more blessed to give } they have sustained by the death of than to receive." To the Churches Mr. Join BALL.

from which nothing has been received, The Board of Trustees feel great the Board respectfully offer a word of pleasure in stating to the Society, the exhortation; and that word is Christ's; continuance of that pious and impres. “Go, and do thou likewise.sive practice of making Children, at The success which attended the latheir baptism, members for life. To bours of the first Missionary whom the these endearing objects of our affec- Board of Trustees employed, has altion and care, it will doubtless be a ways been to them a source of encousubject of grateful recollection, that ragement and joy. They have long

been solicitous to send other labour. there would now have been a more ers into the vineyard, but Clergymen animating prospect of its accomplish4 could not be obtained. They know ment: there would now, most probathat there are in many parts of the bly, have been a fund sufficient to erect Diocess, nunbers of the Episcopal a Church every five years in the city, conmunion, who have long been de and in the country still more frequentprived of the opportunity of worship. ly. And where Churches were alreaping the Almighty after the manner of dy erected, either to have afforded the their fathers, and of receiving the ap- means of repairing them, or of con- ! pointed ordinances, according to the tributing to the support of “ an able rites of our Church. They know Ministry.” But these reflections should “ That the harvest truly is great, but” be an encouragement for perseverthey likewise know that the labour. ance, and an inducement to the rick ers are few.” Yet, feeling the impor- and the charitable to devote their futance of this great object, they have ture exertions to the attainment of ob. anxiously kept it in view, and embrac- jects so well pleasing to God, and of ed the first opportunity of affording such inestimable benefit to man. А to the vacant parishes, the services of benevolent Christian, not only calcuthe Church. It was not, however, lates upon the immediate good that until the present season that they were may result from his exertions in the able to accomplish it; and they have cause of religion and virtue, but like. now the satisfaction to state to the So- wise upon the benefits which he may, ciety, that they have employed the at the same time, confer upon the risRev. Mr. Muller as a Missionary, ing generation. The Board of Trusfor three months; and have directed tees, therefore, earnestly recommend him, during that period, to officiate, at this Fund to the patronage of the least twice, in each of the following friends of the Church, throughout the Parishes: -- the Churches in St. James' Diocess. Santee; the Church near the North The Theological Library belonging Santee River in Prince Georges to the Society, was, in a great mea. Parish; the Church in St. Thomas' sure, established by the subscriptions Parish; in Lower Clarendon; in Up- and donations of many pious and chaper Clarendon; in Statesburgh; in ritable persons. And although it has Camden, and in Matthew's Parish." existed but two years, yet it contains

In the past year application was many scarce and valuable works. It made to the Board of Trustees, in be now consists of 470 volumes; among half of Mr. John A. L. NORMAN, of which are nearly all the Books directGeorgetown, who was desirous of de- ed by the House of Bishops to be used voting himself to the service of the by the Students of Divinity in the Ministry in the Episcopal Church. course of their Theological Studies. Having produced to the Board satis. During the last year donations of factory testimonials of his attainments. Books were received from the Rev. and piety, and having subscribed to Mr. Campbell ; Rev. Mr. Muller ; the usual declarations, he was sent to Mr. Henry Gibbes ; Colonel Samuel the South-Carolina College, under the Warren ; Mr. Thomas S. Grimke ; patronage of the Society, to complete Mr. Schenck, and Mr. Higham. his education, preparatory to his com Since the last Anniversary, there mencing the Study of Divinity. have been distributed by the Board of

Several subscriptions have been ob- Trustees, 118 Bibles ; 169 copies of tained for the Church Building Fund, the Book of Common Prayer ; 48 of the plan of which was annexed to the Nelson's Christian Sacrifice ; 209 of last Report. It is, however, evident, Gibson on the Lord's Supper ; 186 of that some time must elapse before Gibson on Family Devotion; 173 of this fund will be adequate to the great Gibson on the Observance of the Lord's objects for which it was intended. Day; 193 of Stevens on the Church; Doubtless, if this plan had been devis- 168 of Synge on the Knowledge of Reed and supported some years ago, ligion ; and 202 of Synge's Answer


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to the Excuses for not coming to the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State Lord's Supper;

making a total distri- of South-Carolina, several of the clergy bution of 170 Bibles ; 569 copies of and Jay delegates attended in St. Vi he Book of Common Prayer ; 418 of

chael's Church at half past 10 o'clock;

when divine service was performed by the Nelson's Christian Sacrifice ; 300 of Rev. William Percy, D. D. and the Rev. Porteus's Evidences of the Christian John Jacob Tschudy, and a sermon, suitaRevelation-; and 2722 Tracts. Many

ble to the occasion, preached by the Rev.

Andrew Fowler. To these usual soleraniof the Bibles and Prayer Books have been distributed among the Children Lord's supper, according to a standing

ties was added the celebration of the who attend the Sunday School, lately rule of the Convention. established by the subscriptions of in After divine service, the Rev. Paul T. dividuals under the control of the ec

Gervais was called to the chair, and the clesiastical authority of the Diocess.

Rev. John Jacob Tschudy acted as Secre

tary. The Society will permit the Board to state, that this interesting and pious It appearing that a quorum was assem: Institution, fully answers the expecta- bled, the Convention proceeded to the

tion of its founders ; and that there is election of a President, and of a Secretary : reason to believe that it will, under the and Treasurer, by ballot; when it was

found, that the Rev. C. E. Gadsden, D.D. good Providence of God, be the means

was elected President, and the Rev. John of giving to the rising generation, a Jacob Tschudy. unanimously re-elected course of Religious Catechetical in- Secretary and 'Treasurer. struction, which, to the youthful mind, could not, probably, be so well com

The following was, moved by the Hon.

Theodore Gaillard, and unanimously municated in any other form ; while,

adopted : at the same time, it affords an oppor. “ It has pleased. Divine Providence, in tunity to the Parents of these Chil- his inscrutable wisdom, to take from this dren, as well as to other persons, to church its Bishop. He was a burning and acquire a knowledge of the Doctrine, 4 shining light, and we rejoiced for a sea. Discipline and Worship of the Pro- knowledge deep and extensive, virtue


son in his light. Talents of the first order, testant Episcopal Church, and thereby and exalted, zeal happily tempered by dis. to discern the beauty of holiness" in cretion,-i fine, the distinguishing excel. its public service.

lencies of the sincere christian and the de. The Board of Trustees having now

voted minister render his removal a signal laid before the Society, a brief account Time has not weakened in the smallest de

calamity to the church and to society. of their proceedings since the last An gree the impression of his uncommon niversary, affectionately commend all merit; and the recurrence of this meeting its Members to the love and favour of has opened anew the wounds of our church. God; and they humbly s beseech him the members of this convention would to keep his Church and Household in expressing their feelings seek some al

mingle their sorrows on this occasion, and continually in his true Religion, that leviation. Therefore they who do lean only upon the hope Resolved, 1st. That this Convention of his heavenly grace, may evermore

retain a lively recollection of the invalua. be defended by his mighty power, this Diocess, and the Church in general,

ble life, and the distinguished services to through Jesus Christ

our Lord.

of our late revered and beloved Diocesan.. Amen.

2dly. That this Convention will in In behalf of the Board of Trustees. their prayers earnestly supplicate the mer.

John C. FABER, Chairman. ey of Almighty God on this bereaved January 6th, 1818.

Church, and especially that he would be pleased to guide them in the choice of a

successor to the Episcopate; and they do Extracts from the Journal of the proceeds affectionately request the prayers of all the ings of the Annual Convention of the Pro members of our Church on this most im. testant Episcopal Church in the State of portant occasion.” South Carolina; held in St. Michaels On motion of the Rev. Mr. Gervais, ReChurch, Charleston, from the 17th to the solved by all the Churches, excepting one, 21st of February, 1818, both days inclu- that the Convention forthwith proceed to

the election of a Bishop. Tais being the day appointed for the annual meeting of the Convention of the The Convention then proceeded to the


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