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14 O God, the Proud againft me rife,

And violent men are met
To seek my life ; and in their eyes

No fear of thee have set..
15 But thou, Lord, art the God moft mild,

Readiest thy grace to fhew; Slow to be angry, and art fyld

Most merciful, most true.
36 O turn to me thy face at lengtb,

And me have mercy on ;
Unto thy servant give thy Atrength,

And save thy hand-maid's Son.
37 Some sign of good to me afford,

r And let my foes then see, And be asham'd, because thou, Lord,

Dost help and comfort me.

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Mong the holy Mountains bigle

Is his foundation fast; Tbere feated in bis San&tuary,

His Temple there is placid.
2 Sion's fair Gates the Lord loves more

Than all the dwellings fair
Of Jacob's Land; though there be foreg

And all witbin bis cars.
3 City of God, moft glorious things

Of thee abroad are fpoke ;

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4 I mention Egypt, where proud Kings

Did our Forefarber's yoke :
I mention Babel to my friends,

Philistia full of scorn,
And Tyre with Ethiops' utmost ends,

Lo ! this man there was born.
5 But twice tbat praise fall in our cet

Be faid of Sion laft,
This ard this man was born in her ;

High God shall fix her fast.
6 The Lord Tall write it in a Scroll

That ne'er shall be out-worn, When he the nations doth enroll,

That this man there was born.
7 Both they who fing, and they who dans,

Witb sacred Songs are there ;
In thee freß brooks, and Soft Preams glance,

And all my fountains clear.

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Ord God, thou doft me save and keep,

All day to thee I cry;
And all night long before thee weep,

Before thee proftrate lica
2 Into thy presence let my pray's

With fighs devout ascend;
And to my cries, that ceaseless are,

Thine ear with favour bendo

3 For cloy'd with woes, and trouble fore,

Surcharg'd, my Soul doth lie;
My life at deatb's uncbearful door

Unto the grave draws nigh.
4 Reekon'd I am with them that pass

Down to the dismal pit ;
I am a * man, but weak alas !
And for that name unfit.

* Heb. A man without manly Brength. 5 From life discharg'd and parted quite,

Among the dead to seep,
And like the sain in bloody fight,

That in the Grave lie deep :
Whom thou rememberest no more,

Dost never more regard
Them from thy hand deliver'd o'er

Death's bideous house bath barr’d.
6 Thou in the lowest Pit profound

Hast fet me all forlorn,
Where thickest darkness bovers round,

In horrid deeps to mourn.
9 Thy wrath, from which 10. Melter saves,

Full fore doth press on me ;
* Thou break’st upon me all thy waves. * The Hebr.

* And all thy waves break me. bears both, 8 Thou doft my friends from me estrange,

And mak'It me odious;
Me to them odious, for they change,

And I here pent up thus.
9 Through sorrow, and affliction great,
Mine Eye grows dim and dead;


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done by


ul Son, von, Land, nd,

Aed, id $ recoil, il: like Rams Lambs. Mountains ? Fountains ? gast t; in crush, les guth.

- SA L M

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